Best Free Movie Applications for Firestick

Best Free Movie Applications for Firestick

If you are looking for great movies on your Firestick, then your in for a treat. The great thing about the Firestick is you can either use Kodi. Or you can sideload Android applications. So, you get the both of best worlds. Here we look at 10 of our favorite free movie applications on Firestick.




How Do I Install Android Applications on Firestick?

install image

All the applications we are going to cover, can’t be downloaded from the Google Play store. Due to the content that they distribute you would need to download them directly from a URL.

So, to download any of these applications, you first turn off unknown sources:

1. Start on the Firestick Home Screen and go to Settings

Step 1 Install Android Applications on Firestick

2. Click on the My Fire TV.

Step 2 Install Android Applications on Firestick

3. Click on Developer Options.

Step 3 Install Android Applications on Firestick

4. Switch the toggle button called “Apps from Unknown Sources” on

Step 4 Install Android Applications on Firestick

5. Click Turn On when the pop-up appears

Step 5 Install Android Applications on Firestick

Now download ES File Explorer and Downloader, to enable you to download the best live TV applications directly from a URL:

1. From the Firestick Home Screen, click search and type “ES File Explorer”

Step 1 How to Install ES Files

2. Download, install and open  go to Tools and Download Manager

Step 2 How to Install ES Files

3. Go to Tools and Download Manager

Step 3 How to Install ES Files

4. You will see an icon labeled Downloader, All you need to do is click “+New” and enter the corresponding URL to download your application direct to your Firestick.

Step 4 How to Install ES Files



Cyberflix Image

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Cyberflix is remarkably like Terrarium in its UI. One of the few free movie applications that is 100% ad free.

Supported by a large community on both Reddit and Facebook, you can access a huge selection of media, for both movies and TV shows. As well as access HD links for several titles. There is inbuilt support for adding subtitles in almost any language. There is also a decent selection of fringe TV for those who like to watch movies and TV shows not normally available through other applications.

Cyberflix is compatible with both Real Debrid and meaning you can pay a fee to access premium, fast and high-quality links. As well as keep track of the shows you have watched across various devices and applications.

With Cyberflix you get a Live TV calendar, so you can see all the best shows coming up in the following week, as well as mark when the next episode of your favourite TV show will air and be ready to download. As Cyberflix allows you to download and watch content offline.

The application is supported by an active developer and receives regular updates and is probably the best Terrarium clone out there.

Titanium TV

Titanium Logo

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Titanium TV comes from the respected development team, Team No Name. The application is fast and stable and can support Chromecast as well as Fire TV.

Like Cyberflix you can access a Live TV Calendar to see what’s coming up this week and make a note for what you want to watch. Their search system has intelligent functions, meaning it has a good hit rate for recommending movies and TV shows you may like based upon your previous watching habits.

Titanium TV comes with Open Subtitles meaning its easy to download subtitles in many different languages, and it’s almost like Cyberflix, as it’s a fork of their code base. Though you can’t download content to watch offline.

One of the drawbacks of Titanium TV is its lack of compatibility with any premium services like, Real Debrid or Premiumize, also it hasn’t seen an update in some time.

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV Logo

Download from:  

What Does It Do?

Typhoon TV has been one the hottest best free movie applications for Firestick in 2019. You can download it individually or get it in the fantastic APK Time bundle, where you get 50+ tv streaming and free movie applications in one.

You don’t need to register to use Typhoon TV, and the UI is clean and user friendly. There is a big selection of content, including HD and 4K streams.

Also, the search function is nice, with several different sort functions. Typhoon TV advertises it uses fast servers, so that content can be served faster.

Typhoon TV also uses its own media player rather than needing to rely on MX Player or VLC, which means better stability in terms of loading speed.

You can mark episodes that you have already seen and integrate Open Subtitles to get subtitles in many different languages. Typhoon TV also supports Chromecast, allows you to download content and watch offline as well as being compatible with Real Debrid and

Oh, they also have a Live TV Calendar too. A great application which is growing from strength to strength.

Unlock My TTV

Unlock My TTV Logo

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Unlock My TTV is another high-quality Terrarium clone. Though no Live TV Calendar. With a large library of content, they also serve quite a lot of content with HD and Ultra HD links.

Some nice functions are playing trailers within the application, before committing to that movie or box set. As well as a Kids mode which allows you to block the children from seeing adult content and putting a passcode onto the account.

With Unlock My TTV you can download content and watch it while offline and take advantage of the smooth search function which makes it easy to find titles, suing partial matches.

The application is also compatible with Real Debrid and, so for those committed streamers, you can pay to always get high-quality links.

Cat Mouse

Cat Mouse Logo

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Cat Mouse is another Terrarium clone, but with updated scrapers which makes finding content easy. For movie buffs, they have a massive selection of movies in HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K.

They have stable and fast servers, and you can even set Cat Mouse to notify you when the newest episode or a movie title is available to watch.

Cat Mouse is another application, where you can download content to watch later. It’s also compatible with Real Debrid and Trakt.TV

Media Box HD

Media Box HD Logo

Download from: 

What Does It Do?

Media Box HD is a great looking application, and one of the oldest around. The application is regularly updated and supported by a large community and a great developer.

You can check out a massive media selection, as well as stream directly from content providers rather than having to churn through different torrent streams and find one that works.

You can also download content and watch offline. Plus, you can request movies and Tv shows as well as subtitles.

Media Box HD looks very slick, much like Netflix, and is compatible with Premiumize, Real Debrid, and Trakt.TV

TV Zion

TV Zion Image

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Probably one of the most exciting free movie applications on Firestick. Also, the only one to make the list that also has a premium subscription, if you want to upgrade from the free version.

A custom coded application which has not been forked or isn’t a clone of anything else including Terrarium.

TV Zion offers an unrivaled level of customization from the dashboard and home screen, all the way through the service. They have a massive range of content and if you want to pay as little as $1.50 per month, you can access the quickest streams, including bit rates and number of times uses. In addition to a host of other data and analytics.

TV Zion is optimized for your TV, and compatible with a wide range of premium services, having been specifically coded with Real Debrid in mind. You can also download and watch content offline.

We could write so much more for TV Zion, its well worth checking out as there isn’t another application on the market like it.

Bee TV

beetv-app logo

Download from:


What Does It Do?

Bee TV is a relatively new application that has become a firm favorite with many streamers, amassing a large fan base.

They offer an intuitive UI, with good search and sort functions for navigating their large media library. You can also see multiple link providers, as well arrange links by which has the highest bit rate.

One of the better functions which you won’t find anywhere else apart from TV Zion is the Auto Play and Auto Function, with the app programmed to always default play, rather than you having to click each time.

Bee TV also comes with Open Subtitle and is compatible with Real Debrid, Trakt.TV and Premiumize.

A great application with a lot of versatility and good added functionality.

Tea TV

Tea TV Logo

Download from:

What Does It Do?

Tea TV is pretty like Bee TV in many ways but comes from separate development teams.

Their website offers great support and in-app tutorials. In addition to TV shows and movies, they also offer a limited range of Live TV Channels.

Tea TV also offers the Auto Play and Auto Next functions and is compatible with three main premium providers to get faster links.

They offer a good search function as well as intelligent suggestions when looking for new content to watch. You can also search for content using multiple filters. As well as having Open Subtitles and supporting a wide range of languages.

Install Aptoide on Firestick – Best Alternative App Store


Aptoide is one of the most widely used libraries in the world, with over 250 million users and 10 billion downloads. It even has its own cryptocurrency.

The platform has proven to be ahead of the curve consistently for many years and has grown a massive following.

Aptoide is the third-largest mobile application ecosystem behind Apple and Google and you have probably never heard of them, but there is a lot to love about Aptoide, is their Malware scanning system.

A lot of file stores are risky because you can’t be sure of what you are downloading, but with Aptoide you get a great choice of over 1 million applications as well as Malware scanning software comparable to the big players.




What is an APK File?

An APK file is common amongst all applications that run on Android. When you download an Android application and install it manually, it will generally come as a zip file.

When you unzip the file you will see a folder with a file that ends with .apk

This is the executable file that initiates the installation sequence for the download, for those who are computer savvy, it’s similar to a .exe file on Windows.

Bear in mind that once you give permission to run an executable file you allow it to make changes to your system, which is why apk files should always come from a trusted source.

If you ever have any doubts about the file source, we recommend that you download Malwarebytes and scan the files prior to opening them.

Why Can’t I Just Download The App on The Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store become the biggest app store in the world in just over 10 years and now offer over 2 million applications. That’s almost half a million more than the Apple App Store.

Both Google and Apple operate their application store under strict guidelines, that they deem their Terms of Use.

Some applications may not pass the strict developer tests that are administered by each company automatically, or the application may carry out a service that Google and Apple deem to be inappropriate for the app store.

A good example is free TV streaming applications that have been flagged for allowing the streaming of copyrighted content without consent.

Applications who can’t publish in the Google or Apple store, or perhaps just don’t like the amount of money they need to pay to the companies every time a paid app is downloaded will then feature their application on other platforms like Aptoide.

How Do I Install Unknown Files?

One of the biggest advantages of downloading an application through the Google Play Store is that you are almost guaranteed that the software is Malware and virus free. 

That’s not the case when you download a zip file for an APK direct from a website. Your phone will have an inbuilt fail-safe to prevent unknown files being opened that don’t come from a trusted source, so you will need to alter your settings to allow third-party developers and applications from unknown sources.

Before you try to using Aptoide make sure that you have changed the appropriate setting on your phones by going to:

Settings > Security > Allow Third Party Applications / Install Unknown Applications

These setting will vary by device, so if the above doesn’t work just Google “Allow unknown apps + Your Device”

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an enormous software marketplace where each developer manages its own store of applications.

Unlike the Google Play Store, where Google manages and monetizes all the apps, developers are given more overall control which is why it has proven so popular over time with developers and users.

Aptoide is available in 40 different languages and reportedly offers over 1 million applications which would make it third to only the Apple App Store (1.6M + applications) and the Google Play Store (2.1M + applications)

The innovative use of their own in-app cryptocurrency called AppCoin encourages users to click on adverts and be more interactive within the platform.

Users can then navigate within the app and download it within the portal. A big bonus is that the Aptoide team is massive. They have a fully scaled and revenue-generating business, which means they can offer cutting edge Malware technology and scan apps to make sure that they are safe to download within the application.

As well, by offering their own API and co-branding solution they promote application development and monetizing, which makes them popular with developers


  • Enormous library
  • 1M + applications
  • 3rd largest application library in the world
  • Unfettered access and less restrictive than Google Play
  • Access to most of the apps you would expect to find at Apple and Google
  • Downgrade to a lower version of the application if you come across an instability or bug in their code
  • Like Google Play you can automatically sync all your applications and update them all at the same time
  • Creating a private store makes it desirable to developers, as well as the ability to target specific countries
  • An excellent Malware scanning system
  • Easy to publish and download applications

How to Install Aptoide

install image

You can download the application directly from their website:

Note: does not host this APK file. It is hosted on 

download aptoide tv


Screenshots with Step by Step Instruction to Install Aptoide on a Firestick

  1. Scroll to Settings from the home screen.

Step 1 Install Aptoide on Firestick


2. Scroll down and to the right until you get to My Fire TV. Click on it.

Step 2 Install Aptoide on Firestick


3. Select Developer options.

Step 3 Install Aptoide on Firestick


4. Turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Source.

Step 4 Install Aptoide on Firestick


5. Click Turn On when the pop-up appears.

Step 5 Install Aptoide on Firestick


6. Click Home on your remote and scroll once to your left. It will be the search icon.

Step 6 Install Aptoide on Firestick


7. You can either say Downloader to your Alexa voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

Step 7 Install Aptoide on Firestick


8. Click on the Downloader icon

Step 8 Install Aptoide on Firestick


9. Click Download

Step 9 Install Aptoide on Firestick


10. Click on Open

Step 10 Install Aptoide on Firestick


11. Click on Allow.

Step 11 Install Aptoide on Firestick


12. Type and click Go.

Step 12 Install Aptoide on Firestick


13. Click on INSTALL NOW!

Step 13 Install Aptoide on Firestick


14. Click on Install and you should be all set. Remember to delete the APK file after installation to save space.

Step 14 Install Aptoide on Firestick


15. Select OPEN

Step 15 Install Aptoide on Firestick


Is it Safe?

As application store goes, Aptoide is great. They use similar Malware software to Google and assure their users that all the apps on their platform are Malware free. You can feel safe downloading through Aptoide.

Best Alternatives

There are a couple of good alternatives out there. As we stressed elsewhere you should always exercise caution when downloading .apk files and make sure to scan them with Malwarebytes just to be safe.

  • APK Mirror – Probably the most popular APK site online, well over 10,000 applications on offer. With a mix of readily available applications as well as those not on the Google Play Store
  • Mobilism – A massive library of applications and books for Android and Windows as well as older devices like Blackberry
  • APK Time – A lesser-known platform than some of the others, but a great source if you particularly want apps based around Android TV and TV streaming. Also, it gives you a library of applications within the application which is neat.


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