In this article, we will show you the best public domain television shows.

Numerous television shows aired originally on our viewing screens. Some of these television shows run for one or more seasons. However, not all of them end up being renewed or suddenly get canceled.


Television shows that have excellent reviews and audience reception end up in the public domain. The reasons for their cancellation might stem from creative differences, reduced audience impact, or diverted funding. Some television shows are even renewed in an improper method.

The term “public domain” refers to various media files with no intellectual property. Television shows, programs, films, and media content that have no property laws like copyright, patent laws, and trademark fall into the public domain. The public domain exists as a source for creative material that can be used but never owned by anyone.

We have compiled a list of the best television shows available within the public domain. Any of these shows are a hundred percent legal to stream and view online. Their corresponding media files can also be downloaded with any device or software application you prefer.

Television shows that are found in the public domain may sometimes include the entire series. However, some television shows have some content missing.




What are the Best TV Shows in the Public Domain?

The best television shows to exist in the public domain may herald from the classic black and white era. These television programs have aired during the ’50s and the ’60s. The filming period and time when the first applications of the cathode ray tube are still being improved.


50’s Era Television Shows on the Public Domain

Your Hit Parade

The main plot for every episode was to feature the best musical releases. The seven top-rated songs are performed by the regular cast of singers and vocalists. The series regulars often perform popular songs in broadway-style cinematic.


The Magic Clown

The Magic Clown is a Saturday morning kids’ TV show. It originally ran on NBC and presented a clown doing various tricks. The program focused on distributing kids’ entertainment after their hectic school days. The episodes were done on a saving budget.


Coke Time with Eddie Fisher

Coke Time is an American variety show television series. It features the best coke commercials of the time. Every episode was entertaining, witty, and brilliant in marketing Coca-Cola. The show had a run time beginning 1953 to 1957. It presents Eddie Fisher singing popular hits of the period. 


 DingDong School

The classic 50’s era television series is a daily educational program for children. The show was meant for young kids and showcases different lessons. Its presence in the public domain includes commercials. The television program features different kinds of educational activities that kids can do at home.


Dinah Shore Chevy Show

The show is hosted by Dinah Shore. It lasted for seven years from 1956-1963 with an hour-long duration. It presents Dinah and a variety of guest stars performing a variety of songs, skits, and production pieces. Originally airing in technicolor, it now exists in black and white format. The show contains exclusive Chevy car commercials and advertisements included with the show.


Cavalcade of Stars

The series features an hour-long episode. Each episode presents a live variety. It showcases the classical sense of the golden age. Jackie Gleason, a phenomenal actor performed an episode called “The Honeymooners”. It was a one-off sketch that was developed into a full-blown sitcom.

Cavalcade of Stars became one of the most well-known shows of the era. It started in 1949 and was one of DuMont’s television network’s popular television programs. Jackie Gleason was the third of all three hosts featured by the series. 


I Married Joan

The classic television series titled “I Married Joan” stars Joan Davis and Jim Backus. The show was broadcasted for three entire seasons. It remains to this day as a fondly remembered series. The show features the scatterbrained housewife character played by Joan Davis married to a judge played by Jim Backus.

Every episode follows Joan Davis getting into a mess. The series now follows the dynamic between a housewife and a respected city judge. The television program centers around a comedic style of television sitcoms which are still sampled today.


The Gumby Show

The Gumby Show is one of the famous children’s television shows. The westernized children’s series features creative claymation techniques which were avant-garde of the time. The show focuses on the adventures of Gumby and his horse named Pokey. 


Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley is a television series from 1954. The series follows a fictionalized account of the legendary wild west sharpshooter named Annie Oakley. The show is set in the peaceful western town of Diablo. Annie Oakley and her brother Tagg Oakley ensure that outlaws who venture into the town are kept in check. 



The television series highlights the medical group under Dr. Konrad Styner. The show presents the personal lives and daily experiences of professional doctors and surgeons. The series was created by writer James E. Moser and began broadcast in 1954.


One Step Beyond

The series belongs to the mystery, fantasy, and horror genre. It functions as an extension of traditional horror radio dramas and supernatural programs. The television series is phenomenal since it sought out real-life stories bordering on unknown phenomena and supernatural themes.



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60’s Era Television Shows on the Public Domain

The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show follows the lives of Andy Taylor and Opie Taylor. They both live with their Aunt Bee played by Frances Bavier. Residing in Mayberry, North Carolina, the sheriffs always find themselves with no crime to stop or cases to solve. Several episodes show sheriff Andy Taylor calming down his cousin Deputy Barney Fife. The lead character also spends most of his time philosophizing and spending time with his son and aunt.


The Beverly Hillbillies


The Beverly Hillbillies originally aired in 1963. It was created by the famous television show writer known as Paul Henning. The show features the experiences of a nouveau riche hillbilly family that moves into Beverly Hills. The cultural adaptation they endure and the privileged society they quite shake-up are presented with each episode. 


The Lucy Show

The Lucy Show was broadcasted in 1962. It was written by Bob Caroll and was one of the most popular television shows of the period. Each episode shows the wacky adventures of a forever-scheming protagonist named Lucy Carmichael. She is often seen socializing with her best friend Vivian Bagley. The show also features the funny dynamic between the lead and her cantankerous boss known as Mr. Theodore Mooney.


The Dick Van Dyke Show

Rob Petrie is a writer who has several experiences. Balancing work and home life, he often experiences several misadventures. The Dick Van Dyke show presents a great cast. The main character is played by Dick Van Dyke, with series regulars starring Larry Matthews, Rose Marie, and Mary Tyler Moore.


The Betty White Show

The Betty White Show covers the exploits of a famous actress. Joyce Whitman is the main actress of the fictitious series “Undercover Woman”. The lead role is played by Betty White, John Hillerman, and Mitzi Maloney. 


The Lawless Years

The Lawless Years tells the adventures of a 20’s era police officer. Barney Ruditsky is a government law enforcement cop that encounters the first versions of organized crime in American history. The show’s plot is loosely based on the real-life story of Ruditsky who served as a New York City Police officer and his crime-fighting activities.


The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger is a remarkable Western animated television series. It is based upon the original series that aired in the 1950s. The animated version still follows an ex-texas Ranger assigned to combat crime in the old wild west. The main character is voiced by actor Michael Rye. The animated show aired for a total of two seasons. It is still one of the most celebrated Western animations in the past decades.


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The public domain is an open-source library that contains several file uploads. The media content present within the public domain is considered not protected by copyright laws. The television shows available are mainly from the black and white era of television broadcasts. People can enjoy these shows while streaming them legally without additional fees.

We hope that this article has provided the best television shows found in the public domain.


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