In this article, we will show you the best Hentainexus alternatives.

Hentainexus is recently the most dominating hentai provider on the internet. It was dubbed “the largest English hentai publisher in the world”. The website has successfully offered several manga-centric contents. 


The manga and media files on Hentainexus can be downloaded. Manga and hentai enthusiasts used the site for various purposes. Unfortunately for enthusiasts of the genre, the Hentainexus site was shut down.

Hentainexus was once the free site for hentai releases. The archive and indices of Hentainexus include 8,000+ records. It is the best site for western pornographic comics, manga, and hentai files. The recent closing of the site has left its fans searching for alternatives.

After Fokku pursued legal actions against Hentainexus’ operators, the site was completely removed from the online realm. However, many other sites can take up its mantle. We have listed possible site alternatives to replace Hentainexus.




Hentainexus Alternatives

Hentainexus is undoubtedly one of the best manga sites to exist. Due to copyright and legal issues, the site was recently shut down. Fans of the pornographic anime genre can still visit some sites. These internet pages deliver the same content similar to Hentainexus.



Hentai2read holds a massive library of hentai-based material. For people enjoying handheld copies of hentai, Hentai2read is the best website. It collects various pornographic manga into one single domain. 

The site of Hentai2read features a huge catalog of manga and hentai. The site became popular for being doujinshi/hentai-focused. It manages to bring in 23 million users per month. Fans of the genre can expect a wide collection of adult content.

The layout of Hentai2read is sleek and favorable to hentai-lovers. It also provides themes that users can toggle. The website initiates with a default dark theme layout. Hentai2read has a comprehensive menu where visitors can choose from categories.

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The nHentai site was created by developers of both Exhentai.org and Pururin. The combination of their archive files makes for a dynamic integration. The media file quality and featured content are considered rich. It is a remarkable website for the manga, hentai, and bizarre adult fantasies.

nHentai’s website features some unique pornographic content. It ensures that all adult ideas and fantasies are fulfilled. Imagine a website dedicated to full-on sci-fi, fantasy, and pornography combined. 

The layout of nHentai showcases a slick and attractive design. Post-hentainexus, fans of manga and hentai can choose from various categories. Users of the site won’t run out of selections to pick. There are over 165,000 galleries that are updated daily.

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Pururin is a free doujinshi and hentai manga reader. Doujinshi refers to original hentai creations which are self-published by their creators. Manga refers to Japanese-made comics which feature character art similar to anime shows.  

The website of Pururin manages to collect over 6 million visitors. The home screen immediately displays the latest manga uploads. There’s a search bar for users looking for different categories. 

Pururin displays a simplified layout. Aside from its wall of recent uploads sits a menu. The sidebar contains site news, help topics, top contributors, and current famous images. Pururin features a maximum of 1,600 plus pages of hentai.



Tsumino is a website dedicated to doujin and doujinshi creations. The site features artistic works from over 3,000 artists. The website was launched in 2015 and is slowly growing daily. The visitors of the site have been steadily climbing since its inception. 

The site title Tsumino refers to the Japanese word of sin or sinful. Users of the site may expect various creations related to this category. Tsumino holds a vast vault of manga and hentai collections with unique adult fantasies. 

The Tsumino site displays a sleek design layout. It comes with a default dark theme for night viewing. It also has an excellent and comprehensive mobile interface. Tsumino is highly compatible with computers and mobile gadgets.

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Hitomi holds a vast amount of manga-based media files. The site differentiates itself for having a systematic approach. The home page displays the most recent manga uploads. Apart from that, users can view details about each title.

The website of Hitomi is internationally popular. It features a particular language dropdown for users in different global regions. It gathers an average of 45 million views per month. The site provides a massive vault of dirty comic books.

Reading with Hitomi is made easier. Users may enjoy the two-page viewing per pornographic manga title. Fans of any comic may also tap on the download button. The download function enables a zip file of the comic for download. It can then be opened for offline purposes.

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Hentai is one of the famous genres of porn. It is the pornographic yet artistic representation of manga comics. Hentai is prevalent with Japanese artists and various worldwide enthusiasts. It spawned several independent creations known as doujin or doujinshi.

The word hentai translates to any perverse or sexual desire. It is the Japanese term for fetishes. The genre also covers printed comic books and modern digitized publications. HentaiFox focuses on providing numerous titles of hentai products.

HentaiFox is one of the largest pornographic databases on the internet. It collects thousands of adult content pages. The site also features several porn and hentai videos. Users may also enjoy parodies. People can also learn about exclusive creations and professional manga artists.

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Simply Hentai

Simply Hentai is the best website to uncover remarkable adult fantasies. The website serves as a massive library of exquisite hentai artworks. Users are given access to thousands of pornographic manga pages.

There are adult manga videos included within the Simply Hentai site. Animated GIFs are also included for various user purposes. The website ensures that all of the characters and visitors are under the 18+ age limit.

Simply Hentai functions as a one-stop shop for unique creations. The most popular anime titles are featured with Hentai treatment. Fan-favorite anime characters can also be found on the site. The layout of Simply Hentai is fun and comprehensive. It makes browsing easier with quicker search results.

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HentaiHand is one of the most recent entries of hentai websites. Fans of the perverse and sexual world of hentai can enjoy HentaiHand. The website offers a plethora of hentai ideas and artworks. 

The site of HentaiHand invites millions of hentai fans per month. Hentai provides a ton of adult content. HentaiHand also features pornographic representations which are unique. The ideas represented in animated form cannot be found in real-life porn.

HentaiHand specializes in realistic representations of adult content. Fans of the animated 3D genre can explore HentaiHand media. The primary home page presents different hentai categories and tags. Those tags relate to a particular hentai topic of preference.

Ads: 0/10



9Hentai is a newcomer to the pornographic manga realm. The website specializes in English-language translations of various hentai titles. Users may enjoy browsing the site’s adult content without the disturbance of ads.

The collection of 9Hentai is distinguishable from other hentai sites. Fans of pornographic manga may discover different hentai categories. 9Hentai utilizes a deep tag system that organizes multiple content uploads.

9Hentai provides a dropdown and a search bar menu. It features a cool and modernized layout without trading simplicity. Upon entering its domain, expect a huge gallery of different hentai titles and options.

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AsmHentai is a website dedicated to distributing pornographic manga comics. The usual hentai title provides entertaining pages. There are about 15 to 30 pages included in typical manga publications. The digitized formats of manga titles are easier to view. They are mostly uploaded in images.

Hentai refers to the pornographic 2D comics prevalent in Japanese culture. These artworks have a worldwide following. The AsmHentai site primarily caters to western viewers. The website also invites millions of monthly viewers.

AsmHentai has three language settings. Users may transition from American, Chinese, and Japanese translations. It also provides different header tabs for easier viewing of hentai pages. AsmHentai also features a dropdown for professional hentai artists. Users can also find their favorite anime characters given the hentai makeover.

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HentaiRox is one of the unique hentai providers. The website includes a vast collection of hentai and doujinshi titles. The library also features English translations and original hentai uploads. The home page of HentaiRox presents various pornographic manga titles.

The HentaiRox website also specializes in providing western translations. It means that users may expect hentai titles in the English language. The website is also famous for providing exclusive and rare hentai collections.

The home screen layout of HentaiRox is simple and comprehensive. It provides an organized dropdown menu. A search bar is also provided for researching various hentai categories. HentaiRox includes top galleries showcasing the best manga titles.

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IMHentai is a unique website dedicated to providing doujinshi. Doujin or Doujinshi refers to amateur manga creators. These start-up artists have decided to try out hentai creations. IMHentai specializes in giving these artists a shot.

A vast amount of hentai ideas given a pornographic comic strip treatment can be found. IMHentai focuses on distributing full-length doujinshi titles. Its massive collection can be viewed for free. Some of the hentai titles featured are original and remarkable.

IMHentai has a default dark theme upon entry. Visitors from different countries may enjoy the comprehensive layout. The interface is easy to use. There are also country flags that represent the language translation of choice. 

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ManyToon is a simplified version of hentai sites. The website is popular for providing a wide variety of pornographic cartoons. The site also includes several manga titles. There are also different artistic creations and collaborations found with the website.

There are several adult contents represented in either 3D or animated styles. ManyToon is a one-stop shop for digitized pornography. The site of ManyToon is fairly new and attempts to distribute a varied collection of pornographic cartoons.

ManyToon has a standard home page. It does not come in a default dark theme. The white background makes it easier to choose from colorful titles. There are also details included per the hentai title.

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HBrowse may not look like your typical hentai website. The website focuses on English-translated hentai and doujinshi titles. It functions as a massive database of Japanese-created pornographic comic strips. The site also includes several mirrors that users may visit.

All of the hentai and manga content is systematically organized. The developers of the site ensure that all viewer preferences are integrated. There are multiple hentai selections and categories that enthusiasts might enjoy.

HBrowse strictly follows a minimalistic approach. Its webpage does not seem like your standard hentai hub. It presents a clean and organized manner of presenting manga titles. Instead of expecting adult content pictures and naked women, it displays clean sections of visitor options.

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Hentainexus was once the largest provider of hentai and manga material. It encountered legal issues and got shut down. Fans of the hentai franchise have searched for various options. We have collected a list of website alternatives. These sites function similarly to Hentainexus.

We hope that this article has provided enough websites to serve as Hentainexus alternatives.

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