Terrarium TV

Is it Any Good?

The original and best Kodi alternative and daddy to all the android tv applications that you see around today. Terraium TV though is now no more. On the 11th of September 2018, the developer made an official announcement saying that they would not be carrying the project forward. You may see many applications that promise to be Terrarium but they are simply clones or forks of the original programme. Well, the code that was made public which we would bet is not all of it.

The original and best but no longer working in its original form


What Does it Do?

Terrarium TV was the first viable alternative to Kodi which was simple and easy to use. Acting like a giant search engine it would use web scrapers to gather all the newest links to content each day and then put them together.

It also had a really neat TV Calendar which allowed you to see all your upcoming favourite shows so you would know when the episodes would be ready to stream.




What Platforms Does it Work on?

Terrarium TV did work on all Android devices


  • TV Calendar
  • One of the largest media libraries online
  • Receive notifications of new movies and episodes
  • Download content and watch it locall
  • Worked with a wide range of external media players
  • Sophisticated sorting and filtering systems
  • Access to HD and 4K Videos
  • High quality links
  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices
  • Simple and intuitive lay out which is now regularly copied across all Android TV applications



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Pros and Cons

As Terrarium TV is no longer working see our extended section on best alternative to find those android tv apps which have the closest approximation to Terrarium.


Is it Safe to Use?

No, Terrarium TV is no longer being supported by the official developer. Do not download any apk’s that say they are the “newly released” version of Terrarium. They are absolutely everywhere and you are almost certainly downloading a virus or malware

Is it Legal or Grey?

Terrarium operated in a grey area and we suspect part of the reason why they shut down is they were just getting too much heat than they wanted. We are sure they made some money, but by being so popular and acing as a library for pirated content Terrarium was essentially sponsoring free access to piracy.

Should I Use This App with a VPN?

You always use a VPN when trying to connect to any form of online streaming or downloading. For a few reasons.

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Is it Free?

It was

Are There Ads? (If it has ads is there a modded version)

They used ads

Is There a Premium Version?


Is There an Official Website?

You can see the official announcement from the developer, shutting down Terrarium here: https://terrariumtv.com/

What Other Devices Does it Work on?

Worked on all Android Devices

How Does the App Work?

Download and play!

What is the Minimum Version of Android I Need?

Android 4.0


How Long Has it Been Around?

Terrarium started around 2017 and quickly became a rival to Pop Corn Time, which at the time was the main Kodi alternative. Popcorn Time allowed you to stream straight from Torrents while Terrarium introduced a giant scraper delivering 3rd party links from across the web

Is it a Terrarium Clone?


What is the Development Team like?

Terrarium TV was developed by an Asian based programmer called Peter Chan aKa Nitro Zenon

Best Alternatives

As soon as Terrarium TV dissapeared and even before then a number of great replacements have risen up to take it’s place.

Zion TV probably stands out as being the best non-Terrarium clone, with thousands and users, great content and also a really innovative amount of features including super fast streaming as well as integration with Premiumise, Real Debrian and Trak.TV. They even offer a premium service starting from as little as $1.50 per month, which removes adverts. The leading contender for a non-Terrarium Clone.

However from the stable of Terrarium clones there are plenty of contenders, with our 4 favourites being Cyberflix, Cinema HD, Tea TV ( which has been around almost as long as Terrarium) and Bee TV

Cyberflix has an almost identical UI to Terrarium, there are no ads in application and it even has the same TV calendar as well as a download function to watch content online.

CinemaHD is unique in that it only scrapes and shows working links, and even has a kids mode. As well as having a large selection of HD movies, again as a clone it has a smiliar UI to Terrarium.

Tea TV has time on its side and it’s development team are one of the oldest in the business. It has an extensive number of functions including in app tutorials, fast providers, live TV, good sort and filter functions as well as auto play and auto next.

Bee TV is reasonably new but works well, has good sort functions and an intuitive user interface, simple categories, multiple link providers, an auto play and auto next function.

All of the above have really done Terrarium justice in providing an application we are sure that NitroXenon would be proud of.

Our Opinion

Though Terrarium may be gone, there are many great applications jostling to take its place.

We repeat our word of caution by assuring you that Terrarium no longer works and any apk’s you download are likely to be infected with Malware.


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