Pluto TV Review

Recently a lot of TV streaming services are up in the market. You can now from the comfort of your smart devices such as Android-powered phones and iOS devices stream movies, TV-series, sports programs, and lots more activities.

Most of these streaming TV services are free; meaning they offer free to use services. One of such is Pluto TV. Pluto TV is a streaming TV service provider, offering free service for streaming tv lovers.




Pluto TV

Pluto TV which was in March 2019 became the largest TV streaming service provider by Viacom. Pluto TV is a streaming service provider offering free video content for its users. Pluto TV has some similarities with Rabbit TV which has a monthly subscription plan of $24. Pluto TV was first launched in 2014 and since then has grown popular among online streamers.

Pluto TV has numerous channels for you to choose from; you will find channels you are familiar with and channels you never heard of on pluto TV. Pluto TV in March this year, had a user interface overhauling; changing the entire way on how contents are discovered and playback. This overhauling in Pluto TV changed the theme, the way navigation is done; making it easier for you to scroll through movies, sports, entertainment, news comedy, and lots more. 

The overhauling also was extended to the video-on-demand user interface of Pluto TV. The overhauling never changed the traditional television guide of Pluto TV.

Pluto TV has a feature that allows you to highlight and specify channels (your favorite channels as that may be important to you) without having to scroll through over 250 channel list. You can be able to save movies, TV shows and clips to a watch list which you can create on your Pluto TV.

When you click on what you wanted to watch, Pluto TV has a meta-description feature that shows information about what you are about watching (let’s say a movie). Pieces of information you will see via the meta-description feature are trailers, cast crew, or directors.


Is Pluto TV Free Yo Use? And How Does Pluto TV Work?

The answer to the above question is yes. Using Pluto TV does not cost a dime. Just the way you would connect to your local TV stations via antenna and access tones of local TV channels, so also you will be able to streams hundreds of channels with Pluto TV free of charge. 

However, Pluto TV has lots of Ads on it. This Ads shows up when you want to change channels on Pluto TV. As we all know, Ads sometimes can be annoying especially when it pops up unexpectedly while you are watching your favorite TV series or movies. There are lots of streaming TV service providers having lots of Ads, an example of them is Tubi TV.

However, Pluto TV does not offer live TV channels. This might be one downside of this streaming TV service provider. All the channels they offer are prerecorded. If you are looking for a streaming TV service provider that offers live channels, you may consider going for spectrum streaming. 

Spectrum streaming monthly subscription plan starts at $14.99. the $14.99 monthly plan on spectrum streaming seems to be the lowest subscription plan you will find in any live TV streaming service out there. With Live TV, you will be able to stream Live TV channels such as BBC America, comedy central, and AMC. 


Channels On Pluto TV

Pluto TV has lots of channels for you to choose from. As of writing this, pluto TV has over 300 channels (some channels offer the third party live to stream; meaning Pluto TV records live streaming and then offer it to its users). Pluto TV has tones of entertainment channels to keep you entertained all day and all night. 

Channels On Pluto TV Include

Wipeout, slow TV, Comedy Central, Fuse, MTV Pluto TV, Paramount Movie Channel, Onion, Dr. Who Classic, Cats 24/7, BET Pluto TV, Slow TV, Binge Watch, Life + Style, Tech + Geek, Food TV, IGN, Pluto TV Travel, The Addams Family, This Old House, World Poker Tour. 


Pluto TV also offer dedicated kids channels; these channels focus on Kids shows such as: 

  • Anime All Ages
  • Nick Pluto TV
  • Nick Jr. 
  • Pluto TV Kids
  • After School Cartoons
  • Dora TV
  • Turtles

News channels on Pluto TV include the following channels:

  • Bloomberg Television
  • Cheddar
  • CNBC
  • Fox Business
  • CBSN
  • Cheddar News
  • CNN
  • NBC News
  • Sky News
  • BBC

 Pluto TV also offers sports channels. Sports fans can now stream favorite sports channels from the comfort of their home. Sports channels on Pluto TV include: 

  • Fox Sports
  • MLS
  • Surf Channel
  • Big Sky Conference
  • Glory Kickboxing
  • NFL Channel 
  • Stadium

Note: None of the above sports channels allows Live streaming: meaning you can not stream live sports games. Only prerecorded sports event Pluto TV offers via the above channels.

Pluto TV also offers over 50 music channels. These channels offer different genres of music such as soul music, 90’ old school, hip-hop, indie, jazz to pop music.

Pluto TV also offers on TV series, TV shows, and on-demand movies. You can request your favorite movie and have it delivered to you.


Pluto TV and VPN

A VPN enables you to access and stream the internet without any fear of being monitored by third parties such as your internet service provider or governmental bodies. 

Pluto TV is known to offer its service to the US and UK, legions, so for anyone who is not from such countries to use Pluto TV, a VPN is needed. So far, Pluto TV is compatible with Mullvad VPN. Just in case you don’t have access to Mullvad VPN, you may try other VPN service providers out there in the market. 


Is Pluto TV Legal?

The answer to the above question is in the affirmative. Using Pluto TV is legal. Pluto TV provides its user legit channels meaning that they don’t have copyright issues. 


Pluto TV Mobile Application

As of the moment, Pluto TV has a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.


Compatible Device

Pluto TV is compatible with the following devices: 

  • Android TV devices
  • PlayStation 4 
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Smart TVs (Vizio, Sony, and Samsung)
  •  Roku 


Final Verdict

Pluto TV is a great choice for anyone looking for free streaming TV. They offer over 300 amazing channels for you to choose from. Even though it has fewer live channels, it still offers a quality streaming service. Give them a try and you will be glad you did.  

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