iNovellas Kodi Addon

In this article, you are going to learn how to install the iNovellas Add-on in Kodi. This add-on allows you to access exclusive telenovela content, mostly Spanish soap operas. Soap Operas are Radio or television series that focuses on the daily events in the lives of the same set of characters. 

iNovellas is a third-party add-on within the Bugastinho repository. It comes with lots of features you will not readily find in other add-ons. Sections you will find in this add-on include drama, movies, telenovela, TeleTV, and lots more.


Installing iNovella Addon

Step 1: Launch your Kodi app on any supported device.

Step 2: On the Kodi Home screen, click on the Setting icon (located between the power icon and the search icon at the top left side of your screen).

Step 3: On the setting menu, locate the system icon, and select it.

Step 4: On the next interface, select Add-ons on the left panel and click on the Unknown Source on the right side screen.

Step 5: You will be prompted with a warning message, simply ignore it by clicking Yes

(This will enable the installation from Unknown sources. You can then go back to the home screen).

Step 6: On the Kodi Home screen, click on the Setting icon (located between the power icon and the search icon at the top left side of your screen).

Step 7: On the new interface, select File Manager

Step 8: Click on the ‘Add Source’ either from the right or left side of your screen.

Step 9: This will take you to a new window where you will see <NONE>. Click on it.

Step 10: On the next window, enter the media source URL ( and click Ok.

Step 11: On the Next window, click on ‘Enter a name for this media source’ and then type ‘Inovella’.

Step 12: Then Click on OK. You will notice that the source is added and the name ‘Inovella’ will appear on both the right and left panels of the screen.

Step 13: Go back to the Home Screen

Step 14: On the Home screen, click on Add-ons.

Step 15: At the top of the left screen, click on the add-on installer icon (looks like a small box) located near the setting icon. 

Step 16: On the next screen, select ‘Install from Zip File’ from the list of options provided.

Step 17: A window will pop up, select the name of the media source (In this case, I used Inovella).

Step 18: Click on Repository.bugastsinho-1.1.0.Zip and then Click OK. You will see “Bugastinho rep add-on installed notification” at the top right side of your screen.

Step 20: Next, click on install from Repository.

Step 21: You will see a list of all the repositories installed on your device, look for bugastsinho-Kodi-repo.

Step 22: On the next screen, select Video add-ons

Step 23: On the next screen, you will find all the video add-ons, click on iNovellas.

Step 24: On the next screen, click on the install button located at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Step 25: Click on Ok on the windows that appear. You will notice the progress of the installation and at the end of the installation; you will get a notice showing Add-on iNovellas is installed.

(Now, your Inovella Add-on has been successfully installed and you can now access all your video contents). 


To access these video contents,> From the Home Screen,> click on Add-ons and select iNovellas and launch it. Once it is launched, you will see different categories of Spanish Soap Operas. 


Features of iNovella Addon

The iNovella add-on has four sections:

  • Ultimos Capitula’s Agregadas: This section contains the last added chapters of your various Spanish soap operas. 
  • Telenovelas en Emison: This section contains the broadcast of your favorite soap operas.
  • Lista de Telenovelas: This section contains the lists of your favorite soap operas.
  • Navegar por Letras: This section allows you to search for content by typing in their names. It simplifies the process of locating the content of your choice.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source media software application that allows you to have access to various kinds of video and music content. You can run Kodi on any device of your choice from Raspberry Pi, Television, Phone, tablet, firestick, fire TV, Chromecast, and laptop.

Founded in 2002 as “Xbox media player”, this software has undergone several transformations first as Xbox Media Centre in 2003 and then Kodi in 2014. It is maintained by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit which works behind the scene to keep its services up to date.

For Music, Kodi can play a variety of music formats including mp3, OGG, and AAC. It has smart playlists and can tag different tracks. For Videos, Kodi supports ISO, 3D, H.264, and other formats and also allows users to stream content via the internet. You can also add video extra, fan art, trailers, posters, etc to films you import into Kodi.


What is Kodi Addons?

An Add-on is an app that you install on Kodi. it allows you to access and stream free movies, TV shows, news, anime, cartoons, and sports content on Kodi. In summary, Kodi Add-on provides you streaming links from various streaming sources.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use the iNovellas addon with a VPN?

It is highly recommended to use VPN not just for iNovellas but each time you stream with Kodi. This is because Kodi houses third-party add-ons. Third-party add-ons may contain links that often have malicious code that can be used to steal your personal information including files, passwords, pictures, etc. Always use Kodi with a VPN like IPvanish VPN.


Is it free to use the iNovellas Kodi Addon?

Yes. installing and streaming contents with this addon are free. 


Is it safe and legal to use the iNovellas Kodi Addon?

It is safe and legal to install and use this add-on on your device. However, for security and privacy purpose, I recommend installing a VPN like IPVANISH VPN.


Pros and Cons


  • No mouse toggle
  • Resume playing
  • Regular add-on update
  • Customizable themes



  • Very few contents (mostly telenovelas)
  • The Content folders are named in Spanish, making it difficult for non-Spanish readers to navigate through easily.


Best Alternative Addons

Add-ons are very unpredictable, so it is good you have alternative add-ons just in case the iNovellas add-on stops working. Below is the list of our best alternative add-ons: 


Use kodi with a VPN

Streaming and accessing the internet with a VPN like IPVANISH VPN gives you peace of mind. You will not have to worry about your online activities being monitored or tracked. A VPN is software that encrypts your IP address to appear on the internet service provider network as a secure and private user.


Installing a VPN like IPVANISH VPN on your device will enable you:

Bypass geo-location and stream from anywhere around the world

Beat monitoring and stream securely.


Features of IPvanish VPN

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Works on all platform: Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, etc
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Over 1200 servers

Final Thought

iNovella as I earlier mentioned gives you access to exclusive Spanish soap operas. The Challenge is that unlike other add-ons on Kodi, it is difficult to navigate because the contents are written in Spanish (i used google translator). You will have to use google translator (for non-Spanish speakers) to translate some of the sections as you navigate through the content. If you are a Spanish telenovela lover, you may still check out this add-on.





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