What Was Terrarium TV?

In this article, we will show you the 10 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives.

Terrarium was ground-breaking when it first came out in 2017, coded by a Nitro Xenon, it was the first application to integrate several highly popular features into one application:

  • 3rd party scrapers to collect links online
  • Live TV Calendar to see dates for upcoming shows
  • Download content direct from links and watch offline
  • Simple and intuitive interface, similar to Netflix

A lot of the functionality and usability that Terrarium came up with has been widely copied across the Android TV streaming industry. Terrarium itself closed in September 2018, after a sustained legal battle and global fame.

Luckily there are lots of great Terrarium TV alternatives. Some have forked (cloned) the original code and made modifications, while others have gone onto code similar applications with added functionality. The Terrarium spirit lives on in these 10 best Terrarium TV alternatives.


Our list is split between the 5 best clones, and then the 5 best alternatives serving all the same functions as Terrarium.


Best Terrarium  TV Alternatives


Cyberflix Image

Download From:


Cyberflix is the application that is closest to Terrarium in the eyes of the fans. They have massive support with a Facebook Group numbering almost 11,000 users, with 1,000+ members joining each month.

Pretty impressive considering Cyberflix is just a year old. The sole developer Shawn has also stuck to the ethos of Terrarium, delivering TV for free. There are no ads within Cyberflix, and he is supported solely by loyal fans giving donations.

Shawn and the voluntary Cyberflix admin team, seem to have never-ending energy for responding to the community, fixing bugs, as well as issuing patches and updates.

When it comes to the User Interface, Cyberflix and Terrarium are one and the same, a simple black background and menu with large cover art and icons. Just like Terrarium you get a Live TV Calendar, to mark any shows you want to watch and get an email to let you know when it’s available to watch. The one drawback for Cyberflix is you can’t download and watch content offline.

Through Cyberflix’s scraper, you can access multiple links for the same show and find HD links where available. There’s a massive catalog of content, including foreign-language movies and TV shows, as well as less popular content you may not find elsewhere.

Recently Cyberflix has issued a premium application that can be paid for by joining their forum.

Cyberflix keeps growing from strength to strength and optimally is compatible with premium services like Real Debrid and Trakt.TV. This means if you want to pay, you can access premium links from super-fast servers through Real Debrid. Or you can track where you left off on a show with Trakt.TV, or if you pay for an account rather than use one for free, you can access curated lists of content and intelligent recommendations. Make sure to read our article on Cyberflix.

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV Logo

Download From:


Typhoon TV is a relatively new application but has spent most of 2019 at the top of the APK Time charts. APK Time is an all in one application that records charts of the 73 most downloaded TV streaming applications.

Typhoon offers all the functions you would expect from a Terrarium clone, a clean User Interface, TV Calendar and the ability to download content and watch it offline. Downloading content is becoming rarer as applications try to avoid scrutiny from large media providers.

They also have quite a few added functions. You can get streams in HD and Ultra HD. Registration is not required so you don’t need to worry about the usage of the application being traced back to you if you are using a VPN. Typhoon also uses an in-app video player. So, no need to worry about downloading MX Player or VLC.

You can get bookmark your favorites, as well as automatically mark episodes that have been watched.

Typhoon is compatible with Google Chromecast, as well as Real Debrid and Trakt.TV. They boast fast servers for reduced lag and have a smart search function that allows you to sort titles using multiple filters. Make sure to read our article on Typhoon TV.

Having said that, Typhoon TV is one of the best Terrarium TV Alternatives.

Titanium TV

Titanium Logo

Download From:


Titanium TV is one of the less used clones for Terrarium. Put together by Team No Name who have form designing several Live TV applications including Morph TV.

Recently Titanium TV users were redirected to download and use Typhoon instead. Titanium has lacked updates since March, and it seems the development team has moved onto other projects and is no longer supporting the app.

Titanium lacks the premium compatibility that you get with other clones. It is compatible with Google Chromecast, but not with Real Debrid or Trakt.Tv. Also, in March this year the download content and watch, offline function was removed.

You get a Live TV Calendar as well as an intelligent search function, which also includes suggestions for titles you might like.

But we’d say go for Cyberflix or Typhoon TV as they seem more popular and have better functionality than Titanium TV which seems like a clone of Terrarium without added improvements.

The shame is, it was a great application in its heyday and like Cyberflix didn’t serve any ads within the application. Make sure to read our article on Titanium TV.

Unlock My TTV

Unlock My TTV Logo

Download From:


Unlock my TTV comes from the makers of Unlock My TV, which is itself a clone of Cinema HD. They may not be original, but the developers know how to make good clones. The User Interface is identical with the added difference that you can play trailers within the applications for content before you watch it.

You can favorite movies and TV shows and save them to watch later, also take advantage of their intelligent search function to easily find content via several filters. 

Their large content library has several HD and Ultra HD links and is compatible with Real Debrid and Trakt.TV, meaning if you are willing to pay you can always access high-quality links. You can also download and watch content offline.

Unlock my TTV is unique, as it has a Kid’s mode, which means certain content is blocked, and you can set a code to unlock content rated for adults.

The app is free but expect adverts as you use it. Make sure to read our article on Unlock my TTV.

Cat Mouse

Catmouse Image

Download From:


Catmouse is a relatively new application but has been gaining traction as its ad-free just like Cyberflix. They also currently use fast servers, which may lessen as the number of users increase, so you can expect minimal buffering time. You can also download content and watch it offline.

There’s a good range of content, with many movies available in 4K, and Cat Mouse supports Google Chromecast, Real Debrid, and Trakt.TV.

You can also search and mark ongoing tv shows or upcoming movies and be sent an email to let you know when streams are available.

Catmouse currently has over 50,000 titles and is adding more every day, an application to try as it stays fast and free. Also, no need to register, just download and use. Make sure to read our article on Catmouse.


TV Zion

TV Zion Image

Download From:


TV Zion is our top choice when it comes to Android TV streaming. A custom-made application from a dedicated developer in Asia, TV Zion really does have it all. 

The home dashboard is customizable, and you can take advantage of the intelligent sort and filter function, infinite scroll and intelligent suggestions for content you may like. Plus, the UI is beautiful and seamless, with smooth transitions between screens. You can also add and remove widgets, so your only getting content you are likely to watch, instead of having to sort through categories you’ll never pick.

TV Zion has also been optimized to work for TV. If you use applications outside of Kodi add ons, you may notice that some of them do not scale properly, but you won’t have that problem with TV Zion. You also get a true premium TV plyer function with the autoplay and auto next function.

The app has also been made compatible with all the top premium streaming services including Trakt.TV, Real Debrid and Premiumize, which means for a bit more money you can always get the best quality links. Through a subscription to any of these services, you can also stream directly from torrents, meaning you access an enormous selection of media, far greater than provided by other applications as the number of sources is so much bigger.

For an additional subscription fee as low as $1.50 per month, you can access additional functionality including custom link filtering and advanced metadata detection. Meaning you can sort links by bitrate, size, resolution, and quality. So, you will always be able to find the best source for your content, instead of trawling through endless dead links.

TV Zion is for the user who wants the best content and isn’t afraid to pay a bit more for quality that shines through. Not to mention it has over 15,000 fans through Reddit alone, so it’s not just us that thinks TV Zion is the cat’s whiskers. Make sure to read our article on TV Zion.

Cinema HD

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives cinema hd image

Download From:


Cinema HD deserve to be in a class with Cyberflix and TV Zion for quality and support. Just like Cyberflix, it is supported by a community of 10,000 on Facebook and through Reddit.

Concentrating mainly on movies, they serve a massive library of content. What sets Cinema HD apart is its ability to scan links before playing them on your device. If the link doesn’t work or seems suspicious then the application will automatically move onto the next link. You can get better links and content by using Real Debrid and Trakt.TV.

Also, Cinema HD like Cyberflix is completely free and does not even have an advert within the application. You can also set it to Kid’s mode and enable a passcode to be entered to get restricted content.

Plus, download movies and watch them offline with Cinema HD’s best in class scrapers. Cinema HD has maintained a big user base because they feel the application is one of the most stable out there. Make sure to read our article on Cinema HD.

Media Box HD

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives Media Box HD Logo

Download From:


Media Box HD used to be known as The Movie DB and has been around for a few years. One of the biggest plus points for Media Box HD is they only serve working links. All links are scraped daily, and only working ones are shown on the app. This fixes a massive pet peeve with android TV streaming applications when you must churn through dead links to find one that works.

Media Box HD like TV Zion is also compatible with the 3 big premium streaming services, and you can download content and watch it offline, and even download it directly from the source or torrents.

You also get AutoPlay. Media Box HD is one of the only applications that have different themes as well as Kid’s mode, for locking adult content. As well as supporting Google Chromecast.

Media Box HD really is jam-packed with features, some of which can only be found on newer and premium applications, which shows how useful using an app with experience can be. Make sure to read our article on Media Box HD.

Bee TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives beetv-app logo

Download From:

http://Bee TVapk.me/

Bee TV had a rough start in 2018 and was almost abandoned by users who complained about the amount of dead links being served, but since the overhaul by the developer in late 2018, it has gone from strength to strength. Users stayed because they loved the UI and Bee TV was so easy to use.

Bee TV has some unique features you won’t find in many other applications. You get an Auto Play and Auto Next function. Download add ons which help you to watch specific or niche types of TV programs. Bee TV also has an internal media player meaning you don’t need to worry about third party media player compatibility.

The app is also compatible with Premiumize, Real Debrid, and Trakt.TV, and supported by a great community and an active developer. Make sure to read our article on Bee TV.

Tea TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives Tea TV Logo

Download From:


Tea TV is one of the older applications on our list, dating back to 2017.  They are also the only application that works across Android, iOS, and Windows on our list. The application is on its 9th major version which shows you just how many major changes there have been when most Android TV streaming apps won’t make it past the 2nd version.

You can almost have it all with tea TV. You get Live TV, compatibility with the 3 big premium streaming services. Download and watch content offline. No registration needed, and the autoplay and auto next function.

Tea TV still uses fast servers and has a great track record of stability and has really stood the test of time. A great application to round off our list of the 10 best Terrarium TV alternatives. Make sure to read our article on Tea TV.



After seeing the Best Terrarium TV Alternatives, what do you think will be your ultimate choice? All of these apps were tested by us and can guarantee that they work well with the Firestick.

It is up to you what to pick.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this article was able to help you out with knowing what are the Best Terrarium TV Alternatvies. Thank you for reading!


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