NordVPN VS IPVanish Overview

This article will show you the critical differences between NordVPN vs IPVanish.

Do you weigh which VPN service to select? We understand it can be confusing to analyze each VPN available in the market.



Every VPN out there has unique abilities to share with its users. We might subscribe to a VPN service only to realize we are wasting money when it does not meet our expectations and preferences. To prevent this from happening, it is best for us to first learn about a VPN and its features before subscribing.

As our protagonists, we will now compare two of the top VPNs we love to use: NordVPN and IPVanish. We will first look at the critical differences between both VPNs. Later on, we will show you every feature they share with us in detail.




NordVPN vs IPVanish: Key Differences

Both of these VPNs work like a charm for streaming and browsing online content. We also want to emphasize that NordVPN and IPVanish work differently. So without further ado, we will show you their key differences while pitting NordVPN vs IPVanish.



Price Tag Logo

When it comes to providing a quality service, NordVPN’s two-year plan costing you $95.76 is worthwhile. If you enjoy streaming with US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other top streaming services – then we suggest NordVPN. But regarding affordable pricing offers, we honestly think that IPVanish offers a cheaper option. Its annual plan costs $45.00 and will total $90.00 if you use it for two years.



Protocols Image

Protocols represent how our top VPN services work their magic. Each VPN protocol requires powerful encryption methods, and NordVPN wins this round. Both NordVPN and IPVanish share with us OpenVPN with AES-256 bit encryption and IPSec/IKeV2 protocols. However, NordVPN holds an advantage with its original NordLynx protocol.

NordVPN combines Wireguard with a Double NAT backbone resulting in NordLynx. Double NAT reinforces Wireguard since it cannot ensure your overall protection and privacy. IPVanish might also have Wireguard, but it relies on SOCKS5 Proxy to boost your speed without encryption while masking your IP address.


DNS Leak Protection

Your VPN typically encrypts your traffic by sending it through their tunnels that reach their servers. A DNS Leak means that some of your data still goes to its default server, which belongs to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

To avoid DNS leaks from happening, NordVPN connects you to its private DNS servers. On the other hand, IPVanish offers its built-in DNS Leak Protection feature as an IPv6 Leak Protection option inside its Settings menu. In other words, NordVPN relies on its private connection while IPVanish shares a leak protection feature.


Special Features

Providing layers of security against the latest threats are the specialties of modern VPNs.

This is why NordVPN gives us its multi-factor authentication feature requiring anyone to go through many levels before logging in. It also supports split-tunneling to stream online videos while using its services. On top of these traits, you can combine NordVPN with the super secure layers of The Onion Router, also known as Onion over VPN.

IPVanish also has special features to share with you! It uses the SOCKS5 Proxy that boosts your overall speed without encryption while hiding your IP address. IPVanish also offers flexibility if you want to mold its settings to fit your needs.

Speed Enhancement

Do VPNs improve your overall speed? In some ways, this is true.

NordVPN connects you to its private DNS servers that cancel out every disturbance that might happen when you stream online videos. It boosts your speed at 369 Mbps. Although other VPNs might be faster than NordVPN, its speed-boosting ability comes with overall reliability and stability while giving you access to the top streaming providers.

We have said that some VPNs are faster than NordVPN, and IPVanish is one. Increasing your speed to 488 Mbps, it is one of the most affordable and quicksilver VPNs you can get. However, we only recommend IPVanish for faster browsing and torrenting activities.


Number of Servers, IP Addresses, and Server Locations

NordVPN has 5,400 servers in 59 countries worldwide. It shares with us a total of 2,590 anonymous IP addresses. On the other hand, IPVanish has 1,600 servers in 75 different countries. IPVanish outnumbers NordVPN’s total IP addresses since it boasts up to 40,000 and more.


Kill Switch

Your VPN’s Kill Switch immediately disconnects your device from the web if you lose its connection.

NordVPN offers two types of kill switches. The first is its Internet Kill Switch that monitors your connection, while the second is your local App Kill Switch.

IPVanish features a built-in kill switch feature which you can quickly turn on or off by tapping on a checkbox. You can easily find the IPVanish Kill Switch on its User Interface with your Firestick. If you use an Android, you have to visit the Settings menu.


Country of Origin & Jurisdiction

NordVPN operates from Panama and falls under the Privacy Haven jurisdiction. It means that they don’t have an obligation to share user data with third parties. IPVanish comes from Florida, USA, and is a member of FVEY (The Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes).


Customer Support

Both NordVPN and IPVanish have different ways of supporting their customers. NordVPN provides a Help Center, Live Chat, and direct email address with its website ( IPVanish immediately displays its phone line (1-800-591-5241) you can contact anytime. It also has an email address ( that users with issues can message.


Number of Devices

While using NordVPN, you can connect a total of six devices with one account. IPVanish claims that it can support as many devices as you want to connect. However, IPVanish reaches its total capacity while supporting ten devices simultaneously.


Features of NordVPN & IPVanish

Here are all the details you want to learn about NordVPN and IPVanish.


NordVPN Features




  • 2-Year Plan: $USD 3.99/Month
  • 1 -Year Plan: $USD 4.99/Month
  • 1-Month: $USD 11.99


Money-Back Guarantee

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Log Policy

NordVPN enforces a Strict No Logs Policy.




  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Uses AES-256 bit with 256 keys for encrypting data


Next-Gen IKEv2/IPsec

  • IKeV2 provides a secure channel for authorizing a connection with IPSec.
  • Features Cryptographic Algorithm & Keys.
  • IKEv2/IPsec provides a VPN with excellent security, stability, and speed.



  • Incredibly fast protocol.
  • NordLynx features the Wireguard® VPN Protocol with 4000 lines of code.
  • Double NAT (Network Address Translation) reinforces Wireguard
    (Since Wireguard® does not ensure complete user privacy, NordVPN
    creates Double NAT as its backbone to complement Wireguard.)


DNS Leak Protection

NordVPN’s Private DNS Servers ensures you connect with NordVPN’s global DNS Servers to avoid DNS Leaks.


Does it support P2P File Transfers?

Yes. NordVPN supports P2P File transfers and torrenting procedures.


Speed Enhancement

NordVPN increases your speed at a rate of 369 Mbps.


Data Cap

NordVPN has a limitless data capacity.


Number of Servers

NordVPN has 5,400 Servers in 59 different countries all around the globe.


Total Number of IP Addresses

There are 2,590 and more NordVPN IP addresses that can make you anonymous on the web.


Kill Switch Feature

  • Internet Kill Switch
  • App Kill Switch


Country of Origin & Jurisdiction

NordVPN operates from Panama.


Customer Support

  • Help Center:
  • Live Chat:
  • Email:


Compatible Devices

  • Android
  • Firestick
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
  • Kindle Fire


Operating Systems Compatible with NordVPN

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV


Routers Compatible with NordVPN

  • DD-WRT
  • Netgear
  • Linksys
  • Asus-WRT


Number of Devices you can Connect with NordVPN:

NordVPN can support a total of six devices at the same time.

Pros and Cons of NordVPN


  • NordVPN helps you stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more!
  • High-levels of protocol and encryption.
  • NordVPN can increase your overall speed with its vast network of servers.
  • Zero-Logs and no IP or DNS leaks.
  • It supports torrenting on most servers.
  • Acts as an excellent Firestick app and Smart DNS tool.
  • Cheaper than other top VPNs on the market.



  • Does not accept wire payments from PayPal
  • The NordVPN Android app does not feature a kill switch.
  • In 2018, NordVPN suffered a server breach.

IPVanish Features




  • Yearly Plan: $USD 3.75/Month
  • Quarterly Plan: $USD 5.00/Month
  • Monthly Plan: $USD 10.99/Month


Money-Back Guarantee

IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Log Policy

IPVanish imposes a Zero Logs Policy.




  • The IPSec protocol is a suite that encrypts IP packets for transport and tunneling.


  • IKeV2 establishes a connection with an IPSec encryption.


Open VPN (AES-256 bit encryption)

  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
  • Open VPN over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)



  • Wireguard is the latest VPN protocol that promises high-speed performance, ease of use, and providing an open-source protocol.
  • It contains over 4,000 lines of code.


L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
  • L2TP is a typical VPN feature that ensures stability, reliability, and strong message encryption.


DNS Leak Protection

IPVanish shares with us its built-in DNS Leak Protection

  • IPv6 Leak Protection


Does it support P2P File Transfers?

Yes. IPVanish is the best VPN for torrenting and P2P file transfers.


Speed Enhancement

Being one of the fastest VPNs available, IPVanish boosts your overall speed at a rate of 488 Mbps.


Data Cap

IPVanish has an unlimited data cap.


Number of Servers

IPVanish connects you to 1,600 servers in 75 worldwide locations.


Total Number of IP Addresses

To make you anonymous, IPVanish will mask you with any of its 40,000 available IP addresses.


Kill Switch Feature

IPVanish offers a kill switch feature you can easily find on your Firestick’s User Interface. If you are using an Android device, you have to visit its Settings and click on a checkbox.


Country of Origin & Jurisdiction

IPVanish originates from Orlando, Florida, in the USA. It is a member of Five Eyes.


Customer Support

For users having issues with IPVanish, you can contact them via:

  • Phone: 1-800-591-5241
  • Email:


Compatible Devices

  • Android
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Firestick
  • Chromebook


Operating Systems Compatible with IPVanish

  • Windows: 8.1 and 10
  • macOS: 10.11 and up
  • iOS: 11.0 and up
  • Android: 5.0 and up
  • Linux: Debian/RedHat distros


Routers Compatible with IPVanish

  • DD-WRT
  • Tomato
  • Asus-WRT
  • Merlin


Number of Devices you can Connect with IPVanish:

IPVanish claims that you can connect several devices without limit. However, IPVanish can support up to ten devices at the same time.


Pros and Cons of IPVanish


  • IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs available.
  • It is the best VPN for torrenting or P2P File Sharing.
  • IPVanish increases your overall speed at a rate of 488 Mbps.
  • It applies a Zero-logs Policy.
  • P2P-friendly servers.
  • It features impressive security features.
  • It has over 40,000 IP addresses!
  • IPVanish can support ten devices with one simultaneous connection.
  • Affordable Pricing options than top VPNs



  • IPVanish does not support online streaming of media content.
  • Streaming providers might still detect you are using a VPN.
  • Although IPVanish might have many servers, some connections suddenly fade.


Use a VPN while Browsing the Web!

surfshark logo

Our modern-day internet allows us to receive information faster than ever before! You can search for a topic you might be wondering about or stream online HD videos. You can even play various online games with your friends in a multiplayer setting!

NordVPN vs IPVanish shows us that IPVanish has extra special features to share with its users.

However, your ISP might throttle your connection for excessive use of data. If you love sharing and downloading files online, your device might be susceptible to online threats. Hackers lurking on the internet can also infiltrate your device and steal your data.

To avoid these problems, get your IPVanish subscription today! IPVanish is one of the most potent VPNs that share many benefits for its users:

  • Hide every action you perform online.
  • Assign you an anonymous IP address.
  • Encrypt your entire internet traffic.
  • Stream from the top providers such as US Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Prevent buffering and stuttering on Android, Kodi, and your Fire TV stick.


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How to Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

Follow our screenshots below to install the SurfShark VPN app on your Fire TV stick.

1. Go to the Home screen of your Firestick.

step 1 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


2. Navigate towards the Find tab. Press the Search button from the resulting dropdown.

step 2 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


3. Type in the keyword of SurfShark and select from the suggestions that will appear.

step 3 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


4. Click the official SurfShark icon from your search results.

step 4 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


5. Press the Download (You own it) button.

step 5 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


6. The SurfShark VPN installer will download on your device.

step 6 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


7. SurfShark VPN’s app will automatically install itself on your Fire TV stick.

step 7 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


8. Press the Open button after completing SurfShark VPN’s installation process.

step 8 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


9. Please wait for the SurfShark VPN to load its user interface.

step 9 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


10. You can now log in with your SurfShark VPN account credentials.

step 10 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

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Other VPNs to Consider

NordVPN (Best for Streaming)

Best Features

  • 5000+ Server in 50+ Countries 
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Fast Connection Speed
  • Suitable to a lot of devices
  • No-Log Policy

  • Complete $5.89 per month (64% Discount)
  • Plus $4.59 per month (56% Discount)
  • Standard $3.69 per month (55% Discount)

Best Features

  • 750+ High-speed VPN Servers in 43 Locations
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Fastest HD Streaming and Gaming
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Data & Devices
  • No-Log Policy

  • 3 Years $1.99 per month (82% Discount)
  • 1 Years $3.29 per month (70% Discount)
  • 1 Month $10.99 per month

IPVanish VPN (Most Secure)

Best Features

  • 1200+ Servers in 60+ Countries around the world
  • Unlimited Connections
  • No-Log Policy
  • Top Notch Military-Grade VPN Protocols and Encryptions
  • 100% Safe and Secured
  • Most Trusted VPN
  • Best VPN for Firestick
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Yearly $3.99 per month (63% Discount) – 30 days risk free + Ransomware & Malware Protection
  • Quarterly $5.32 per month (51% Discount)
  • Monthly $10.99 per month


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What is Wireguard?

Wireguard is one of the latest VPN protocols open source for VPN developers. It now gives us a VPN feature for easy use, higher speeds, and maximized performance. The only thing about Wireguard is its disability to ensure you are kept private from prying eyes.


What is a DNS Leak?

When your VPN secures your connection, it sends your entire traffic through its digital tunnel. Your data will reach its private servers and come out as packets. A DNS Leak happens when your data goes back to its default DNS server, which typically belongs to your ISP.


What is the Five Eyes alliance?

NordVPN vs IPVanish shares with us what we will call jurisdiction.

Five Eyes is an alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. It is a treaty that serves as an allegiance regarding signals intelligence concerns.


What is Privacy Haven?

Privacy Haven also goes by the famous term Data Haven. It represents a virtual place or refuge where other parties cannot interrupt your online activities.


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Our Verdict

In our discoveries with NordVPN vs IPVanish, we realize that they share different features and manners of operating. For example, NordVPN might appear expensive, but it shares quality security, protection, and access to online media content from the top streaming providers. IPVanish offers us affordable prices, letting us enjoy a fast VPN service best for torrenting and browsing the internet.

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