How to Fix Script Failed Kodi Error

Script failed errors are common on Kodi. With so many add ons, updates, URL resolvers, links, and third-party websites it’s only surprising that it doesn’t happen more often.

In a technology eco-system with so many interlinked programs designed by different developers it only takes one update, cache or link to be out of sync to have errors popping up all over the place.

What Does it Mean When a Script Fails?

Kodi is currently on its 18th major version has gets updated every 2-3 months. Mainly these are security patches and bug fixes. As update go this is quite a lot, which is in part explained by Kodi having a team of core developers working on the software.

These updates may not synchronize with add ons which don’t update as frequently.

A script failed errors tends to originate from three main sources which we address in our fixes:

  1. Repository File Not Supported:

    Kodi has been updated but the repository which your build or add on has come from does not support the updated version of Kodi (Solution 1 and 2)

  2. Your Cache is Full:

    Every media file you play on a Kodi add on, including your settings is stored within the cache of your device. Some devices have smaller caches than others like the Amazon Fire Stick, and when there isn’t space to fit anything else in you get an error (Solution 3 and 4)

  3. The Outside Link Cannot Be Accessed:

    Some script errors can come from an outside link being blocked. Probably by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), who have shown a hard line to illegal streaming of copyrighted content. The IP is blocked from your device connecting to it as your connection is unencrypted and can be easily intercepted. (Solution 5)

Whether these make sense to you or not, there are a few fixes we can go through in order to get Kodi back and running for you

Script Failed Kodi Error Fixes

  • Update Kodi or Revert to an Older Version

Most problems can be solved with the first 2 methods we cover, which is a lack of updates to either Kodi or the add on that you are having the script failed errors in.

Update Kodi

Updating Kodi depends on whether your device runs Windows, iOS, Android, Linux or is part of the Amazon Fire Series. Search for the device-specific instructions on Google.

However, for most Android devices you can simply navigate to

And search for the latest version to download. Once updated restart Kodi and try your add on again, to see if the script error persists

Downgrade Kodi

Using the same instructions for your device you can visit , halfway down the page you will see a section which says “Older Versions”

If you add on was working on a previous version of Kodi, then you can downgrade the version to get it working again, and upgrade Kodi when you add on has released an upgrade to coincide with the newer version.

  • Update Your Add Ons

Whenever a new version of Kodi is released, particularly a major version change, then all the add ons will over the week (if its longer they may be no longer supported) released their own update to coincide.

Updating all your add ons can be a real pain, particularly if you have built a large library. Kodi, unfortunately, does not have a function where you can synchronize, or update all add ons at the same time.

Luckily you can save yourself the trouble and download Indigo which has an inbuilt function to force update all add ons.

Using the following steps:

  1. Open up Kodi
  2. Go to settings (if unknown sources aren’t already turned on then turn them on)
  3. Click File Manager, Add Source and Add None
  4. In the URL pop up enter the following:
  5. Select add ons, the Fusion package and install from Zip File
  6. Then go to TV Add ons Source, Kodi Repo and XBMCHUB repository file
  7. From the repository go to Tv Add ons Repo, Video add ons, Indigo and Install
  8. From Indigo you can now go to Maintenance tools and select force update add ons
  9. All your add ons will now be updated, afterward restart Kodi and try your add on again to see if the error persists
  • Clear Cache

As we spoke about earlier, sometimes the problem may be that your cache is full and needs to be cleared. You can do this easily enough on Amazon Firestick does not have an inbuilt clear cache function, so you will need to install an add on called Raw Maintenance using the following steps:

  1. Click done and call the file Maintenance
  2. Go to Home, Settings, add ons, Install from Zip file
  3. The file will unzip and then you can install the Raw Maintenance add on
  4. From the Kodi Home Screen go to the Raw Maintenance package and click clear cache and purge packages
  • Clear Database

If you have been using Kodi a while or have lots of add ons. The database itself may be cluttered with obsolete files that are sending conflicting requests. So best to clear the database entirely and start again. Note, this only relates to user data on the add ons, rather than deleting all the add ons themselves.

You can clear data by:

  1. From the Kodi Home screen go to Settings, File Manager
  2. Click Profile Directory then DATABASE
  3. On the DATABASE look for an option named addons.DB (it may contain a string of random numbers)
  4. When you find it, delete the file and restart Kodi
  • Get a VPN

If you have reached Solution 5 and are still having no joy, then the only solution left is installing a VPN.

VPN’s work by encrypting your connection and changing your IP address to give you privacy and anonymity online.

If your ISP is blocking your connection to an outside link, then a reputable VPN provider like IPVanish is your best solution.

A VPN will allow you to connect to any content, anonymously and safely. We recommend paying a few dollars a month for a trustworthy, reliable and top service like IPVanish instead of trying to skimp and use a VPN for free, which may not work, leak your IP or even harvest your data for 3rd parties.

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