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In this article, we will discuss different leaks about popular platforms like Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram. We will also tell you something about the Pandora Papers. All that and more in just one article.


What is a leak?

Before we start discussing the latest news on platform leakage, it would be good if we talk some about leaks first. So, what is a leak? We often hear this word in different types of categories like gas leaks, water leaks, and even online leaks. Moreover, it is also mostly used for leaked nudes photos of a certain individual.

For online leaks, it happens when a data or file in any form has been released to the public without the proper consent of the owner. Any important document that may harm the owner, or may benefit the end-user can be considered as leaked.

Most companies really need to protect themselves from hackers. Any leaked information that may harm or damage their business is a threat to them.

As for individuals, any personal information and news that people can feast on the internet may affect your life. Privacy is a key factor for both businesses and individuals. This must be protected every time.




Movie Leak Before Official Release on Netflix

Netflix logo


Leaks are really not a new thing in the streaming world. Popular platforms such as Netflix are no exception. Recently, two of Netflix’s future movies, The Guilty and The Power of Dog was leaked before their official release date.

Netflix released The Guilty last September 11, 2021, but people have already seen the show first hand before the said date. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with The Power of Dog. Netflix is planning to release this movie in December of 2021. Two months prior to that, people can illegally stream that title on the web.

They said that the leak happen because of a film festival that offers early screening of titles that will participate.

A lot of these things happen in the streaming world. We actually provide the latest news and updates about Firestick applications and other streaming-related topics. You can subscribe to our email campaign to receive the latest newsletters.


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Pandora Papers

This topic is a huge and massive one. It took the world by storm. The Pandora Paper leak is a collection of different types of documents such as files, data, photos, audios, videos, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. This leak contains a total of 2.94 terabytes of data about secret properties and scams of a huge number of wealthy individuals from different countries. These people include politicians, billionaires, celebrities, fraudsters, world leaders, members of the royal family, drug dealers, and religious group leaders.

The main focus of this leak is to identify those that purchase properties and assets in secret without paying any tax. It is said that most of the transitions were given by providers to open bank accounts in countries with light financial regulations. Most of the records are registered in countries like the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Panama, South Dakota, and other places with secrecy jurisdictions.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) was responsible for documenting the whole structure of the investigation about these files. They’ve spent more than a year building the structure of the said investigation. For more details, you can visit their website and read the whole article about the Pandora Paper Leak.


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Facebook and Instagram Leaks

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Even these two did not escape issues because of various document leaks.

Recently, another leak about Facebook drove some users to go mad. The Wall Street Journal saw some documents stating that Facebook’s community guidelines and rules do not apply to a list of elite users/accounts. These elite personalities are usually celebrities and politicians with a huge audience reach. So we are talking about people with higher status and fame. The document says the rules do not apply to them to avoid bad publicity to the platform and the account owner.

The Cross-Check Program, also known as “XCheck” is another term for shielding which protects certain individuals from any policies and regulations whatever action they have taken within the platform. It simply means that they can violate the rules without any consequences.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, contradicted this leak and said publicly that all users, no matter the status has an equal standing within the platform. He said that all rules apply to everyone.

This leak also applies to Instagram. The issue of body shaming among teenage girls is also brought out through this leak. From some online sources, here is how the Facebook document put it, ” We (Instagram) make body image issues worse in one out of three teen girls”. The issue goes on and on as the public claims that these two platforms are toxic as provided by the leaked document.


Protect Your Privacy With a VPN

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Businesses and even individuals should always protect their privacy online. Online hacking is such a big threat to people’s lives most especially today. When you click on links or use an app you are not sure how exposed your personal identity is. People, or other agencies even the government can track your location, monitor your activities, and even hack your accounts. People who hack accounts can leak important documents that can ruin our business or even our lives.

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Leaks are really dangerous for your personal life. They trigger your loss of privacy and a bad image to the people. Whether you are your own brand or you own a business, any leaked document is bad for you. You have to be mindful all the time.

With regards to the stated leaks above, we have different takes on different issues. The issue with Netflix is not to give them bad publicity but to take advantage of their service. Netflix is a paid platform. Any free streaming activities of its content are considered illegal.

The Pandora Papers leak is such an eye-opener for the world. Although it is not that shocking as a lot of people under that umbrella are really capable of doing such drastic purchases of properties.  But the no-tax context is very alarming.

In the Facebook leak, this is where the public will really go mad and give bad press and image to the platform. All we can say is that the founder of Facebook should really be true to his words and all of the rules should apply equally to all.


Note: ReviewVPN.com does not own or operate any app nor does it endorse any. The main purpose of this article is strictly for educational purposes only.

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