FreeFlix HQ

Is it Any Good?

We are sure FreeFlix HQ was good once upon a time and it’s been going for about 2 years, but a cursory glance over the FreeFlix subreddit page: , will tell you all you need to know. Namely that there hasn’t been a comment for 9 months, the servers are slow or not working and it looks like the application development team has either abandoned the project or are just not updating it anymore.

There are multiple comments of the cast function not working, and content being littered with dead links which tell us their scrapers need updating and links are not being vetted.

A common problem for many of the lower quality android tv applications is though it appears that they have tons of content you can spend hours repeatedly clicking on dead links or on media art which doesn’t even have any links at all.

You’re better off using Zion TV, Cyberflix, Cinema HD, Bee TV, or Tea TV.




What Does it Do?

Freeflix HQ works in a similar way to a lot of other Android TV apps, using their proprietary scrapers they search online looking for new content added from 3rd parties. 

The links are then added with media art to give what should be a daily updated library of working links to new content.

What Platforms Does it Work On?

FreeFlix HQ has an Android and an iOS application, as well as a Windows desktop application


  • Works across a platform with multiple applications
  • Access to HD streams
  • Supports Chromecast
  • You can download content to watch offline
  • Supposedly has a large library of anime content, though most of it doesn’t work
  • Terrarium style TV calendar and notifications for when your favorite shows have had a new episode added
  • Support Real Debrian and Trakt.Tv
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Optimized for TV casting
  • You can customize the look with skins
  • Watch trailers of media
  • Access to Live TV channels and some pay per view including music and wrestling

How to Install FreeFlix HQ

install image

You can download the application directly from their website:

Note: does not host this APK file. It is hosted on  


Download FreeFlix HQ


Pros and Cons


  • Clean and easy to use user interface
  • If they worked FreeFlix has an enormous library of content and TV channels
  • Real Debrian and compatible, allowing you to download at high speeds and resume watching shows where you left off
  • Chromecast support
  • TV calendar
  • Customizable skins are a nice touch and quite Kodi’esque
  • Optimized for TV


  • According to their Facebook page comments: , Freeflix HQ hasn’t been working for some time. Problems reported included a lack of updates, the application not starting and none of the IPTV channels are working
  • Slow and lacks stability
  • Lacks updates
  • A lot of the function no longer seems to work
  • Users reporting paying premium subscriptions and still not having issues resolved
  • WWE on Demand and Anime sections mostly don’t work


Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, download it from the Amazon store or their official website

Is it Legal or Grey?

FreeFlix HQ offers in a grey area they have a DMCA request email on their website for taking down copyrighted content, but just like all other Android TV applications, they know they are going to be displaying mainly illegal content from across the web.

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

Always use a VPN with FreeFlix HQ or any other android tv application. Without it, the chances are you won’t be able to use the service at all and the IP will be blocked. Meaning you can’t even access the website to download the apk.

Also, by not using a VPN your Internet Service Provider can see everything that you are doing. They will log your browsing records, may throttle your internet usage meaning that even when not streaming your internet could be slow, as well as running the risk of a cease and desist letter, fines, or even imprisonment.

Is it Free?

Yes, but we see many users talking about subscriptions but there is no clear explanation on the website. Honestly, another reason to avoid them.

Are There Ads? (If it has ads is there a modded version)

Not sure

Is there a Premium Version?

Yes, it seems there is a paid version, which has received multiple complaints about not working.

Is There an Official Website?

Yes, FreeFlix HQ has a really flashy website, which if all the functions worked would be one hell of an application and was in 2018 but seems to have gone well downhill in 2019.

You can find the official apk here:

What Other Devices Does it Work On?

FreeFlix HQ works on all devices apart from Linux

How Does The App Work?

Just download, install, and go!

What is the Minimum Version of Android I Need?

Android 4.0


How Long Has it Been Around?

We estimate FreeFlix HQ has been around since early 2017

Is it a Terrarium Clone?


What is the Development Team Like?

From what we can see the development team does still post updates on the Facebook page, and fixes that have happened but these are usually greeted with an angry response.

We suspect the team or individual is now working on another project.

Best Alternatives

There are heaps of better alternatives out there. If you are going to pay a premium subscription then get Zion TV which has lots of added features and a ton of working premium TV channels for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a better ad-free or 100% free with ads version then choose Cyberflix or UnlockMyTV (a Cinema HD clone).

Our Opinion

One to avoid.

It’s clear to us that FreeFlix HQ was once an awesome application and really had something going for it, but for whatever reason, the developer is no longer paying attention to the app and it’s now falling into a black hole filled with android tv applications that worked for a while and now are full of dead links.


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