Titanium Build

One of the most widely used Builds on Kodi. Titanium comes in at a reasonable size of 250MB, which considering what is included seems small.

Many people feel that once you have Titanium you don’t really need anything else. Much like the No Limits Magic Builds, Titanium really does have everything you would need to make Kodi great in terms of the add ons.

Plus, the size makes it great for Firestick, and you can download from the closest server to you on the installation choosing the US, Canada, and European server. We’ve never seen this option for server mirrors anywhere else. Titanium is kept up to date with the best add ons, by an active developer team.

What is Titanium?

Titanium Build comes from the Supremacy Development team. They have put together all the best in class add ons in one build. The only thing you won’t find is Live TV which Titanium recently removed. Personally, we think it’s a good thing, as builds which try to do too much tend to end up not doing anything well.


  • Get all the best in class add ons
  • Active development team who keep the build updated
  • Able to lock content with a PIN
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Kids Zone
  • Fitness
  • Weather
  • Favorite shows to watch later
  • Automatic updates in the background
  • New add ons are added and older add ons which have stopped working will be removed
  • Compatible with Real Debrid and Trakt

Add ons included:

  • 13 Clowns (Defunct – replaced by IT)
  • Deathstar
  • Supremacy
  • Rising Tide
  • Gaia
  • Sport’s Devil
  • At the Flix
  • Maverick TV
  • Yoda
  • Neptune Rising
  • Sports Replay
  • Bob Unleashed
  • UK Turk Playlist
  • Kid’s Zone
  • Gears TV
  • Vader’s Streams
  • Placenta
  • Exodus Redux
  • The Magic Dragon

How to Install Titanium

install image

Getting going with Titanium couldn’t be easier, plus once you have the Build installed you won’t need to reinstall or add any new add ons, as the team will do that for you in the updates. We recommend having a VPN up and running just in case their URL is blocked by your Internet Service Provider:

  1. Start or return to the Kodi Home Screen
  2. Go to Setting (the cog icon) and then click System
  3. By the tab that says “Unknown Sources” make sure that it has been turned on
  4. Return to the previous screen and click File Manager
  5. Click Add Source and then when prompted scroll down to “ Add None”
  6. You will then be presented with a pop-up bar, type in the following:  http://repo.supremebuilds.com (If the link doesn’t work, double-check you have copied the URL directly. Then check Google for a mirror site if it still doesn’t work. Please note the Supremacy Builds site does intermittently go down, so it could be as simple as coming back and trying later)
  7. Call the file Titanium
  8. Return to the Add ons menu
  9. Click on the box icon you can see above the video add ons selection menu
  10. Install the Zip File, and then Install the Titanium file from the repository
  11. Choose the closest server to you
  12. We always advise that you install it fresh, this will wipe any add ons you currently have, honestly, Titanium has everything you are going to need.
  13. Let Titanium restart Kodi and go have some fun!


Video on How to get Titanium on a Firestick



Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, Titanium has been around for ages. The only issues you will get from security is if you try to download the build from an unofficial link

Is it Legal or Grey?

Titanium acts like a content aggregator. They do not store the content themselves but just direct you to links where you can find it. Having said that most of the content is distributed illegally, so if you want to ensure all the streams work from your side then use a VPN

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

IPVanish VPN Promo

You may find some of the content you want to watch restricted without a VPN. We recommend we use one for several reasons:

  • A VPN gives you access to content that your ISP may be blocking. Using encryption, you can avoid their firewalls
  • You can change your IP address and location to access content which may only be available in a certain country
  • You can ensure secure access wherever you are in the world
  • Avoid your ISP and any other third party from snooping on your data

Is it Free?



When Was it Released?

Titanium and been around since 2017.

Best Alternatives

There are some great builds out there which will offer the same feel, functionality and add ons as Titanium:

  • Blue Magic
  • Maze
  • XonTech
  • No Limits Magic
  • Misfit Mod Lite
  • Cellardoor TV
  • Slamious

You can always find newer builds on Google. Just be on the lookout for builds that have good community support, an active developer and keep the add ons updated. Swapping out the old for the new.

Many builds die because they just don’t update them add ons which will mostly stop working overtime.

Our Opinion

To be fair, Titanium is not the nicest looking build. There are builds out there which put much more thought and time into the styling and elements of their UI, but these come at a price. You end up with a really bulky build which might run slowly on a Firestick.

Titanium ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality and serving up the best add ons. The fact that it stays updated and active puts it head and shoulders over most other builds.

You may not use it, but you should definitely download it and try it out, you’ll have everything you could need at your fingertips apart from Live TV.


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