In this article, we will show you the best free movies on Youtube 2021.


Are you fond of watching free movies online? If yes, we have compiled a list of free movies found on Youtube. These movie uploads are complete from start to finish. You might even find something to include in your movie marathon.

You can stream YouTube either with your Fire TV, Android, Tablet, Roku, and PC. Check out our guide about installing YouTube on your Firestick.

Watching with YouTube often requires a Google sign-in. However, watching free movies does not require an account. You can easily stream these movies for free.

Free video streaming is the signature of YouTube. People can always watch a variety of video clips. You might be into documentaries, music, or films, YouTube has it all. You won’t run out of choices to select.

Suppose you are searching for free movies on YouTube, we have compiled a list for you.

Here at ReviewVPN, we make sure that every app and media title we present works on Firestick. We also ensure that the movies are popular and available for viewing. So without further ado, we now present you with the best free movies on YouTube.




Free Movies on Youtube 2021


Blood Diamond (2006)

The movie is set during the Sierra Leone Conflict. Rebel factions terrorize the countryside. The insurgents kill many residents while enslaving some people to harvest diamonds. A local fisherman known as Solomon Vandy ends up in a labor camp after rebels separate him from his family.

He finds a blood diamond with significant monetary value. A Rhodesian mercenary who is in trouble with a Private Military Company searches for the diamond. Vandy on the other hand learns that the rebels took his son and trains him as their child soldier. Crossing paths, the fisherman and mercenary team up to save the young boy from the rebels.


Lord of War (2005)

The controversial film follows Yuri Orlov. A Ukrainian refugee visiting restaurant witnesses a Russian mobster fend off an attack by two assassins. He notices the mobster use an old cold-war era Kalashnikov for defending himself.

Orlov decides to become an arms dealer realizing that the world needs weapons. As his business grows by supplying most eastern bloc and African countries, a stubborn Interpol agent goes after him.


Tankers (2018)

Tankers is a film portraying the story of a WWII Russian tank crew. The tank unit defends a farm in the Rostov region from a German armored offensive. The movie details how a singular Russian KV-1 tank engages and destroys up to sixteen enemy tanks and two APCs.


The Contract (2006)

The movie involves an assassin getting into an accident after a successful hit. Government marshals swoop in to bring him to justice. Allied personnel of the assassin stages an ambush that frees him. A father and son duo stumbles upon the scene. One surviving marshal asks both of them to take the assassin out of the wilderness.


The Rock (1996)

The movie takes place at Alcatraz island or popularly known as “The Rock”. Tourists visiting the old correctional facility are taken hostage. The perpetrators are a rogue unit of US Marine Force Recon operatives. They want the government to pay the families of dead Force Recon personnel.

The unit is led by General Hummel who witnesses his men wrongfully die on the battlefield. The marines also request the government to pay the ransom money. If their demands are not met, they will release a deadly biochemical agent called VX into the populace.

FBI’s top chemical specialist and an ex-UK Special Air Service member join forces with a SEAL Team. Their objectives are to infiltrate the fortress island and disable the chemical launchers.



Into the Blue (2005)

The film follows a group of treasure hunters stumbling upon Zephyr. It is a sunken French ship with many valuable items. Not long into their discovery, they also find a plane crash with several pounds of cocaine. They soon find themselves getting into trouble with a local drug lord.


The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King (2017)

Once upon a time, there is a princess named Kristin who should end up with a husband when she turns 18. If she does not succeed, a vile mountain troll known as the Mountain King will come for her. The princess leaves the castle premises to escape the grasp of an undesirable suitor. She runs from the situation not even aware of the mountain troll.

Ash Lad, the son of a farmer receives word about a reward to find the princess. His family in financial trouble, Ash Lad, and his brothers take on an unforgettable adventure to save the princess.



Aladdin (1992/Disney Animated)

Jafar, the royal vizier of Agrabah, is searching for a magic lamp. Secretly dabbling with black magic, he wants the lamp badly for himself. He soon learns that Aladdin, a homeless youngster, is the key to uncovering the lamp. Jaffar manages to lure Aladdin with deception and chaos. Ending up in the cave of wonders, Aladdin finds the lamp with life-changing consequences.


Superhero Movie (2008)

Rick Riker, an orphan, and high school student get bit by a radioactive dragonfly. Developing superhuman abilities, he journeys to become a superhero. He soon meets many people who have similar capabilities.


Ripped (2017)

In the 1980s, the Central Intelligence Agency was researching time-bending methods. Two random stoners accidentally smoke time-traveling marijuana. Ending up in the year 2016, the pair struggle to adapt to modern-day living.



Rough Draft (1998)

A freelance writer researching the transvestite nightlife encounters a serial killer on the loose. The two form a bizarre pact. The writer starts documenting the motives and activities of the serial killer. A government detective dealing with his demons tracks down the killer and his associate.


Catching the Black Widow (2017)

A tenacious New Zealander involves herself in the underground. Her objective is to find the person responsible for her brother’s murder.



Animal (2005)

Animal, a notorious gangster faces his past for reconciliation. He performs this personal quest to grant his violent son a better future.


Broken (2006)

The protagonist of the movie, Hope is a night shift waitress. She moves from Ohio, Cleveland to Los Angeles wanting to become a successful entertainer. The movie has alternating scenes from Ohio and L.A. It portrays how Hope fights off her drug addiction while dealing with her obsessive ex who wants to get back with her.



The Green Mile (1999)

The Green Mile is a film adaptation of the famous Stephen King novel. Set during the Great Depression, a prison guard witnesses many weird events. All the events ties with a new prison convict brought to death row.


The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express is a train for youngsters during the Christmas season. The mystical train brings young boys and girls to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Along the way, they find friendship, camaraderie, and learn about the Christmas spirit.



Patient Seven (2016)

A psychiatrist enters Spring valley mental hospital with a brief intention: To interview six mental patients for his new book in Psychology. As the interviews begin, his unorthodox methods force his peers to question if he belongs to the facility.


Planet Terror (2007)

The movie begins with the release of an experimental bio-weapon. Many residents living near a military base slowly transform into blood-thirsty creatures. It is up to a few survivors to find means for an escape.


High Tension (2003)

Alexia travels with her friend Marie to spend a couple of days on their family farm. They arrive late and they are welcomed by Alexia’s father.

Late in the night, a sadistic and sick killer breaks into the farmhouse. The killer slaughters Alexia’s family, including their dog, and kidnaps Alexia. Marie hides from the criminal and tries to free Alexia from the killer.


Night of the Living Dead (1968)

One of the forerunners of modern-day zombie features, Night of the Living Dead is a George Romero masterpiece. The movie follows the survival attempts done by a group of Pennsylvanians as the undead invade their country. The group of survivors garrisons an abandoned farmhouse to hide from swarming zombies.



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Finding Love in Mountain View (2020)

A career-driven architect learns that her cousin’s children are now under her care. The events unfold after her cousin’s death. She soon finds it hard to struggle between her career and her cousin’s final wish. Stepping into accidental romance, she juggles motherhood, career, and love.


The Best of Me (2014)

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the movie features Amanda and Dawson. Once high-school lovers. They both experience a bittersweet reunion when they return to their hometown. It is to attend the funeral of Dawson’s surrogate father. Reuniting after 20 years reignites the passion they’ve never forgotten. However, Amanda and Dawson discover that the forces responsible for their first separation still pose as threats.



The Big Trees (1952)

The Big Tree is a movie about a lumberman known as Jim Fallon. He travels to California to gain control over a Redwood forest. However, his tactics stir major unrest over the locals. The whole colony fights to preserve the giant sequoia trees from the timber baron.


The Experiment (2010)

Twenty-six men are chosen to participate in a prison setting. They are to assume the roles of guards and prisoners. The movie progress as the whole social experiment goes out of control.



Stargate (1994)

Stargate follows a group of explorers going into a portal. The portal originates from a derelict device left by an ancient civilization. It now lies under the care of the US government. The expedition finds themselves thrown into another world.


Europa Report (2013)

Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons. It is the fourth and the largest moon is known to contain life. An international assembly of astronauts departs for the moon. Their mission is the search for extraterrestrial life.



Fist of Fury (1972)

Starring the main martial artist of the time, Bruce Lee, the movie follows the story of a young trainee. The protagonist Chen Zhen vows to avenge the death of his mother.


Shaolin Soccer (2001)

A young Shaolin practitioner encounters opponents in playing soccer. He decides to call upon his brothers and train with them. They compete with the opposing team putting their martial arts skills to the test.




 Zodiac (2007)

A remarkable movie of our generation, Zodiac covers the story of the popular serial killer. The movie features the attempts by government officers trying to break the codes left by the Zodiac killer. Spanning for many decades, the identity of the Zodiac killer remains to be a mystery.


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Do free movies on Youtube have ads?

No. There are no ads while streaming free movies on YouTube.


Do the movies require an account?

Yes. It is better to sign in to YouTube with your Google account. You can still watch free movies without any accounts.



YouTube has become the central website for many video uploads. It is valuable in distributing various media content with a worldwide audience. The best thing about YouTube is its delivery of many video categories. You can pick from our list of free movies found on YouTube.

We hope that this article has many movie titles for your free viewing.


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