How to Update a Firestick

One of the greatest achievements of Amazon in 2014 is its launching of the Firestick. This Amazon Fire TV is a plug-in box that could be used to provide various entertainment by streaming shows and apps to a TV.  

Sequel to this, Amazon released the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The former (Fire TV) is a set box while the latter (Fire TV Stick) is the plug-in stick. Just like every other smart device, firestick needs monthly or quarterly updates. What updating does is to add more features and new functionalities as well. In this article, you will learn you can update your firestick device at home.


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What is Firestick?

Firestick is an internet TV device that enables users to watch varieties of content and also play games over their internet connections. It enables you to access movies, TV shows, games, music, and apps on Fire TV Stick. This Fire TV Stick includes a micro-USB port (for power only) and an HDMI connector. 

The HDMI connector will enable it to go directly into your TV or the included HDMI extender. Fire TV Stick only supports HDMI output. The USB cable connects your Fire TV Stick to a power source. When plug one end of the cable into the micro-USB port on your Fire TV Stick and the other end into the included power adapter and a power outlet. Plugging in the USB cable through the USB port on the television; to power on. 

However, this will ensure the optimal performance of your device. It is not necessary to turn off Fire TV Stick when you finish using it. Your Fire TV Stick is designed to conserve energy by going into sleep mode after 30minutes while continuing to automatically receive important software updates. Unavoidably, you need to have an Amazon account for a wireless connection that will enable you to buy, download, and stream content on Fire TV Stick. 

Firestick TV Stick is compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI ports. Amazon Firestick TV is not supported in all the countries; You can take your Amazon Firestick TV device with you if you are moving or traveling to certain countries outside of the U.S. Your Amazon Firestick TV device will work in the following countries: the United States, United Kingdom (UK), Germany and Austria. 




When to Update Your Amazon Firestick

Knowing when to run an update on your amazon device is very important; this is because the update will help keep your device in optimal condition. Be that as it may, when you download and install the latest version of any software or App in your device (not only amazon devices) you will enjoy the latest features that come with the new version. 

One good thing is that often, amazon firestick tv automatically updates itself. However, there are options as well to manually update it as well. We recommend regularly updating of any app or software you might be using (but before any update, check reviews as most apps or software when updated, crashes or malfunctions). In the case of Amazon firestick devices, they have a new version every month and as such, you need to run an update every month.

Updating Your Amazon Firestick Device

The Amazon Firestick maintains its best service when a regular update is done. In every new update, bugs, are fixed and new features will be added for optimal performance.

Updating the Amazon firestick allows you to stream local entertainment channels such as movies, shows, tv-series, and lots more. The developers of firestick frequently update it to add the latest streaming features. However, we recommend having a strong and reliable internet before running an update. 

The step-by-step guide to follow to update your FireStick is very easy and fast. These steps might also be used for other Amazon devices such as Fire TV and lots more.


Steps on how you can update your Firestick device:

  • Navigate through the Settings options. You will find the setting option on the right side of your screen (at the menu bar). When you see the setting menu, click on it when it opens, it will bring out the device option. Note that in 1st generation amazon devices that it will show a system. 
  • After that, you need to click on about and then scroll down; wait and find the option with the software version. 
  • When you must have clicked on the software version, a new window will come out with a system update.
  • Click on system update and wait for the update to finish.


When you click on the system update, your device will then run a check to find if there is a new version available. Once your device finds it, it will download and automatically install it.


Updating Kodi – Firestick Update: Kodi is one popular app that is compatible with Amazon devices such as Firestick and Fire TV and best used to stream online content such as movies, music, TV shows, TV series, podcasts, and lots more entertainments. In fact, it is a hub for all sorts of entertainment. Kodi app has gained popularity among online content streaming fans as a result of the amazing streaming features it houses. However, the app undergoes regular updating to keep up with the latest technology in the online streaming industry. As a result of these frequent updates, we recommend you update your Kodi app as well to keep up with the latest version.



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Steps on how to Update Kodi For Firestick Using ES Explorer

  • First of all, you must turn on the apps from unknown sources” option On. To do so, go to the setting of your device. Click on the developer option and from there turn on the unknown source ON.
  • Navigate to the Amazon Appstore. from there, you can download and install the ES File Explorer app. This will download the newest version of Kodi on your device.
  • When the downloading is done, click install. When the installation is done, click close.
  • Launch your Kodi app and you are good to go!.


Conclusively, Firestick is one of the best products from Amazon without equivocation. It helps the users to ensure that they get the best out of it and it always follows the signs of the time by its regular updating which may not be found in another device. And having shown us how to update this device, one can freely make use of it properly and joyfully.

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