Tubi TV

Is it Any Good?

Tubi TV is a lot like Pluto TV. A massive free and legal streaming application that you have never heard of. To put it into perspective they have over 5 over 550K reviews and 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Outstripping even Pluto TV as the biggest and most used free  Android TV streaming application on the planet.

Like Pluto they make their money from ads which you can expect every 15 minutes during the shows and films.

The company has raised $4M in funding since it started in 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down having recently signed a distribution deal with NBC Universal as well as output deals with almost all the big American TV provider.

A great application, the only drawback is because of GDPR is not available in Europe so must be used with a VPN which has servers outside of the EU.

Oh, in 2019 Tubi TV have promised to spend $100M on licensed content. Unlike Netflix they will use this for licensing agreements rather than creating their own content.

What Does it Do?

Tubi TV has signed distribution deals with a host of big-ticket US media distributors. The UI has a real Netflix feel to it, and they make money through adverts, saying they show less adverts than you see on TV. Which is probably true when compared to US Cable which seems to run ads every 5 minutes.

Movies and TV Shows are updated with new content every Friday

What Platforms Does it Work On?

Tubi TV works on all Android based devices


  • Enormous catalogue of movies and tv shows
  • Free and legal to watch
  • Available to download from the Google Play Store
  • New content added every Friday
  • Media available in HD quality
  • Create a personal library
  • In app media created by Tubi
  • Compatible with Chromecast, Airplay and Roku
  • Pick up watching where you left off
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Intelligent search functions and genre selection
  • Compatible with Xbox and PlayStation
  • Wide range of international media
  • Download the app or watch straight from the website
  • 50,000+ titles to choose from

Pros and Cons


  • An established but young company pushing boundaries and adding content at a prolific rate
  • If you can put up with ads every 15 minutes it’s an ideal platform
  • Large array of titles
  • Compatibility across a wide range of devices as well as being available to access from website
  • Has the money and the development team to keep upgrading and updating
  • Creating a personal library means you don’t have to search every time
  • New content being added regularly is refreshing compared to even paid services like Amazon Prime
  • Completely free and legal for those who don’t want the hassle of using a VPN
  • Massive community and a growing user base mean more money for better content


  • Not available in the EU without the use of a VPN
  • Titles can be a bit hit and miss
  • Unlikely to get the latest releases
  • Ads may annoy some


Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, you can download it from the Google Play Store or watch it direct from their website

Is it Legal or Grey?

Tubi TV is 100% legal. There are no grey areas as all content is fully licensed with their respective owners. It’s the same as watching Netflix or Hulu

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

Always use Tubi TV with a VPN. Using a VPN will allow you to change your IP and physical location as well as providing an encrypted tunnel for you to stream any content. This way you can browse anonymously as long as you sign up with a provider with unlimited bandwidth, good speeds and a solid zero logs policy.

Any VPN will allow you to access Tubi if you are based inside Europe.

Is it Free?

Yes, Tubi TV is free

Are There Ads? (If it has ads is there a modded version)

Yes, you can expect ads every 15 minutes

Is There a Premium Version?

The  free version is the premium version

Is there an Official Website?

Yes, Tubi TV have  simple website like Netflix : https://tubi.tv

There is also heaps of information guides and forums online.

What Other Devices Does it Work On?

Tubi TV works on all Android devices as well as Chromecast, Roku, Air TV, PlayStation and Xbox

How Does the App Work?

Download from the official website or watch it online

What is the Minimum Version of Android I Need?

Android 4.1


How Long Has it Been Around?

Tubi TV has been around since 2014

Is it a Terrarium Clone?


What is the Development Team Like?

AdRise has a small team of staff and is the brainchild behind Tubi TV. They essentially have built an innovative TV ad platform to monetize TV shows and films. They have also been pioneers of advertising video on demand. Which means unlike paying for ad space on regular TV, advertisers can have their videos screen when a certain type of demographic is watching and switch between thousands of tv shows and films

Best Alternatives

If you are looking for the latest titles and the best UI as well as an impressive library then go for Zion TV. Or if you are really averse to seeing adverts then our vote goes to Cyberflix which is 100% ad free

Our Opinion

Tubi TV is the biggest free provider of online TV in the game and it’s a good application to have in the arsenal simply because it’s so easy to use and has a massive range of titles to choose from.

The $100M commitment to content in 2019 also shows that they have pretty deep pockets to go after more popular content, rather than cheaper content which has become less costly to license since the rise of Netflix.


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