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Gaia deserves to be in the hall of fame when it comes to the Kodi addon. A fork of the Bubbles addon from 2017, which then went dark. The Gaia developer forked their code and has kept Gaia going ever since, making it one of the oldest add ons around on Kodi.

Gaia has a habit of becoming popular after a big update (Gaia is currently on its 5th major version) then sinking down the rankings before shooting back up.


Gaia concentrates solely on Movies and TV Shows, with a massive range of content. As well as an incredible amount of settings and configurations.

We can’t think of another addon that is compatible with as many premium services, user nets, or different scraper libraries. You can get the very best out of Gaia by using it with a service like Real Debrid.

But, honestly your unlikely to not be able to find a stream for any content. Gaia now comes with Orion a faster system of downloading content from streams and reducing bandwidth for playback. As well as automatic playback which means Gaia will find the best working stream, and you can also set it to download the next episode in the background.





Common Errors

Here’s a list of common errors you might come across with Gaia:

  • No stream available. An unlikely error with Gaia, but you can turn on and search for updated scraper lists in the Scraper settings. If the problem persists check our step by step fix guide above.
  • A script error. If you come across this error when installing Gaia, check that you are downloading it from the correct repository. Otherwise, chances are your Kodi installation may be corrupted. For more fixes, try some more in the guide linked above.
  • Cannot download Gaia. Always check you’ve got the right URL, try again just to check it’s not a server overload problem. If the problem persists read more here <LINK>
  • Olpair Streaming Error. The upside of using Real Debrid is you don’t have to renew Captcha on free servers. Olpair errors can generally be fixed by getting a new token. If that doesn’t work, try some more in the fixed guide linked above.


Categories from the menu:

  • Promotions
  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Shorts
  • Kids
  • Search
  • Tools



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Gaia is one of the best add ons out their hands down. It just has so many functions, settings, and configurations that one of its biggest problems was that it was so hard to set up initially.

Now that is a problem of the past, you can use the Reaper settings mode to get Gaia set up in 3 minutes or less.

That’s because Gaia links in with 10+ premium add ons, as well as a massive library or scrapers and UseNet interfaces. But for the less technical user, just follow the suggested installation instructions provided.

The fifth big update for Gaia which came out in June 2019 provides some awesome updated functions:

  • You can now binge-watch episodes Netflix style, Gaia’s will scrape and load the next episode in the background moving you seamlessly from one episode to the next
  • Emby is now supported which means you can scrape and stream from their servers
  • Both the internal and Orion UseNet has been upgraded meaning that you can get even more content scrapers that are continuously updated
  • IMDB watchlists can be exported to your Trakt account
  • Orion now has a vastly improved caching system, which reduces the amount of time it takes to load content, and less bandwidth is taken up. Great news for those who have slower internet connections

How to Install Gaia Addon on Kodi with Screenshots

  1. From the home screen, select the cogwheel at the upper left.

Step 1 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


2. Select System in the bottom right corner.

Step 2 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


3. Select Add-ons on the left side of the screen.

Step 3 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


4. Select Unknown sources.

Step 4 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


5. Click Yes to allow unknown sources.

Step 5 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


6. Select File manager.

Step 6 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


7. Click Add source.

Step 7 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


8. Click on <None>.

Step 8 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


9. Type exactly:

Step 9 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


10. Click on OK.

Step 10 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


11. Select enter a name for this media source.

Step 11 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


12. Name is Gaia (this part isn’t critical as long as you remember the name).

Step 12 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


13. Click on OK.

Step 13 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


14. Click on OK.

Step 14 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


15. Take one step back and click on Add-ons.

Step 15 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


16. Select install from zip file.

Step 16 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


17. Click on Gaia (or whatever you named the source).

Step 17 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


18. Click on

Step 18 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


19. Select on Install from repository.

Step 19 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


20. Click on Gaia Repo.

Step 20 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


21. Pick Video add-ons.

Step 21 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


22. Select Gaia again.

Step 22 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


23. Click on Install.

Step 23 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


24. Select Version 5.5.8

Step 24 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


25. Select OK after reviewing the add-ons that will be installed.

Step 25 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


26. You should see a popup in the upper right corner saying Gaia has installed. There will actually be multiple popups for the various components.

Step 26 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi


27. Click on Open to start the Gaia add-on.

Step 27 Installing Gaia addon on Kodi



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