Cimabox APK Overview


In this article, we will be introducing the Cimabox APK. So what is Cimabox? Cimabox is an online streaming app that provides you the option to choose from different movies and TV shows just by utilizing one app on your device. If you like streaming movies and TV shows for free online, then Cimabox is the perfect app for you. Cimabox features the latest movies, latest TV shows, favorites, popular movies, and TV shows in different genres like horror, action, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, and many more in High-Definition quality.

 It offers tons of TV shows and movies from Hollywood, and around the world. Cimabox is considered to be one of those functioning applications where you can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows for as long as you want. In today’s age, people prefer to watch their favorite movies and shows online, and with Cimabox, you can watch them either on your TV or smartphone without having to pay for any subscription. A great feature in Cimabox is that you can download a movie or TV show that you can watch offline or when you lose an internet connection. 

The app regularly updates its movie and TV show links so that you can stream the latest shows and movies. Moreover, Cimabox’s developers keep checking older media links and update those links when they are not functioning. 

For you to successfully install the app, you first need to jailbreak your Firestick device. Here is a quick guide that will help you:




Jailbreak the Firestick.

After you have jailbroken your Firestick, then you need to download an app called Downloader, for you to sideload Cimabox to your Firestick. Here is a quick guide to download and install the Downloader app:

Install Downloader App on Firestick.


How To Install Cimabox on Android

  1. Download the APK file of Cimabox.
  2. Since the app is not available in the Google Play Store, you will need to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources or Install Unknown Apps.
  3. Access the Settings of the device and click on Apps or Security.
  4. Then click on Apps from Unknown Sources or Install Unknown Apps to enable it. 
  5. Once that is done, go to the File Manager and click on the Cimabox APK file.
  6. Click on the Install button and patiently wait for the installation to be complete.
  7. After the installation is done, then click on the Open button.

There you have it! You now have successfully installed Cimabox on your Android device. 

Note: does not host this APK file. It is hosted on


How To Install Cimabox APK on Firestick Guide

Because Cimabox is not available in the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store, then you will need to sideload the app to install it on your Firestick.

  1. Go to your Firestick’s main menu and click on Settings.
  2. Click on My Fire TV or Device.
  3. Now, click on the Developer Options.
  4. Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  5. Return to your Firestick’s home screen and click on the search icon on the top of the screen.
  6. Search for the Downloader app and then download and install it.
  7. Click on the Open button once it has been installed.
  8. Then click on the Allow button and OK button.
  9. Open the Downloader app and click on the search bar.
  10. Now type in the URL carefully:
  11. Patiently wait for a few moments for the APK file to download.
  12. Then click on the Install button.
  13. After that, click on the Done button.
  14. This will automatically return you to the Downloader app. Then you will click on Delete.
  15. Click on Delete again.
  16. Return to your Firestick’s home screen and open Your Apps & Channels and click Choose All.
  17. Scroll down and find Cimabox. Once found click on Options.
  18. Now, click on Move to Front.
  19. This will launch the app after you click on Allow when a notification appears.
  20. Finally, Cimabox will be displayed in your Apps & Channels.

Congratulations! You have now downloaded and installed the Cimabox APK on your Firestick device.


Is It Any Good?

Cimabox is an excellent online service that offers links to tons of movies and TV shows. Cimabox is quite easy to use, the links provided are currently working, and has a modern design to its user interface. The links provided in this app are from 480p to 1080 resolution. It also works well with a slow internet connection and surely it will provide a streaming experience free from buffering. Moreover, you can download any movie or TV show to watch them offline anytime and anywhere you want.


Cimabox APK Features

  • Cimabox supports various media players such as MX Player and VLC.
  • Video links are available in different resolutions from 480p to 1080p quality. 
  • Has a small storage file of 1.22MB.
  • You can easily request a movie or TV show you want from its developer’s team.
  • Old links are updated regularly.
  • There is no need for you to register and pay for any subscription.
  • Cimabox’s user interface is very simple and minimal where you can easily move or swipe through different selections of movies and TV shows.
  • The media contents are organized based on ratings, year of release, and genres such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and many more.
  • Has multiple languages in subtitles like English, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, and many more.


How To Use Cimabox APK

To use Cimabox is similar to other movie and TV show streaming apps like Fast Movies, Morph Tv, and others. It provides users with top-rated links for the latest movies and TV shows. When you click on a movie or show that you want to watch, it will load up for a few seconds and immediately plays the content.


Pros and Cons


  • Minimal and easy to use user interface.
  • Available media content from 480p to 1080p resolutions.
  • Easy and smooth to navigate with.
  • No annoying ads.
  • Supports multiple languages in the subtitles.
  • Links are regularly updated.
  • Supports other media players like VLC and MX Player.
  • Downloadable content.


  • When tested, some of the HD Movie links are not working.
  • You will need to refresh the movie section to load up movies.


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How to Install IPVanish on a Firestick

  1. Open your Firestick and click once to the left to access the search icon.
  2. Enter the word IPVanish.
  3. Select IPVanish once the results appear.
  4. Click on the Download button.
  5. Patiently wait for it to download, and then click Open.
  6. Then enter your username and password.
  7. Click on Connect.
  8. Then you can download and stream any media content.

Screenshots with Step by Step Instruction to Install IPVanish on a Firestick

1.  Click Home on your remote and scroll once to your left. It will be the search icon.

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2. You can either say IPVanish to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

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3. Click on the IPVanish icon.

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4. Click on Download

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5. Wait to download.

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6. Wait to install.

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7. Click on Open.

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8. Input your username and password to log in.

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9. Click Connect.

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  • Is Cimabox safe to use?

Yes, Cimabox is 100% safe to use. However, to be more secure, we recommend using a VPN, especially IPVanish.

  • What other devices can Cimabox be installed on?

Cimabox can be installed on various devices like Android Smartphones, Android Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes, Android SmartWatches, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Ruko, Kodi Android Box, NVIDIA Shield, etc.

  • Can Cimabox be installed on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, no. Cimabox can only be installed on Android devices.

  • Is the app safe from viruses?

Yes, it is safe from any viruses and malware.

  • Is a VPN needed when using Cimabox?

Yes, we highly suggest that you use a VPN when streaming with any media streaming app to secure your privacy online.

  • Does Cimabox have ads?

Although it does not have any annoying ads, there are still few ads on the app.



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Our Opinion

Cimabox is one of the safest movie streaming apps because it gathers video links from various popular servers across the globe. You can enjoy streaming with Cimabox right on your TV by installing it on your Firestick. If you want an app where you can stream the latest movies and TV shows without any hassle, then Cimabox is an excellent app for you to use. 


Final Thoughts

Cimabox has tons of movies and TV shows in different genres for everyone to enjoy. The links provided do not disrupt the quality of the movie and offer them in top quality video resolutions. Based on testing the app, the content is excellent and any can be downloaded for offline viewing which makes it easier to watch them anywhere. Also, the app does not require large storage space.



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