Due to some legal allegations, Coto Movies has been shut down for good. We are very sorry with regards to this news. But we list down some alternative apps for you to check out. Please read the Best Coto Movies Alternatives article.


Is it Any Good?

Coto Movies is part of a new breed of the android streaming applications released in the latter half of 2018. It has proven to be reliable and easy to use and is supported by a thoughtful developer who is releasing regular updates. Coto Movies works across multiple platforms including Android iOS and also Windows.

The app is a newer version of Bobby Movies which came around in 2017.

What Does it Do?

CotoMovies works by using online web scrapers to fetch the newest media titles and links from hundreds of different websites and then populate their media library.

You can then either watch online or download to watch offline later.




What Platforms Does it Work On?

Coto Movies works on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can also download the app on Kodi.


  • Large media library
  • Watch content offline
  • Download content direct from 3rd parties
  • Supports 255 languages
  • Cast to TV
  • Trak.TV compatible
  • Subtitles included
  • Change language in application
  • Bookmark favorites
  • Sort by genres
  • View your history
  • Compatible with Cydia (for downloading apps no on App store, without the need to jailbreak your iPhone and void your warranty)



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Here are the main reasons why you must use a VPN:

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Pros and Cons


  • Big content library which is constantly being updated
  • Facebook page with regular updates
  • Bookmarks mean that you can return to your favorite shows
  • Download straight from the source so that you can watch offline
  • Compatibility with Trakt.tv means that you can carry on watching where you left off
  • Lovely looking User Interface and simple design
  • Based on a historical application implying a solid codebase
  • Engaged developer looking for feedback
  • Access HD streams
  • Nice looking website
  • Application is available on iOS and Windows with a number of different official downloads depending on your needs
  • 100% free while serving ads


  • Smaller community than other applications released at the same time which implies it’s not best in class like Zion TV or Cyberflix
  • Other providers have bigger and more extensive content libraries
  • Lack of updates or feedback since February 2018
  • Some stability issues, servers do have a habit of going down
  • There are better applications out there released around the same time
  • Does not support Real Debrid or Premiumize which means you don’t have access to  a large range of playlists, also you can’t access high-speed torrent downloading


Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, the application will always be safe to use if you download it directly from the Amazon store, through the Kodi add on the store or directly from the website itself.

Always take care not to download the add on from a site you do not know or trust. There are tons of copycat websites out there which are a treasure trove for corrupted files.

Is it Legal or Grey?

It’s a grey area but not by much. Apps like CotoMovies avoid scrutiny by acting as a library for content, which is served by websites found by their scrapers. The users can then access this content through the app.

But, we would always recommend an encrypted connection or you might find that a lot of the services and links don’t work.

Should I Use This App with a VPN?

We always recommend that you use a VPN when you are online. A VPN helps in two ways, firstly it will change your IP to a country of your choice, meaning that you can access content that may otherwise be locked within your country.

Secondly, your connection is encrypted. ISP’s have a legal obligation to record the IPs of any users who are downloading or streaming illegal content. With a VPN provider, you are given a secure encrypted tunnel for your communication between your VPN client and their DNS Server. This means that your ISP can see the data but cannot decrypt what is inside it. Meaning that connections that may otherwise be blocked or logged pass undetected.


Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

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Step 6 Install IPVanish


7.  Wait to install.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


8.  Click on Open.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


9.  Input your username and password to log in.


10. Click Connect.

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Is it Free?

Yes, 100% free with revenue generated from ads

Are there ads? (If it has ads is there a modded version)

Yes, Coto Movies serves ads within the application

Is There a Premium Version?


Is There an Official Website?

Yes, Coto Movies have a lovely modern looking website with a wide range of download options, as well as an FAQ and installation section.

You can find it here: https://cotomovies.com/

What Other Devices Does it Work On?

Coto Movies is a favorite for Apple users because they have a working iOS app for jailbroken and non-jail broken phones. You can also download their Windows client as well as the standard Android apk.

How Does The App Work?

You can download the application on the Amazon store, or directly download the apk file/ iOS app or Windows desktop application from the official Coto Movies site. Be warned, downloads that are not verified should be scanned for Malware using Malwarebytes

What is The Minimum Version of Android I Need?

Android 5.0


How Long Has it Been Around?

According to their Facebook Page Coto Movies have been around since November 2018, with Bobby Movies being around since 2017

Is it a Terrarium Clone?


What is the Development Team Like?

No idea, but the developer seemed to be pretty responsive from November to February of this year on their Facebook page and then went dark

Best Alternatives

There are plenty of better alternatives out there. Choose from Zion TV, Cyberflix, Bea TV, Tea TV or Movies HD

Our Opinion

We get the feeling that Coto Movies could have been great, but the developer has lost interest. When we see nothing from them for a period of month, you get the impression that the application is probably just running on autopilot and earning revenues from ads.

The app itself along with the website is well developed and thoughtful, plus the sheer range of languages you can have subtitles in is impressive. But the lack of compatibility with Real Debrian and Premiumize limits the number of titles and the speed of torrent downloads.

A good application, but there are better ones out there.

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