IPVanish Review

IPVanish is our number 1 overall rated VPN. They offer the perfect combination of price, speed, servers, privacy, and software. As an added bonus, they are the streamers dream service with a best-in-class firestick app that typically connects in less than a second. When you compare this to other services that can take 15+ seconds to connect, it’s remarkable what they have done. The service is 100% zero logs too for maximum privacy. The company origins date back to a Usenet company. If you know Usenet, you know they know privacy. Let’s dig into some of the other details for this review.



The prices for IPVanish are:


As with most VPN’s, there is a considerable cost saving if you increase the duration of the plan you buy. There is a 35% cost savings on the annual plan versus paying monthly.

Many people sign up for VPN’s for short durations while traveling or to watch a specific geographically restricted event and then cancel. VPN providers hope to show these limited users that the use cases are broad enough that buying the longer duration makes the most sense.

While the prices quoted above might seem on the high side, ReviewVPN always has the best offer available. Click here to see the lowest possible price for IPVanish.


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IPVanish Speed Test Video

  • + Fastest VPN
  • + Zero Log Policy
  • + Great App Options


  • Cheaper VPN’s Exists (Still Not Expensive)
  • Speeds Suffer from Far Locations
  • Could Have More Protocols


Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $3.75 / mo
How many servers are there?
1300 servers, 40,000 IP addresses in 70+ locations
What apps are there?
Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Are there logs?
Zero logs are kept
What protocols exist?
Is there a trial?
30-day money-back guarantee


ipvanish vpn software


Privacy /Anonymity

IPVanish is a zero-log VPN provider. They do not store any records of when you connect and what IP you are connecting from.

It is interesting that there is a large sentiment on the Web that having jurisdiction in the United States is bad for VPN providers. While I can’t debate the merits of this at an intelligence agency level, I can say that the United States is a country that doesn’t require logging by default.


Torrent Policy

IPVanish is the perfect VPN for torrents. The no-log policy affords you the freedom to seed and download in peace and not have to worry about nastygrams from your ISP. Being on the fastest VPNs on the planet allows you to get what you want quickly. 


Does It Work Well With Kodi?

There are a couple of main reasons why using a VPN is so popular in combination with Kodi. The first is that some countries, like the United Kingdom, block access to Kodi resources (streams and websites). The other is that some Kodi apps rely upon torrents. Using Kodi without a VPN can be scary because it isn’t always clear where the content originated. Using a VPN is the best way to avoid nastygrams from your ISP.


Streaming Netflix?

IPVanish can stream Netflix and other geo-restricted services, like Hulu, on select servers. Given the hit or miss nature, we can’t in full faith recommend this as a primary use case for IPVanish.


Tor Compatibility

IPVanish is a solid choice for Tor users. Using a VPN with Tor prevents the entry node from seeing your ISP assigned IP address. This is crucial for many users of Deepweb who need added privacy. Snowden used Tor for additional privacy when passing documents. 



Privacy, security, and what I classify as GeoIP are the main reasons to use a VPN. An example of GeoIP is if you want to evade the adult content restrictions in the UK, you could switch your VPN to a US server and circumvent. Others refer to this as the ability to appear local in a country where you are not. This is also the same capacity that allows you to break through firewalls. You essentially create an encrypted tunnel of a different country’s view of the Internet.



IPVanish typically does well in most speed tests. However, most VPN’s cause a reduction from your default ISP’s speed.  That said, you really only need 3 Mbps to stream video. At 5 Mbps you can stream in high definition, and at 25 Mbps, you can stream in 4k. In our speed test with the closest server, IPVanish got a respectable 11 Mbps down. When I switched to the United Kingdom, we got 4 Mbps.



IPVanish defaults to the IKEv2 protocol on all apps except for Android, which uses OpenVPN (UDP). The only reason IKEv2 isn’t used by default on Android is that it doesn’t work with Android. While IKEv2 is the default, users can also select from PPTP, OpenVPN (TCP), L2TP, and OpenVPN (UDP). IKEv2 is the best choice when speed and security are considered. PPTP can offer relatively fast speeds but security is lacking. There are concerns that the NSA might have compromised L2TP.


Customer Support

Support is available 24/7/365 through either live chat or email. Most emails are answered within a few hours, but they request that you email again if you have waited over 48 hours without a response.



IPVanish is registered in the United States. While some may think this is a bad thing since the United States has been involved in several high-profile surveillance cases, this isn’t a bad thing from a logging perspective. The United States does not legally require Internet providers to log network activity.



IPVanish offers apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.



IPVanish has over 40,000 IP’s available on 1300 servers in 75 locations to suit most needs.


Final Thoughts

IPVanish is our most recommended VPN service. They offer the highest levels of speed, security, and privacy. Their apps are easy enough for novices and robust enough for seasoned experts. While it isn’t the cheapest VPN service on the list, it is very fairly priced.

We especially recommend IPVanish for users of Kodi and torrents. The combination of speed and privacy is hard to beat. While some might be nervous about the US jurisdiction, it is actually one of the best for privacy.

The 30-day money-back guarantee means that new users can try the service with no risk. If they encounter any problems, they should take advantage of the 24/7/365 customer support available through live chat and email. Few reasons exist to not try this service.


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