How to Install Kodi On Firestick & Fire TV

This article will show you how to install Kodi on your firestick. Kodi is one of the best reasons to buy an Amazon Firestick. It allows users to access thousands of free movies, free TV shows, songs, sporting events, live channels and more through a single interface. It can be customized with countless builds, add-ons, and skins to suit any tastes. Despite all these great features, it isn’t intuitive and installing Kodi on a Firestick requires the user to allow app installs from unknown sources. Some people refer to this jailbreaking while others prefer the term sideload. The user also needs to know how to find the correct files and download them to the Firestick. Since the default browsers (Silk and Firefox) don’t allow downloads, this process isn’t as easy as it could be.

Don’t worry though. I am going to present the information you need to install Kodi in several methods. I’ll start by laying out the steps. Then I’ll show those steps next to screen captures from the FireStick. I’ve also made a video on the process.

Steps to Install Kodi on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube

  1. From the home screen, go to Settings > My Fire TV (Device and Software on Fire TV), Developer Options
  2. Within Developer Options turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources (Accept the pop-up confirmation)
  3. Hit the Home Button on your remote and Scroll Once to the Left for the search tab (looks like a magnifying glass in upper left corner)
  4. Search for Downloader either by typing it or saying it with the Alexa voice button pressed
  5. Install Downloader (you will need to allow it access to file)
  6. Enter the URL (this is the official download site. if you have any issues make sure JavaScript is checked on in the Downloader settings)
  7. Scroll to the Android icon and Click on It Once (it will take a moment for the next page to load. be patient)
  8. Click on the 32-bit ARM version (it will be in the middle between Google Play and 64-bit)
  9. Once the download completes, click Install (pro tip – go to files in Downloader, hold down on the Kodi APK, and delete it to preserve storage)

Steps with Screenshots on How to Install Kodi on a Firestick

Select Settings Image

  1. From the home screen of the Firestick, select Settings

firestick settings screen

2. Select My Fire TV (on some devices this is referred to as Devices and Software)

firestick developer options

3. Click on Developer options

firestick turn on apps from unknown sources and adb debugging

4. Turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources

firestick search screen

5. Go back to the home screen and click the left button once to go to the search screen

firestick search for downloader

6. Type Downloader or speak it to your Alexa voice remote

download downloader on firestick

7. Click on Download and then Open

allow access to media

8. Click Allow to allow Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device. Also, click OK on the next prompt

downloader in firestick

9. Click on the URL line starting with

type url in downloader

10. Type and then click Go

kodi download on firestick

11. Scroll down the screen and select the Android icon once. Be patient because it might take it 30 seconds or so to load the next screen

kodi 32 bit arm download on firestick

12. Click on the 32-bit ARM version in the middle between Google Play and 64-bit ARM

kodi downloading firestick install

13. The download should start (if it doesn’t, kick the screen a few times for good measure)

click install on kodi in firestick

14. Click INSTALL

click open firestick - kodi install on firestick

15. After the Kodi App is installed, click OPEN (note, you will want to delete the APK in Downloader. You can do that at any point by going to Files and holding down on the APK file.)

kodi allow access to files

16. Click Allow to allow Kodi to access files on your device

kodi 18.3 leia splash screen for kodi install on firestick

17. Your new Kodi install on your firestick should now load. Enjoy!

Video of How to Install Kodi on a Firestick

If you have seen other installation methods, they probably used Filelinked. Many people especially on Youtube, have people download Downloader and then Filelinked to access the APK through it. File linked is very cool and most of the Filelinked stores are full of other great movie streaming apps. However, I recommended downloading directly from the official Kodi site because that is always the most secure method. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to manipulate a file hosted in a random File link store. It is improbable for that to happen direction on

How Can You Use Kodi?

At its core, Kodi is a media player. Think VLC on steroids. There are thousands of legal addons for the white hat types in the group. Click here for a comprehensive list of legal Kodi addons. Some of the best legal addons for Kodi are:

  • YouTube
  • iPlayer WWW – TV and radio from BBC iPlayer
  • NewsON – good news addon
  • SpotiMC – adds Spotify to Kodi
  • TuneIn Radio – tons of radio stations
  • Crackle – free movies and TV shows from Sony (also in the Amazon apps store)
  • FilmsOn.TV – free movies
  • Soundcloud – free music
  • Twitch – live streaming
  • Pluto – live TV
  • Plex 
  • Popcorn Flix – free movies

If you are more grey, don’t worry because we have you covered too. There are also many builds chalked full of addons to stream all the latest movies and TV shows. Most of these rely on links from file lockers, although quite a few also use torrents. A handful relies upon Usenet too. Always remember to protect your privacy when using Kodi for movies and TV. Sign up for quality no-log VPN service, like IPVanish.

Best Kodi Repositories (Grey)

  • One Nation  –
  • Megatron –
  • Lazy Kodi –
  • Diamond Wizard –
  • Diggz –

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi by itself or with addons from the official Kodi site is completely legal. Many people also sell what are referred to as Jailbroken firesticks or fully loaded Android TV. These devices are pre-loaded with the most popular grey addons for streaming movies, tv, porn, etc. People in Britain get in serious trouble for selling these. Thus far, there hasn’t been a crackdown in America though. Britain also takes a harder line on the people hosting repositories. In the United States, they take the stance that they are not hosting any content directly but merely providing links. That’s worked thus far, but in Britain, it is considered facilitating piracy. These jailbroken and fully loaded devices are a poor purchase for the customers too. The addons installed will inevitably break. The customers are either left with non-functioning devices or they have to learn how to install addons themselves like they could have done in the first place.

As for the people watching the content, the risks are more monetary. If you get caught uploading torrents or downloading movies, you could get sued. The porn companies are the most aggressive about this at the moment in a tactic akin to blackmail. Most major media companies stepped away from the PR nightmare of suing their fans/customers caught pirating around 2005. Since then, they’ve sent notices to Internet Service Providers for copyright infringement. Customers who receive enough of these copyright infringement notices risk having their Internet turned off. The French government once tried to implement a law called Hadopi that threatened to ban pirates from the Internet for life. While being banned from the Internet for life is a highly unlikely scenario, it is worth paying the few bucks for a good no-log VPN service, like IPVanish.

Best Downloader Alternatives to Install Kodi on a Firestick

If you don’t want to use Downloader or it happens to be down in the future, don’t worry because there are numerous ways to send files to your Firestick. Some of the best are:

  • ADBLink (Mac, Windows, or Linux Computer)
  • Apps to Fire (Android)
  • Easy Fire (Android)
  • Cetus Play (Android)

You could also use the Puffin browser or a Filelinked store, but you would need to find a way to sideload these apps on your Firestick first. If you need a good Filelinked store code, you can use 67664537 for the Stream It All store.

What Should I Do If I Already Have Kodi Installed on My Firestick?

The answer to this question depends on if you like your current setup or not. If you don’t like your current setup, uninstall Kodi before installing the new version and try a different build. If you do like your current setup, don’t uninstall the old copy and install the new version like new using the installation instructions on this page. Your settings will be preserved, but your addons might not work with the newest version. Normally if you are doing a small bug fix upgrade, like going from 18.2 Leia to 18.3 Leia, all the addons should continue to work like normal. However, if you are upgrading to a completely new version, there is a serious chance your addons might not work. An example of going to a new version would be like going from Kodi 17.6 Krypton to Kodi 18.3 Leia. In this situation, if you are really happy with your current build, you might want to delay updating until you are certain your build works with that version of Kodi.

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