Best Plex Channels Overview

In this article, we will discuss the best channels you can visit with your Plex app.

Do you want an app that can entertain you with many shows and movies? Then, we just got the right app for you. An app is known as Plex. Not just that, we also like to share the best channels you can watch with its services.

The app known as Plex is a client-server-based media distributor. It allows you to stream many Plex channels from all over the world. You can entertain yourself using any gadget. Even if you are waiting at the airport, comfortable inside your room, camping, or at your home’s TV set, Plex lets you select from its wide library.

The best thing about Plex is that it lets you create your version of Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and other famous IPTV services. You can combine all those features into a single application. You can choose from a wide selection of movies, channels, TV shows, pictures, and videos. Later on, if your compilation is complete, you can organize them in a Plex server app.

Afterward, you can view these media files via Plex’s local server. All this is possible with any device containing the Plex client application. You only have to activate the Plex client application with a device you prefer to use.




Best Plex Channels

The channels we will recommend are official Plex channels, you don’t have to download or load them on the Plex server.


Clix TV

Clix TV 1


Clix TV is a pioneer TV channel. The Clix TV channel attempts to renew the way that people watch TV shows on their TV sets. Presently available on Plex, the Clix TV channel envisions revolutionizing general television streaming.

Clix TV is also a new digital media and entertainment company. Having a partnership with the Plex app, you can stream TV shows with the Clix TV channel. It presents many TV show genres, series, mini-series, and movies. While using the Plex app, users can navigate with each episode. All they have to do is click anywhere on the progress bar.

The Clix TV channel provides viewers a concise list of categories. Categories with Clix TV are Trending Now, Recent additions, Action Sports, Animal life, Celebrity news, and Clix Fit. Giving people a wide array of genre choices, viewers won’t have a difficult time finding a TV show they want to binge-watch.

Maverick Black Cinema

Maverick Black Cinema 1


We all know some apps that deliver quality Black Cinema productions. Some examples are the FilmRise Black Cinema and its Fawesome counterpart. Fortunately for Plex users, the app also provides a good collection of various Plex channels. For fans of Black media content, there is the Maverick Black Cinema that will satisfy their needs.

Maverick Black Cinema is a free Live TV channel available on Plex. Available with the features of the Plex app, you can enjoy quality Black Cinema productions anywhere you fancy. The channel also features a large selection of excellent films and genres.

Maverick Black Cinema live TV channel offers genres such as Action, Romance, Thrillers, Comedy, Inspirational, Horror, and more. The content available with the channel receives daily updates. Fans of the genre should always catch up with the channel to receive the latest releases.


The Film Detective

The Film Detective 1


Many film enthusiasts realize the importance of checking out the classics. Even reputable film directors and critics always come back to the first generation of movies. This is why many apps allow users to view classic and old movies.

A great channel to relive some classic films is The Film Detective Channel. It is one of the best online sources for watching classic feature films. The Film Detective works as a vintage film archive. It is also an internet television service at the same time.

Programming for the channel consists of vintage films either in black in white. There are also classic movies in technicolor. If you enjoy watching films spanning from different decades – The Film Detective channel is your number one choice while using the Plex app.



Gravitas Movies

Gravitas Movies 1


Gravitas Movies is the streaming channel from the famous Gravitas ventures. It is a thirteen-year-old company that distributes a large collection of media content. In the case of their official streaming channel, Gravitas Movies focuses on showing films and movie features.

One feature that Gravitas Movies have is that the channel also presents independent films. Aside from including straight-to-video presentations, lovers of independent filmmaking will appreciate the channel. If you like watching shows that are not famous but good to watch, then the Gravitas Movies channels are the best choice for you.

The Gravitas Movies channels differ from other live TV channels. It only shows a wide array of indie films. Indie films are good movie productions from independent filmmakers. Some of these movies have a small amount of budget for making their movies.


The Love Destination

The Love Destination 1


As we all know, building relationships with the opposite sex are similar to our favorite science subject. The subject of romance has many complexities. Suppose you are a fan of the romance genre, then The Love Destination channel perfectly fits your needs.

In case you want to learn about the subject of love, then The Love Destination can give you some answers. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all channel. The Love Destination channel aims to provide information about love. Watching the channel can also improve your love life.

Dating, Relationships, and topics concerning the subject of love are heavily present with The Love Destination channel. Here you may enjoy TV shows, soap operas, and even programs that will enhance your understanding of love. The Love Destination also provides excellent how-to guides, shows, films, and documentaries.


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Revry 1


Revry TV is the go-to channel for members of the LGBTQ community. The main network of Revry TV began in 2016. It focuses on the creation of queer content creators. Today, the Revry channel is available while using the Plex app. While navigating the channel, users may pinpoint an exact TV show time frame by clicking anywhere on the progress bar.

Apart from queer content, Revry TV also presents a massive collection of different genres. All the media content they provide is for general viewing purposes. The channel aims to entertain a massive selection of audiences from worldwide sources.

Revry TV also curates a wide collection of films, series, TV shows, programs, podcasts, and documentaries. There are also topics about magic and games. There are also music, music videos, songs, and movies available while watching with the Revry TV channel.


The Preview Channel

The Preview Channel 1


We all enjoy watching trailers, teasers, and advertisements about incoming film features. The Hollywood scene is full of the latest gossip about celebrities. People also want to hear about the latest movies in development, their characters, themes, and possible stories.

Also known as scoops, The Preview channel expertly manages to present clips and videos about the latest Hollywood features. While watching the channel, you can take a sneak peek at the latest projects that our favorite actors and actresses are working on. Complete with cut scenes and commentaries, the channel always manages to catch our attention.

All of the clips from The Preview Channel air on a strict schedule. While using the Plex app, you can see the next upcoming feature that will play. Viewers will immerse themselves in the build-up of mystery about the latest movie projects.


Film Stream

Film Stream 1


Film Stream is one of the most popular video streamers in Europe. It prepares carefully curated media content for streaming with your Plex application. The Film Stream channels are immediately available on the Live TV section of your Plex app.

The great thing about the Film Stream channel is the availability of many movie genres. You can expect to catch either an independent film, classic film, or modern movie. The Film Stream channel is perfect for the needs of people who appreciate and study the art of cinema.

When you open the Film Stream channel, you can quickly watch any movie from its wide library of films. All the movies air with a strict schedule. You can see which films are playing and the next feature to take its place on the dashboard.



Wu-Tang Collection

Wu Tang Collection 1


Martial arts films are famous in the Hollywood film industry. Originally, these types of films are the main feature of Asian culture. Many forms of martial arts took form in the vast history of the world. As many of us know, the first country that comes to mind is China, where people study and train with different forms of martial arts.

When the golden age of cinema began, the martial arts action genre transitioned from Chinese theatres towards the wide reaches of Hollywood. Famous martial artists such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li have successfully made films on their own.

Today, many new martial artists are coming into focus. Aside from the classics, the Wu-Tang Collection shows you a variety of martial arts films that can feed your curiosity about its practices. You can also expect many storylines that contain martial art sequences and action scenes.






MIH TV stands for Made in Hollywood. The series features host Julie K. Harkness and Kylie Erica Mar. Its official channel also MIH TV is available for viewing with the Plex app. The MIH TV channel aims to bring viewers the latest scoops from Hollywood creations.

People wanting to hear from the latest Hollywood film productions may learn more about their favorite titles. MIH TV channel also conducts reviews about famous TV shows with streaming services.

The MIH TV channel focuses on chunks of interviews about popular musicians, actors, and actresses. It is a platform for them to promote their latest and upcoming projects.


Enjoy the Best Plex Channels with a VPN

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Does the Plex app require an account?

Yes. You have to create an account to log in and enjoy its features.


Is the Plex app geo-restricted?

Yes. The Plex app can only show its media content and features within a particular country. If you live in another country, you have to use a VPN like IPVanish to access the Plex app.


Are there ads while using the Plex app?

No. There are no ads visible while using the Plex home menu. You can navigate freely without the disturbance of pop-up ads or commercials. However, some ads might appear when you load or open another channel while using the Plex app.


Can you add your media content with the Plex app?

Yes, this is possible. You only have to visit its download site in to install its server app on your PC. Choose the app compatible with your operating system. Here you can input some channels and media bundles you like to view the Plex application.


How can I install the Plex app on my Fire TV stick?

To install the Plex app on your Fire TV stick, visit our article about installing Plex on Firestick and gain some insight about operating the app.




Plex is a wonderful application for streaming many television shows and movies. The app contains a menu bar where you can access many types of channels by genre and category. You can also add unofficial apps and view them using the Plex application.


Final Words

We hope this article helps you choose from the best channels which are official with the Plex application.


Note: does not own or operate any app nor does it endorse any. The main purpose of this article is strictly for educational purposes only.

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