The Uss Defiant Kodi Addon


In the world that we live in today, technology has continued to proactively evolve in the service of the many. Our day-to-day lives comprise a lot of stressors that highly contribute to our general well-being. Survival is a must in this world that we live in today and one of the ways we cope up is by having good entertainment whenever we get home from work. Luckily for us, there are platforms that we can use to divert our attention from the busyness of life.

There are social media, entertainment, books, and many more. One of the greatest facets of this century is the creation of Kodi. It aids us by way of entertainment with the fraction of a cost without sacrificing quality and integrity. One of the many advantages of having Kodi is the huge list of add-ons you can download to it and one of those wonderful add-ons happen to be featured in this article and that is The USS Defiant Video Add-on

The USS Defiant is a Kodi Video Add-on that is found under the Diamond Wizard Repository that offers content that ranges from Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Music, Podcasts, Kids, and Fitness to name a few.






  1.     Real-Debrid Integration
  2.     A simple UI that makes it easy to navigate through
  3.     A huge library of high-quality movies and tv shows
  4.     Trakt Integration
  5.     Brief Summary of Videos per title
  6.     Retro TV Feature
  7.     Customizable search by content, popularity, and rating

Easy Installation Guide

  1. Launch Kodi on your device
  2. Click on the “Gear Icon” and select “System”
  3. At the add-ons menu, turn on the “Unknown Sources” by clicking “yes”
  4. Go back to the “systems” page and choose “File Manager”
  5. Choose Add source and select “none”
  6. Type in
  7. Highlight the source and rename it to “diamond” or any name you would like to use to identify this particular source and click “ok”
  8. Go back to the System Screen and click “Add-ons”
  9. Select “Install Zip File” choose “diamond” or whatever you renamed the file.
  10. Select the zip file URL-
  11. Wait for the notification “Diamond Build Add-on Repo Installed” to appear.
  12. Select “Install Repository”
  13. Choose “Diamond Build Repo”
  14. Click on “Video Add-ons” and select “The USS Defiant” and “Install”
  15. Click “Ok” when a notification “the following add-ons will be installed” appears and wait for The USS Defiant Add-on to install
  16. Once the add-on is installed go back to the home screen and select “add-ons”
  17. Choose “Video add-ons” and select “The USS Defiant”
  18. There you go, The USS Defiant is now installed.

Real-Debrid Integration

  1. If you don’t possess a Real-Debrid account yet, you must register.
  2. When Launching The USS Defiant add-on you will be notified with this message. Write down the code that will be given.
  3. Launch a web browser on a different device and enter
  4. Type in the code you got and select “Continue”
  5. You will then be granted your Real-Debrid Account
  6. Go back to The USS Defiant and a notification that shows another successful authorization message will appear, select “ok”
  7. If notified with a changelog, just press the “ok” button on your remote and voila! The USS Defiant is now Real-Debrid ready.


How to Install The Uss Defiant on Kodi with Screenshots

1. From the home screen, select the cogwheel at the upper left.

Step 1 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


2. Select System in the bottom right corner.

Step 2 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


3. Select Add-ons on the left side of the screen.

Step 3 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


4. Select Unknown sources.

Step 4 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


5. Click Yes to allow unknown sources.

Step 5 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


6. Select File manager.

Step 6 Installing The Uss Defiant on Kodi


7. Click Add source.

Step 7 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


8. Click on <None>.

Step 8 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


9. Type exactly:

Step 9 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


10. Click on OK.

Step 10 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


11. Select enter a name for this media source.

Step 11 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


12. Name is The Uss Defiant (this part isn’t critical as long as you remember the name).

Step 12 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


13. Click on OK.

Step 13 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


14. Click on OK.

Step 14 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


15. Take one step back and click on Add-ons.

Step 15 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


16. Select install from zip file.

Step 16 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


17. Click on The Uss Defiant (or whatever you named the source).

Step 17 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


18. Click on

Step 18 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


19. Select on Install from repository.

Step 19 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


20. Click on Diamond Repo.

Step 20 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


21. Pick Video add-ons.

Step 21 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


22. Select The Uss Defiant again.

Step 22 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


23. Click on Install.

Step 23 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


24. Select OK after reviewing the add-ons that will be installed.

Step 24 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


25. You should see a popup in the upper right corner saying The Uss Defiant has installed. There will actually be multiple popups for the various components.

Step 25 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi


26. Click on Open to start The Uss Defiant add-on.

Step 26 Installing The Uss Defiant addon on Kodi



When The USS Defiant add-on encounters issues rendering it unable to function properly what do we do? We always suggest that our users create a back-up plan so as to have their entertainment experience uninterrupted. This back-up should be procured from a trusted source and here at ReviewVPN, we only suggest the best out of the best. The following add-ons can serve as a stand-in for The USS Defiant:

        Locutus Add-on

        Primal Add-on

        The Magic Dragon

These add-ons have similar capabilities like The USS Defiant due to the fact that they belong to one Repository and creator. So you are guaranteed to have the same viewing experience as compared to The USS Defiant.

Common Errors

These are some of the things that may cause an issue when installing The USS Defiant

  1.    Unable to connect to URL/Download

One of the main reasons why this happens is that you might have written the wrong URL. Please be careful when typing in the URL because the slightest mistake can totally ruin your download. Secondly, having a stable internet connection is always desired as it does not impend the speed of your download. Lastly, to protect your identity and internet trail, you must have a reliable VPN to mask your online activities and will help you remain anonymous. Check here for the best VPN deal.

  1.     Script Error

This issue usually arises when Kodi is not properly installed or has lacking features for it to work properly. If that is the case, you can redownload Kodi and install it properly. An in-depth guide on how to install the Kodi app is provided on our website. Lastly, if the issue is with the add-on itself, you can reinstall it by following the procedure given above.

  1.     Kodi Check Log Error

A check log error only happens when your media cache is full. You can remedy this situation by emptying your cache. 

  1.     Source not working/slow/frozen

The USS Defiant does not keep any of the content on its servers. It is distributed by 3rd party apps. Patience is key here, just wait for a couple of seconds for the other suggestions and click on them. For other solutions please take time to read our in-depth guide linked above. 



Being under the Diamond Wizard Repository, there is no wonder why The USS Defiant is capable of such performance. Add-ons under this repository are one of the best out there and it is very dynamic that a lot of users are actually enjoying using them. Its extensive library and customized search set it apart from other add-ons who have similar capabilities. We are giving it a two-thumbs-up because of this. Should there be comments, questions, and suggestions, please feel free to do so by dropping them here into our website or any of our other social media platforms. Thank you for your time in reading this guide! God Speed!

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