50 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites – 2020

There are tons of websites that provide free movies online. Nonetheless, you can’t trust all the free movie streaming sites. There are free movie websites that provide pirated content and are packed with viruses as well as malware.  If you wish to remain safe and secure while watching your best-loved movies and TV shows, check out the following 50 best free movie streaming websites below which are safe, secure, and legal to use. Some of the following free online movie streaming sites don’t even ask you to sign up and all of them are free without the need to create a premium account, etc.




Note: ReviewVPN.com does not host any of the aforementioned apps. The APK files are hosted at Archive.org.

Watch Free Movies Online

If you’re looking for free movie streaming sites that you can use legally, then check out our list of 30 best free movie websites below. Ensure to save your favorites so nights while at home can be just as great as going out to the movie houses. Nonetheless, you must remember that similar to all streaming services media content will change from time to time. Fortunately, it is possible to access superb free movies as well as TV streams safely, securely, and legally with a virtual private network or VPN. A quality VPN service encrypts web users’ connections and blocks intrusive advertisements and trackers, keeping web users’ private data safe from scammers, phishing attacks, and hackers.

Movie Streaming Sites Overview

With all the high technology and applications swarming around the world, it has never been easier to find amazing free movie websites that people can stream or make use of to download media content instantly. With all of these best free movie streaming websites, there is a vast selection of films. Whether it is a 1930s flick, a 1980s classic, or the latest release, there’s an option for every single thing. Anyway, watching movies at home lets people enhance comfort while they also intensify entertainment.

The average cable subscription bill in the United States costs $107 a month, thus it is not a surprise that cable subscribers are looking for ways to stream movies and TV shows on the web for free. However, there are tons of websites that provide premium TV shows and movies as content on their site but they violate the media content owner’s copyrights – which is illegal. If you want to be safe and comply with the law, it would be great to subscribe to one of the premium video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, and a lot more or use one of the 30 best free movie streaming websites below.

How To Protect Your Privacy While Watching Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

If people have been streaming TV shows and movies online, there is a huge possibility that they have heard about the virtual private network or VPN. A VPN service is a type of encryption app that allows web users to hide their IP address. Once web users are linked to one of these VPN providers, all of their network data, as well as traffic, will be encrypted. Wherein, it is possible that Internet service providers along with the government will not be able to know what web users are doing on the internet. Internet users will no longer be utilizing their ISPs; assigned IP addresses to browse the web. Instead, web users will be hidden behind the IP address of the VPN service that they are using. Streaming on the internet is a popular trend that continues to grow every day. Individuals are streaming music, TV shows, and movies to their mobile phones, PCs, and laptops. Cord cutters are particularly taking advantage of media content streaming opportunities for the reason there are no other sources that give them the same service.

50 Best Free Movie Websites

Before we dive into the websites, we have categorized them as Best, Good, Ok, and Lot of Pop-ups. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose which sites fit your needs.

Best Free Movie Websites

These websites offer the fastest streams and will not give you any trouble when it comes to ads. You are guaranteed a smooth viewing experience.

The Movie Bay (https://vww.themoviebay.net/)

The Movie Bay Logo

This free movie streaming website offers tons of movies and TV shows. Users can subscribe to actors, add titles to a watchlist, generate friends, send private messages, comment, and a lot more. The videos that the watch movies online website provide are kept on TMB servers. All media content is gathered from non-affiliated third party sites. The free online movie website provides popular TV genre combos, such as Fantasy-SciFi, Rom-Coms, Mystery-Crime, Action-Thriller, Action-Comedy, and Drama-Comedy.


  • Free
  • Ad-free
  • Easy navigation
  • Movies, TV Shows, and Reality-TV
  • Filtered by genre combos
  • All contents are provided by non-affiliated third-party websites
  • HD content

Vumoo (http://vumoo.to/)

Vumoo Logo

If you want a free spot to stream movies on the web, Vumoo is the perfect free online movie website for you. Vumoo offers free, unlimited video streaming just like Netflix, but without monthly charges. That offer is enticing to the best of us, particularly if our monthly financial plans are already short. Vumoo provides thousands of TV shows and movies available for online streaming. The free online movie streaming site’s internet page typically provides popular English TV series and Hollywood movies, but Vumoo also has tons of international flicks available for web streaming. The free movie streaming website has numerous Japanese, Chinese, and Korean movies. Additionally,  Vumoo features multiple animated movies & series.


  • Free from pop-ups. Ads are banners
  • Fast Playback and Loading time

GoStream (https://gostream.site/)

Go Stream Logo

Gostream is the most updated and one of the best video streaming sites to stream movies online for free. The free online movie streaming site has a vast selection of movies, TV Series, and Animation films. You can watch different types of movies from the following streaming quality – HD, Full HD, Full 720p HD, and Full 480p HD. The free online movie website has divided the site into various categories so users will find the video faster and have a better chance to locate the perfect picture. However, Gostream is an illegal website, and to stream using sites like this is a criminal offense. But, if you still wish to stream movies from Gostream you need to have a virtual private network or VPN before visiting the website. A VPN service lets users stream media content from Gostream safely without revealing their IP address.


  • Ad-free
  • Each movie title has an IMDb Rating
  • 780p plays quickly
  • No TV
  • Favorites Function

StreamM4u (http://streamm4u.com/)

StreamM4u Logo

StreamM4u allows you to watch TV Series and movies on the web for free and you don’t need to register. Third-party servers hosted all of the StreamM4u’s free films that are available to stream online. StreamM4u is rated as popular by Alexa (Web Information Company) with a score of 61465. Wherein, tStreamM4u is visited by quite a large number of individuals.


  • Ad-Free
  • HD content
  • Filter by genre and year, a search function
  • Includes a “backup” server link
  • TV shows available
  • Push Notifications
  • Fast Playback and Loading time  

AZMovies (https://azm.to/)

Az Movies Logo

AZMovies allows people to watch their favorite movies without limits. You just select the movie you want to watch and enjoy. The movies you watch on the website are free. AZMovies doesn’t host copyrighted or illegal content. The content on the website is hosted by third party sites.


  • Free
  • Has a verification protocol to know you are not a robot
  • Fast Playback and loading time
  • Ad-free
  • Nice interface
  • Can filter by genre and year
  • HD movies available
  • Sister-site NoXX for TV shows
  • Automatically Plays once you click on the movie thumbnail

PopcornFlix (https://www.popcornflix.com/)

PopcornFlix Logo

A free movie streaming that provides TV episodes and movies with no hassle of a monthly fee. In exchange for the free of charge media content, the free movies online website inserts ads into the streaming experience. Since the content on Popcornflix is free to watch, the signup process, which is optional, is very simple. The free movie streaming site is also available on various platforms, so users shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a way to use it. The free online movie website is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, iOS, and Android devices. A large number of videos on Popcornflix seemed to have similar quality as a DVD movie. However, the exact video resolution of the movies is unknown for the reason that Popcornflix users can’t change the video quality.


  • Easy navigation, “no movie is more than two clicks away”
  • Free, ad-supported, no account required
  • TV series
  • Over 1,500 movies from the Screen Media Ventures LLC film library
  • Not as large a library as some, but this is officially licensed content
  • Geo-Restricted

FlixTor (https://flixtor.stream/)

Flixtor Logo

Flixtor is one of the best streaming websites for free TV shows and movies. The search filters of Flixtor allow users to quickly search via different categories like the highest number of downloads, recommended choices, and popularity. The video streaming site allows users to watch movies or trailers. Flixtor users can access 2 million links.


  • There is only one pop-up before you can play the video.
  • Fast loading time and playback

VexMovies (http://vexmovies.org/)

Vex Movies Logo

VexMovies is a free video streaming site where people can watch full High Definition (HD) movies on the web. The free movies online site features a huge database of best movies and people can easily locate and stream each film for free.  All the movies in this video streaming site consist of various categories like War, Action, Romance, Love, Sci-Fi, and a lot more. Each category provides its films to stream. Just like all the major movie streaming websites, Vexmovies also provides different options to locate your best-loved film. Some Vexmovies’ key methods include an advanced search box to enter the tag, title name, other things linked to the videos. This free movies online site also comes along with core features like a recommendation, trending movies section, films in various high-quality, new titles, daily updates, and a lot more.


  • Fast Loading Time
  • Include Trailers and Complete cast of the Movie
  • Ad-Free
  • Latest Movies are from 2018 (put this in the bottom list of the top free movie websites because of being late in updating the movie list)

Movies Lovely (https://movieslovely.com/)

Movies Lovely Logo

One of the best free movie websites that allows you to watch full movies online without signing up. The free movie streaming site frequently updates its free movies and TV shows. Your family can stream Hollywood films on the web for free. The stream movies online website also allows you to watch new release movies.


  • Free, no registration needed
  • Some ads
  • Hollywood movies and tv shows
  • Filtered by genre, release date, a-z list, a search function
  • Some buffering
  • Available in HD

Yify TV (https://yifymovies.tv/)

Yifi TV Logo

A movie streaming site that allows you to watch free full-length movies on the web. You can stream online in High Definition (HD) 720p and 1080p video quality.


  • Another one basically impossible to navigate because of popups and ads
  • Movies and tv shows
  • Free, no registration

Movies.org (https://movies.org/)

Movies.org logo

The aim of this free movie streaming site is to provide people with a simple way to find TV shows and movies online that they can download or watch at no cost. This free online movie website offers tons of movies and TV shows.


  • Search function but no easy filters by genre/year
  • Some ads
  • Multiple links to stream, download, or even search for torrents
  • Has been several iterations: scr.cr, vidcloud.tv
  • Has a redirect ad before playing the movie

The Roku Channel (https://www.roku.com/)

The Roku Channel Logo

A video on demand (VOD) television content option for Roku streaming device users. The on-demand streaming service provides free streaming choices for TV series and movies. The Roku Channel provides live as well as on-demand streaming options. The free content of the Roku Channel offers classic marquee movies such as The Terminator and The Dark Knight and offers access to a number of popular TV series like The Bachelorette, Growing Pains, and a lot more. People can watch The Roku Channel without the need for a Roku device, but individuals are required to sign up for a Roku account. People also don’t need a TV to watch The Roku Channel, they can watch it through the Roku application on their mobile phone or tablet. The Roku Channel is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


  • Needs Roku streaming stick to watch
  • Account required
  • Free
  • Hollywood hits, classic tv series, kids, and family entertainment

Pluto TV (https://corporate.pluto.tv/)

Pluto TV Logo

Pluto TV is a free online streaming site owned by the mass media company, ViacomCBS. The mass media company is the parent company of various popular film companies as well as TV production networks. The streaming service provides content from networks like Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central via live video streaming TV channels as well as on-demand functionality. Using Pluto TV doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee. The streaming service generates money on advertising which it sells during the streaming broadcasts.


  • Free
  • Geo-restricted
  • Apps available in many streaming devices
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Live TV

IMDbTV (https://www.imdb.com/tv/)

IMDb TV Logo

The IMDbTV is a free video streaming service that is connected to the Internet Movie Database website as well as the app. Since the free online movie streaming site is not charging a monthly fee, it requires users to watch ads that are shown intermittently throughout the media content. The free movie streaming site’s movie selection is a bit good for a service with no monthly subscription fees. Although there is no subscription required to get started, you need to have an IMDb account.  The free video streaming service provides mainstream movies with big stars like Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, and Brad Pitt. The IMDb TV supported devices are – Android devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS devices, Apple TV, Roku devices, laptops, and desktop browser.


  • Free, ad-supported
  • Must sign up for an account
  • Officially licensed content
  • Older movies
  • TV shows and original content available
  • Location-Restricted. Only available to the US.

U Watch Free (https://www.uwatchfree.ch/)

U Watch Free Logo

A free movie streaming website where you can watch movies on the web for free in High Definition (HD) quality without annoying ads. Users can enjoy streaming the latest full movies online. Users are allowed to download the movies to their PC/computer to watch them later offline. In contrast to any other downloading website, the free online movie streaming site allows users to request their desired film, and within a few hours, users can enjoy their movies with no issue.


  • Free
  • There’s only one redirect link ad when a certain movie is about to play
  • Easy Navigation
  • Filtered by genre, year, search function
  • Movies, Tv Shows, Hindi Movies, Telugu Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Downloadable content in HD


Solar Movies (https://www1.solarmovies.co/)

Solar Movies Logo

It is a free online movie website that allows you to watch movies on the web at no charge. The free online movie streaming site has made it easy for users to utilize and download movies. Registration is not required to stream TV series or movies. Nonetheless, this watch movie online free website has some drawbacks as some Internet service providers have banned the website.


  • Free
  • Some pop-up ads and redirecting links
  • Great interface and navigation
  • Up-to-date release of top-rated movies
  • Filtered by genre, country, a search function
  • Movies and Tv Shows
  • HD content
  • All contents are provided by non-affiliated third-parties

Go Movies (https://gomovies-online.me/)

Go Movies Logo

One of the best free online movie streaming sites operating from Vietnam that allows you to stream films for free. All media contents of this free movie online website are provided by third parties.


  • Free
  • Easy to navigate
  • Up-to-date release of top-rated movies
  • Some pop-up ads while streaming
  • Filtered by genre, a search function
  • Movies and Tv Shows
  • HD content
  • Downloadable content

Music HQ (https://www1.musichq.net/)

MusicHQ Image


  • Free
  • Has several pop-ups ads
  • Filtered by genre, country, a search function
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • It takes a while for the video to load

Good Free Movie Websites

These websites have some pop-ups and redirects but have good speeds when it comes to playback.

HD Movies (https://hdm.to/)

HD Movies is one of the best free online movie streaming sites where you can watch for free movies without registration. The free movie streaming site will give you a new experience in streaming your best-loved movies online. The free online movie streaming site features many categories in High Definition quality films. HD Movies provides all types of English, Hindi, and Hollywood movies in High Definition (HD) quality format.

M4UFree (https://m4ufree.kim/)

M4ufree Logo

M4ufree is one of the best free movie websites where you can stream Hollywood movies online for free. The free online movie streaming site has various kinds of movies, from Hollywood movies, British films, Bollywood movies, to Korean movies. The free online movie website provides different categories, such as Fantasy, Love, War, Action movies, History, film swordplay, Cartoons, historical drama, drama, Action-Adventure, comedy, and Sci-fi.


  • One pop-up per click. Tolerable.
  • Fast Playback and loading time

TeaTV (https://teatv.xyz/)

Tea TV Logo

TeaTV Android application package (APK) is one of the largest streaming applications for TV shows and movies. Users can enjoy the latest TV series, Anime, and movies either via web streaming or by downloading the content on their computers with this well ordered software app. The movie streaming site is ideal for people that live in places with both stable and unstable Internet Service Providers (ISP). Individuals with poor internet connections can utilize the video streaming app as a digital downloader, allowing users to watch Full High Definition (HD) videos even when their Internet Service Providers are down.  As soon a new film will have a digital release or TV series or Anime episodes are aired, TeaTV will automatically get the content, so users won’t need to use the same websites or applications. An outstanding feature of the movie streaming site is the filtering options it provides. You can select how you want to download the TeaTV APK to enjoy 1080 movies. You can download the video streaming app on macOS, Windows, and Android.


  • HD Content
  • Downloadable Content
  • Ads only appear once you click on “Stream in HD” and “Download in HD”
  • Choose the links from Google for faster playback

Movie Stars (https://moviestars.to/)

Movie Stars Logo


  • Fast playback
  • Has pop-ups before you can play a video
  • Movies are categorized by Genre, Year, and Country
  • Up to Date Movie Releases
  • You can sign up for an account to get an ad-free streaming experience
  • Has TV Shows
  • HD Movies
  • Downloadable Content

CineWhale (https://cinewhale.com/)

CineWhale Logo

  • 3 to 4 pop-ups before the video plays
  • Fast Playback
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitle Support
  • Has TV Shows
  • Up to date Content

hd15s (https://hd15s.com/)

hd15s logo

  • 4 pop-ups before you able to play the video
  • Has banner ads
  • A pop will appear once you pause the video
  • Up to date movies and tv shows
  • Titles are categorized by genre and year of release.
  • Has an 18+ section (softcore)

F2 movies (https://www2.f2movies.to/)

F2 Movies

  • Has pop-ups
  • You need to close some ads before you can play the video
  • Separated by Genres
  • Also has TV Shows
  • Favorites Section
  • HD Selections
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Fast

Tubi TV (https://tubitv.com/)

Tubi TV Logo

Tubi TV is one of the free online movie streaming sites that offers more than 20,000 TV shows and movies to watch at no cost. The library of the free movies online website holds content from studios such as MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and networks which include Lifetime, Starz, and A&E. The company claims it has 25 million active viewers every month who spend more than 160 million hours a month watching media content on the free movie website. The stream movies online free website catalog includes tons of movies from all genres, such as comedy, action, sci-fi, martial arts, drama, and much more. The content Tubi TV provides is all legal, which means all the content plays directly on the player of the free online movie website.


  • Free, ad-supported
  • Partnered with major studios
  • Average Loading Time and Playback
  • Registration is needed
  • Not up to date
  • Available in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Samsung Smart TV

Crackle (https://www.crackle.com/)


Crackle is one of the best movie streaming sites on the market that provides free streaming of movies, TV shows,  as well as other video content. The free online movie website offers about 700 movies and a bit over 100 television series. If you have utilized HBO Go and Netflix on Android, then most likely you notice that the user interface of Crackle is comparably intuitive and simple. The Home screen will show you featured content, while the main navigation buttons will provide a route to pages with Watchlist, Shows, Movies. Content is arranged in a nice-looking tiled thumbnail view, or users can use a basic list view if they like. If you have a fast and rapid web connection and a high-tech device to utilize on it, there is a huge chance you can access the free movie streaming site from it. The free online movie website is available on mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart televisions, and streaming devices.


  • Official content
  • Tv shows and original content
  • Ad-supported
  • Apps on multiple devices
  • Geo-Restricted

LookMovie (https://lookmovie.ag/)

LookMovie Logo

If you like to stream enticing TV shows and movies of various categories then LookMovie is perfect for you. LookMovie is a streaming movie online free website that allows you to stream all of your best-loved movies. In LookMovie, users can filter corresponding to years, and if users want to watch movies that were unleashed in 2003 then they can simply choose the year and enjoy streaming films of that year. The best free movie website has a vast collection of web series, movies, and TV shows. The free movie streaming site has more than 15 categories and numerous genres of TV shows and movies, such as romance, adventure, action, horror, comedy, and much more. LookMovie is one of the best free online movie streaming sites for downloading and streaming movies. However, the watch movies online site hosts pirated media content from different sources and have been previously deleted by the authorities.


  • Ads here and there.
  • Fast Playback and Loading time
  • HD Videos
  • Also has TV Shows
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitle Support

YesMovies (https://yesmovies.ag/)

Yes Movies Logo

It is a free movie streaming site that allows you to stream and download TV shows, TV series, documentaries, and movies. The free online movie website was launched in 2016 and has acquired great popularity because of its user-friendly and straightforward design. The free movies online site has a curated collection of TV shows and movies. YesMovies is a robust choice to find awesome films with a clean user interface. You are not required for registration, users will just browse their favorite TV show or movie and then click on it. The movie page of the free movie website will be displayed where users could find the synopsis, duration, genre, producer name, and actors.


  • A few pop-up ads will appear once you play the video.
  • Average Playback and Loading Time
  • Tends to buffer at times

XMovies8 (https://xmovies8.10s.live/)

Xmovies8 Logo

It is one of the best free online movie websites. Users may experience minimal ads on this free movie website. Users can watch TV shows and movies of their own choice free of charge. You don’t need to register for streaming movies on this free movie streaming website – all you have to do is launch the free movie’s website, select your favorite media content and enjoy it in High Definition quality with no disruption. Xmovies8 deals with high-quality media content. You can’t find adult or porn films on this site. Users can watch their best-loved content without downloading it on the website. The stream movies online website offers the latest or top-rated movies of the highest quality.


  • Popups and ads make it almost impossible to use
  • Ad-supported paid premium versions available
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Filtered by Genre

SFlix (https://simyflix.com/)

Sflix logo

SFlix is a website that features movies, TV Shows, and Anime. The movies featured are segregated by year of release and the same goes for TV Shows. Once on-site, you will see that there are separate tabs for Recently Added, Best Movies, and Featured.


  • A minimum of 5 clicks before the video plays
  • Several pop-ups and redirects
  • Average playing speed
  • HD Content
  • Anime and TV Shows

Vudu (https://www.vudu.com/)


It is an on-demand video streaming site that was obtained by the American multinational retail corporation, Walmart, in 2010. The stream movies online service allows you to rent or purchase movies after they are up for grabs on Blu-Ray. However, after you sign up for a Vudu account, you’ll have access to the movie streaming site’s free TV shows and movies. Movies and TV shows on the free movie streaming website are available in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), as well as 4K Ultra HD. The online movie streaming site also has a small number of films available in 3D.


  • Video-on-demand streaming
  • Must create account
  • Free and paid content (buy, rent)
  • Some 4K, 3D content
  • Officially licensed content
  • The Free version includes ads
  • Apps available for many devices
  • TV shows available
  • Too much buffering

Kanopy (https://www.kanopy.com/)

Kanopy Logo

Kanopy is a free movie streaming service that dispenses content via membership at universities and public libraries. Just like Stan and Netflix, the free movie streaming website is available on several compatible devices, including iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Mac, Android devices, PC, Smart televisions, and Chromecast. Featuring media content from major production companies, the stream movies online free website is available as a resource to members of over 4,000 libraries all over the world. Unlike popular free streaming TV websites that provide live TV channels, TV shows, and on-demand movies with a typical commercial break configuration, Kanopy has a focal point on offering documentaries, movies, classic cinema, educational videos, foreign films, and independent films with no commercial interruption.


  • Account required
  • Partnered with some public library and university
  • Free
  • Ad-free
  • Old and new movies, documentaries
  • Apps available in many streaming devices
  • AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV, FireTV, Tablets, and mobile devices

MovZP (https://m.movzp.com/)

MovZP Logo

Offers full movies and full TV show episodes in High Definition (HD) quality streaming. Provides a wide array of genres, such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, and a lot more.


  • Free
  • Several pop-up ads
  • Filtered by genre, a-z list, a search function
  • Popular movies and tv shows
  • Buffering and laggy
  • All videos are provided by third-party server links

Cinema Forgotten (https://www.cinemaforgotten.com/)

Cinema Forgotten Logo

Cinema Forgotten is one of the best free movie streaming sites with more than 3000 movie titles. The free movies online website has the best movie genre available, such as Thriller, Horror, Crime, Comedy, Action, Drama, Sci-fi, and much more.


  • Account required
  • Ad-free
  • Donate to get premium access
  • Arranged in alphabetical order

Classic Cinema Online (http://www.classiccinemaonline.com/)

Classic Cinema Online Logo

A free online movie website that allows you to watch free online movies. The free movie streaming website has a variety of movie genres.  Documentary, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Music, Family, Holiday, Western are some of the usual genres that people would expect to find on watch movies online free websites. What really makes this free movie streaming site stand out from competitors is its rather huge selection of silent films. If you have a great interest in silent and classic movies, you really need to check out the Classic Cinema Online. It’s a good reminisce over memories of past events and to watch classic movies at its best.


  • Free
  • Banner ads
  • Classic movie billboards, serials, and silent films
  • Also filtered by genre
  • Some contents can be purchased on DVD

OK Free Movie Websites

These websites have a lot of pop-ups and ads. Although, once you get over the ads, you can expect a quick playing and loading time.

MoviesJoy (https://www1.moviesjoy.net/)

Movies Joy Logo

A free online movie streaming site that offers over 10000 movies and TV shows. The free movie website allows uninterrupted streaming and with no annoying intrusive ads. The free movies online website doesn’t host any advertisements, but users may sometimes have to watch pre-play ads through the streaming platform. People will be able to access all of the media content without having to generate an account or buy a subscription. Some of the free movie website’s streaming servers allow users to download movies and TV shows onto their PCs or mobile devices. The only real downside of this watch movie online website is that you can’t delete closed captions from videos.


  • Lots of annoying popups
  • HD Videos
  • Plays Fast
  • Subtitle Support
  • Filter by genre, country, a search function
  • Android app available

Hulu (https://hulu.to/movies/)

Hulu logo


  • Has several pop-ups and redirects before you can watch the film
  • Provides TV Shows as well
  • Up to date Movie List
  • Needs Captcha Verification

Sockshare (http://sockshare.net/)

Sockshare Logo


  • Has several pop-ups before playing the video
  • Fast
  • Up to date Releases
  • Has ads
  • No registration required
  • Be sure to finish a video when it plays. Tends to open more pop-ups when pausing and resuming the video.
  • Ok Free Movie Website

Film Club (http://www.film-club.net/)

Film Club Logo


  • Has pop-ups, ads, and redirects
  • Croatian Website
  • Include to OK Free Movie Websites
  • Subtitle Support
  • Up to date Movie Releases

Soap2Day (https://wwv.soap2day.biz/)

Soap2Day Logo

A free online movie website that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries without registration. The stream movies online website’s reputation as a platform for watching free movies and TV shows online has evolved due to its High Definition (HD) content quality and lack of advertisements. A number of users have claimed that Soap2day is one of the strongest free online movie websites accessible on the web. The following are the various categories you see on the free movies online website – Drama, Horror, Action, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller, War, and a lot more. The HD quality movies on the free movie streaming website are what most of the users often watch. However, movies you can stream from the free movie streaming site are in the following video quality – HD, Full HD, 720p, and 480p HD.


  • Fluctuating Loading Time and Playback
  • Decent amount of ads
  • Up to date Releases

WatchFree (https://1watch-free.cc/)

WatchFree Logo

WatchFree is a streaming service with a cable-like, user-friendly interface that provides creative content selections. The WatchFree streaming service is available on Vizio SmartCast televisions. The streaming service offers over 100 channels like MSNBC, NBC News, Crime Network, Fox Sports, Cats 24/7, The Surf Channel, as well as numerous movie channels. With WatchFree streaming service, there are no fees, subscriptions, or logins needed.


  • Pop-ups and banner Ads
  • Fast Loading and Playing time
  • Subtitle Support
  • Up to date movie releases

Bmovies (https://bmovies.co/)

bmovies Logo

One of the best free movie streaming sites that allows you to watch online movies for free. Users can stream movies in high quality without registration. The free online movie streaming site is a faster and better place for streaming online.


  • Many Pop-ups but the video will eventually play.

Movie4u (https://movies4u.co/)

Movie4u Logo

It is a High Definition TV Shows and Movies platform where you can browse and stream the latest films, TV Shows, and TV series online. The free HD movies online website has all the latest titles and high-quality video for enjoyment. The extensive library of Movie4u includes all the much-loved classics and the latest blockbusters. Users can browse the stream movies online site and view by the IMDb top titles, latest titles, the highest rating, or what is currently trending. Although Movie4u is free, the free movies online site is 100% legal as all its content comes from other sources and users don’t have to download anything. Users can also share their favorites on social media platforms and take part in conversations with other viewers through the comment section. In contrast to the numerous spammy free video-on-demand websites, the Movie4U streaming service is an oasis for movie lovers.


  • Difficult to navigate because of ads and popups
  • Filter by genre, year
  • TV shows available
  • Multiple server options
  • HD

Watch Series (https://www3.watchserieshd.tv/)

watch series logo

It allows you to watch recently unleashed television series on the web for free. Users can stream all the series they can stream on the internet from Hooq, Voot, Netflix, as well as other streaming providers.


  • Difficult to navigate
  • Free
  • Several annoying pop-up ads
  • Movies and TV shows
  • 720p HD
  • Plays quickly
  • Downloadable content

Cine.to (https://cine.to/)

Provides all the movies for you, your friends, and your family. You can just sit back and relax while streaming your best-loved film for free. The free online movie website has various movie genres, such as Drama, War, Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy, and a lot more.


  • Free, no account required
  • Several pop-up ads and redirect links
  • Filtered by genre, rating, year, search function
  • Does not host links but redirects you to other websites (Vivo, Vidoza, Go Unlimited)
  • Up-to-date releases

All Movies Tube (https://allmovies.tube/)

Allmovies tube logo

One of the top free movie websites that allow you to stream full-length movies on the web. Users of this free movie streaming website will be pleased with a great variety of films in the site’s catalog. The free movies online website also has plenty of cartoons for children and numerous documentary films.


  • Free, no registration needed
  • Several pop-up adds
  • Easy to navigate
  • Up-to-date release of top-rated movies
  • Claims to have the biggest collection of movies in all genres


Fmovies (https://fmovies.wtf/)

FMovies Logo

It is one of the top free movie websites that gives you access to numerous movies in high quality without annoying advertising and registration. The stream movies online website has a vast selection of online movies. The free movies online site is technically legal as the website doesn’t pirate anything, the media content is stored in servers that aren’t part of the site, thus the website doesn’t infringe on anything illegal.


  • Free
  • Several annoying pop-up ads and redirect links
  • Easy navigation
  • Filtered by genre, country, a-z list, a search function
  • Movies, TV Shows, and Anime
  • Some contents in 4K
  • HD content
  • All contents are provided by non-affiliated third-parties

Yola Movies (https://yolamovies.com/)

Yola Movies Logo

It is a free online movie streaming site where you may watch your favorite movies on the web. The free movie streaming website offers a viable option to costly platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. The free online movie website specializes in providing movies that can be streamed for free. You may simply go to the Yola Movies website and watch your favorite films online. The watch movies online website intends to give you the very best streaming movie experience. By utilizing Yola Movies, you can enjoy non-stop media content and save money. The free movie streaming site has tons of high-quality HD films that you can instantly stream.


  • Free
  • Some ads and annoying redirect links
  • Up-to-date release of top-rated movies
  • Filtered by rating, a-z list, a search function
  • You need to verify that you are not a robot TWICE before watching
  • Some movies don’t have available servers therefore it can’t be played. They also accept requests.
  • Available in 4K
  • Downloadable content

MovieDLL (https://movieddl.to/)

Movie Dll Logo


  • Contains Erotic Movies
  • Latest Movies are from 2017
  • Allows users to download movies but not stream
  • Categorized into Genre and Year of Release
  • No Ads
  • Include to Ok Free Movie Websites

VMovee (https://vmovee.watch)

VMovee logo


  • Captcha verification
  • Several Pop-ups
  • Relatively Fast when it comes to playing videos
  • Useable
  • Movies are grouped by Genre and Year of Release
  • Also has TV Shows

Two Movies (https://two-movies.org/)

Two Movies Logo


  • Needs an account to stream or download movies
  • Incorporates usenet.nl
  • Requires credit card or PayPal account
  • Once you click on a movie, the pop-up tab will be where you can play the movie

Websites with Pop-ups

The following websites should be avoided at all costs. They pose the most risk to your device with several pop-ups and redirects. It is impossible to view movies and they would just annoy you big time.

Moonline (https://moonline.ws/)

Moonline Logo

Offers the best full High Definition (HD) quality films for free. Users can enjoy streaming their most-liked movies with various subtitles, with no registration, and on 720p and 1080p video quality. The movie streaming website allows users to pick from a wide collection of movies to stream on the web for free. Movies can be searched by genres such as Adventure, Action, Biography, Animation, Crime, Comedy, and a lot more.

5Movies (https://5movies.to/)

5Movies Logo

5movies media content streaming website is the perfect spot to listen to audios and watch videos on the web. The media content streaming site basically provides an ideal platform to share, view, and upload videos – except downloading. Movies are one of the best media content streaming websites without the need for membership. 5movies website showcases all the recent free streaming movies as well as TV series. The video quality you watch on the 5movies website is definitely fantastic.


  • Very annoying ads
  • Slow playback and loading time. (websites to avoid)

CineBloom (https://www.cinebloom.org/)

CineBloom Logo

It provides a wide category of TV shows and movies for you to choose from, such as action, animation, adventure, drama, biography, and a lot more. The free online movie website provides the latest TV shows and movies in high-quality video. The user interface of the video streaming website is very modern as well as user-friendly. You can watch numerous hours of free TV shows and films with the aid of servers from various locations. The movie streaming site has numerous media content that has been recently unleashed in the market.


  • Outstanding user interface
  • Latest movies and TV shows
  • Broad category
  • Requires the installation of the newest Flash Player. When you choose to update it will redirect you to another tool that you don’t need. This is a red flag.

SnagFilms (http://www.snagfilms.com/)

One of the best free movie websites that provide more than 2,000 documentaries, TV shows, and movies. There’s no sign up required with the free movie website in order to watch the content. You just download the SnagFilms app or visit the free movie streaming website and you’ll have immediate access to the content library. The user interface of this stream movies online website is simple, straightforward, and clean on the Roku, web, and mobile phone. Videos on the stream movies online free website are available in the following categories – Comedy, Horror, Action, Kids & Family, Romance, Animation, and a lot more. The quality of the videos available on the free movie streaming site is very high and individuals will have a good experience while streaming the movies. The movies on the free movie website are available in 720p or 1080p.


  • A unique variety of content
  • Available on many devices

LosMovies (http://losmovies.to/)

Los Movies Logo

A free online movie website that provides a variety of High Definition (HD) movies as well as the latest releases. The free movies online website helps people retrieve a list of films that are still showing in movie houses, new releases, or upcoming new films. The stream movies online free website provides film info such as casts, synopsis, and movie trailers.


  • Several Pop-ups Ads and Redirects
  • Barely usable due to Ads

CMoviesHD (https://ww1.cmovies.co/)

Cmovies Logo

It allows users to download Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies for free. The free movies online website provides numerous features, such as member place, forum, and Cmovieshd proxy. The free movie streaming site is free of charge media content. CMoviesHD provides a wide array of films to choose from. The watch movies online website provides films from typical Hollywood movies to the Academy Award winners. The free movie streaming site is a legal site that allows you to stream various films and offers an option to download. Users might find the free movies site difficult to navigate, but once they get used to it, then they are sorted on the option of movie they want to catch up with. However, an improvement of the free online movie streaming site’s user interface will make it the one-stop place for the reason that it contains all the movies and TV shows that every movie buff may need.


  • Several Pop-ups

YoMovies (https://yomovies.to/)

YoMovies Logo

One of the best free online movie websites. The free online movie streaming site helps its users to stream TV shows and movies directly on the web. YoMovies is India’s top movie downloading site. The watch movies online free website offers people the chance to download or stream not only the best Hollywood films but also the Telugu, Punjabi, and Tamil flicks. YoMovies has multiple movie genres, such as Love, Drama, War, Fighting, Thriller, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Sci-fi, and a lot more. Also, another amazing thing about this free movie website is that it has its own app which you can download to your mobile phone and stream movies online from there. YoMovies has become one of the most trending free online movie websites.


  • Specializes in Indian and Bollywood

Afdah (afdah.info)

Afdah Logo

One of the best free movie streaming sites to watch movies on the web. Users can stream thousands of popular TV Series, TV shows, and movies, which they can watch immediately with any devices. The free movies online website has 500k monthly users that love streaming online. Users can easily search a movie name in the search bar and acquire access to the media content. All the movies on Afdah are available in High Definition (HD) quality. The best thing about this free online movie streaming site is that users can stream free movies with no pop-up advertisements. The movie streaming site doesn’t require you to register to watch movies. Billions of people around the globe prefer to use this free movie online website to enjoy the films they want to stream. However, Afdah is safe but not a legal way to stream TV shows and movies.


  • Free
  • Some ads
  • Multiple servers
  • HD
  • Simple navigation (Websites to avoid because it was tagged by google as a deceptive site)

Movie Watcher (https://moviewatcher.is/)

Movie Watcher Logo


  • Registration Required
  • Has VIP Section
  • Registering for a regular account will redirect you to another website

Box Movies (boxmovies.to)

Box Movies Logo

It allows you to stream tons of High Definition (HD) movies online. This free movie streaming website doesn’t stockpile any movies on its server. All media content is given by third-parties.


  • Free
  • Filtered by genre, a-z list, a search function
  • Popular and latest movies
  • Excellent navigation and plays quickly
  • All videos are provided by third-party server links
  • Misleading Site that requires you to answer surveys

Internet Archive (https://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms)

Provides numerous golden age films. The watch movies online site captures all public domain media. The free online movie streaming site offers copyright-free titles dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. If you love classic movie buffs then this streaming movie online free website will be your treasure trove.

123movies (Currently Down)

It is a free online movie website that allows you to stream over hundreds of premier films. Streaming movies on this movie streaming site does not cost a dime. You are not required to sign up or log in to watch movies. The legality of free online movie streaming sites like 123movies depends on the country in which the user currently resides. Every country has its own federal laws regarding intellectual property, copyright infringement, and anti-piracy.

Other Free Streaming Sites


Vimeo Logo

It offers a different way to stream TV series and movies online. You may subscribe to watch without commercials Users can stream videos or upload their own from a mobile device. Vimeo offers a free trial.

Compatible devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TV (2015 and later)
  • Android TV
  • Mobile devices:
  • Android (phones and tablets)
  • Other devices:
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast
  • Roku


Youtube logo

If you don’t want to spend a dime for a streaming service such as HBO and Netflix, then you can watch several free movies on YouTube. Nonetheless, the highest-quality movies available to stream for free are supported by advertisements.


  • Certain movies are available for free here mostly cam versions
  • You can rent or buy

Best VPNs To Watch Free Movies Online

The most popular Virtual Private Networks or VPNs on the market are likely to be ideal for media content streaming platforms. This is an advantage since you will also be provided the best in terms of reliability as well as security features. There’s more! A higher speed is one of the most essential factors to place first for the reason that some VPN providers will minimize the speeds of several of their users if they notice a high bandwidth, or put a data amount cap that users will be able to consume every month –  unlimited data is the best.

In choosing a VPN service, people should look at the number of devices they are able to have linked all at once. Thankfully, most VPN providers allow users to connect with several devices. Wherein, people can stream all of their favorite shows or movies on either their tablets, mobile phones, or even smart televisions, in some cases. But, be sure to check and find out what the VPN service supports before purchasing it. There are some VPN providers that are not compatible with several electronics software. In order for you to find out the VPN’s compatibility, just refer to the VPN service’s website.

IPVANISH (Most Recommended!)

IPVanish VPN

Another good Virtual Private Network or VPN provider that’s good for streaming, but a bit more user-friendly and a little inexpensive. The signup process of IPVanish is quick and easy, with a number of options to choose between how people pay. People could even utilize Bitcoin if they wanted, which is a popular cryptocurrency that is substantial for anonymous payments. With regards to which Virtual Private Network is best for the streaming service Netflix, IPVanish could probably be the greatest, providing a small number of dropped or unavailable servers that will not function with Netflix. However, there could probably arise issues with the connection times, which could take up to 3 minutes. Most of this could depend on how fast users’ web connection speed is, so the virtual private network or VPN service shouldn’t be totally blamed. Thus, IPVanish is a great choice for video streaming and a perfect choice for Netflix solely.


  1. Superfast signup process
  2. Can be linked to several  routers and firewalls
  3. Can bypass the latest and most sophisticated detection of Netflix


VyprVPN Logo

VyprVPN takes things a little further compared to its competitors in terms of servers that really function over streaming services. Users will love how quickly the VPN service connects, too. And when the connection is done, users can put on their favorite Disney Plus, Netflix, or Hulu series, shifting from one country to another on a dime without flowing into blockages. In terms of privatization, the VyprVPN VPN provider will never log users’ personal data when they are on the site or utilizing the service. There are no third parties involved, and it is safe to say that VyprVPN is the best VPN service when it comes to utilizing streaming platforms in areas with hefty penalties. A number of server speeds may slow down sometimes, especially when there are tons of users on the VyprVPN network. But as a whole, the VPN provider does the streaming job to a reasonable degree to compete with other major Virtual Private Network services.


  1. Users will find it easy to locate a server that will not block streams
  2. It has no hidden logs or access to personal data by third parties
  3. Doesn’t leak during movie streaming; will not expose the streaming service to the actual IP address



CyberGhost provides good servers for major streaming websites. This VPN service has the ability to support high bandwidth movies that can be streamed in 2K or 4K resolution. If you have a setup hooked up to a TV, you have never looked at films the same. Waiting times or buffering for the flicks won’t happen unless the internet connection is slow. The customer support of CyberGhost will get back to you quickly if such a problem does occur. CyberGhost customer support will probably find out what the problem of the users is, helping them troubleshoot any other issues that can arise during the service time. The VPN provider is a great way for people to enjoy the highest definition of movies available on the market, all while protecting their privacy as a major priority.


  1. Hulu and Netflix ready
  2. Supports 4K resolution streaming with a bit buffering
  3. Customer support for troubleshooting problems is beyond the industry standard


PrivateVPN Logo

PrivateVPN is an ideal choice to have around when people need servers that are housed in popular spots, but not the speed lags that are ordinary among other VPN services. It has no geo-restrictions to talk about, and PrivateVPN users should connect to their streaming network incredibly quickly. The company’s location is in Sweden, which is a place that is not known for privacy laws that will affect virtual private network anonymity. The only major drawback of PrivateVPN is the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) servers that must be utilized while streaming, a thing that is reliable but probably not the fastest. If you don’t want to stream over 4K, it shouldn’t be a very essential issue. This VPN service is recommended for individuals with standard IP connection speeds.


  1. Most streaming servers are placed in areas where high speeds are possible
  2. Geo-restrictions will not typically affect connectivity on nearly all movie streaming services
  3. The PrivateVPN company is situated in Sweden, a country without invasive privacy laws


ExpressVPN Logo

It is an ideal VPN service that prides itself on its dedication to privacy, which makes the provider a robust streaming Virtual Private Network. The VPN service has built the TrustedServer technology network to ensure that the connection logs and online-activity of its users will never be taken or kept in reserve. One of the key features of ExpressVPN is a kill switch where users can activate to prevent their data from exposing if the Virtual Private Network connection fails. Users can also host numerous simultaneous connections, which makes it easy to share across iOS, Android, and computer applications on their mobile devices with no bandwidth throttling.


  1. Offers an unlimited data usage amount; does not throttle the video streaming server speed
  2. Provides numerous servers, which several servers have high speeds
  3. Has servers that can function efficiently in countries such as China, Hong Kong, and a lot more
  4. Has a user-friendly interface but not rudimentary
  5. Several ways to pay, which include private
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