How to Install Nord VPN on a Firestick

If you feel like installing the biggest VPN provider in the world on Firestick, then this guide is for you. We talk about why having a VPN on your Firestick is crucial, what we love about Nord VPN and how to install Nord VPN on a Firestick.

Why use a VPN on a Firestick?

Whether you intend to use your Firestick to watch Netflix are access stacks of free content on Kodi, you should consider using a VPN for several important reasons:

  • VPN’s can be used to unlock geo-restricted content, which is lock by IP address. For example, did you know that most countries Netflix only displays 30% of what is available in the USA. Using a VPN, you can spoof their servers to change your physical location and appear within a different country
  • Much of the content which is on Kodi comes from questionable sources. Many believe that up to 30% of all content on the internet is blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) these IP addresses are blacklisted and you cannot access them using an unencrypted connection. But using a VPN your requests are masked using military-grade encryption meaning they cannot be blocked by your ISP
  • A VPN provides safety and security from malicious third parties, hackers and malware for those who would seek out your real IP and infect your device. Stay safe and anonymous online using a VPN.

Why We Love Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the biggest VPN on the planet in terms of the number of servers it offers. With over 5,500+ servers in 60+ countries, the only other VPN with coverage as big is Express VPN, and even then, that is in terms of countries rather than servers.

It is the most downloaded application of its type on the Google Play Store, and a close second on the Amazon App Store. With well over 10 million downloads and installations.

Not only is Nord VPN enormous but it also offers a lot of additional features on top of its solid zero logs policy VPN service. First, you can get a 7-day free trial using their application. Nord VPN has a feature called Cybersec which acts as a sophisticated ad blocker, as well as protecting you from malicious sites and malware.

You can also increase the already impressive security on offer by using VPN over Onion or Double VPN. Double VPN allows you to rout your connection through 2 of Nord’s VPN servers making your connection double secure and almost untraceable. VPN over Onion allows you to rout your connection through the TOR router, making your connection slow but also untraceable.

Many of Nord VPN’s servers have been specially configured for P2P file sharing, which allows for high-speed upload and download of media files. Making Nord VPN ideal for watching media. In addition, you also get great network speeds from countries all around the world. So, wherever you are, you won’t be far from a fast connection with Nord VPN.

Due to their size, they offer some of the lowest-priced packages in the industry. Their multi-year subscriptions start as low as $2.15 per month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can connect to 6 devices at the same time

Their zero logs policy has been tested in criminal cases and not been found wanting. Best of all prices for multiyear plans start from as little as $2.15 a month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and letting you connect to 6 devices simultaneously.

How to Install Nord VPN on a Firestick?

install image

Nord VPN has an app on the Amazon Store so it couldn’t be easier to install on your Firestick

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen on your Firestick
  2. Search for Nord VPN
  3. Click download and then Open
  4. Enter in your account details
  5. Click and  Connect to the best location
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