By reading this article, you will learn about the best 9Anime Alternatives.

9Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming sites. You will enjoy browsing episodes from its impressive library of titles! Receiving periodic updates, you can stream both your favorite and new Anime episodes. It also contains a variety of media such as movies and OVAs.


Since it changes its domain daily, users always have trouble finding it. It can also be difficult for us to trust strange websites. If you are one of the people having difficulties with 9Anime, then we like to show you some of its alternatives. Some of these sites have similar and distinct features with 9Anime. Who knows? You might even be fond of some of these sites.

First, we will show you an app that allows you to watch anime on your Fire TV stick.




How to Install Silk Browser on Fire TV Stick

Visiting all the streaming sites we will suggest is possible by installing the Amazon Silk Browser on your Fire TV stick.

If you don’t have any idea how to do this, you can simply follow the guide below:

1. Go to the Home screen of your Firestick.

2. Click on Find.


3. Tap on the Search tab.


4.Type in Silk Browser and choose this item that appears on the results.


5. Click on the Silk Browser Icon.


6. Choose Download.


7. Silk Browser is Downloading into your Firestick.


8. The Silk Browser app will Install on Firestick.


9. Select Open to launch the browser.


10. You can now start browsing using Amazon Silk Browser. 


How to Use the Silk Browser App
  1. Go to your Fire TV stick’s home screen.
  2. Navigate towards the Amazon Silk Browser icon and click.
  3. Silk Browser’s app interface will launch.
  4. Tap on Silk Browser’s URL box on the top left of your screen.
  5. Enter the URL of an anime streaming site you want to visit.


Best 9Anime Alternatives

Below is a list of our Best 9Anime Alternatives. Each of these streaming sites presents a different interface and offers distinctive features.

Suppose you are wondering what genres they contain here is a list of Anime Genres with each site:

  • Adventure
  • Dementia
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Harem
  • Horror
  • Magic
  • Mecha
  • Music
  • Parody
  • Psychological
  • School
  • Seinen
  • Shoujo Ai
  • Slice of Life
  • Super Power
  • Thriller
  • Vampire

Let us now show you our list of the Best 9Anime Alternatives:



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit 4Anime here: 4anime.ch

For our first entry in our Best 9Anime alternatives, we like to introduce you to 4Anime. 4Anime contains many genres you will enjoy browsing. It has popular titles like Boruto, One Piece, and Detective Conan. Visitors of the site will also find classic Anime titles.

Therefore, we now have a site that has a great mix of new and classic Anime titles! You may also use its search filters making it easier to find a title you might be looking for. Aside from that, the 4Anime site allows you to download videos for free directly to your device.



  • Multiple Anime Genres
  • Provides a schedule
  • Shows you the release date of new anime titles
  • Save and bookmark up to 50 anime titles to make it easier to find them all in one place.
  • Displays a Comprehensive List of all Available Anime Titles
  • Built-In Search Engine feature
  • Quick Search Filters: (Genre, Season, Studio, Status, Type, Order by Default)
  • Built-In Subtitle Support
  • Allows users to Download Videos
  • One-Click Play for each Anime Episode

To learn more, check out our article showing you How to Watch 4Anime on Firestick, Android, Windows, and iOS



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit Animeflix here: animeflix.nl

Animeflix is one of the best 9Anime alternatives we can suggest. It is a great site for streaming your favorite Anime series. The top Anime TV shows are easily accessible on its main user interface. Animeflix presents an interface with a simple design making it a streaming site that is easy to navigate.

Like all the other Anime streaming sites, it has both new and classic titles. The Animeflix library will surely surprise you! It sure will bring you fond childhood memories with some of its Anime titles. The library of Animeflix has TV series, movies, and special content. Suppose you are looking for a unique anime show, then Animeflix might have it in its library.



  • Includes Anime Movies, TV Series, OVAs, ONAs, and Specials
  • Contains Multiple Anime Titles and Genres
  • Top Anime List Categories: (All, Day, Week, and Month)
  • Offers Anime Titles with Dubbing
  • Sections for both Recent Updates and Recent Additions
  • Save Videos to your Favorite Anime List
  • Built-In subtitle Support
  • Contains a Built-In Search feature
  • Presents a Night/Day Theme
  • One-Click Play for each Anime Episode

To learn more, you may check out our article showing you How to Watch Animeflix on Firestick, Android, Windows, and iOS



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Anime TV

Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit Anime TV here: animetv.cc

If you enjoy how simple it is to explore Animeflix, you might want to look into Anime TV. It is an impressive streaming site and also one of the best 9Anime alternatives. Anime TV is currently available in daylight mode. About its collection, it has the top anime shows of the year. Apart from these shows, it also contains recent uploads and new additions.

Demon Slayer, One Piece, Naruto, and Death Note are just a few of the popular titles with Anime TV. It will also be easier for fans to locate any video they want to watch. Anime TV also offers both new and classic Anime TV series. Receiving regular updates ensures you can stream the latest anime TV show releases. Suppose you want to catch the final season of Attack on Titan, then give Anime TV a try!



  • Anime video content with Dubbing and Subtitles
  • Several Anime Genres are available.
  • Built-in Search Bar: Type-in an Anime title for quick playing
  • Available Main Menu Tabs: Anime List, Genre, Types, and Season
  • Share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Telegram, Email, and other social media platforms.
  • It allows you to save videos to your favorites list.
  • You have the option of liking or disliking videos.
  • Turn On/Off its Background Lights
  • One-Click Play for each Anime Episode



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit its page at www9.gogoanimehub.tv

GOGOAnime is a good alternative for 9Anime. All of its anime episodes have dubbing and subtitle support. You can find Ongoing Series on the right window of your screen. Its dropdown menu has buttons for Anime List, New Season, Free Movies, and Popular titles.

This allows you to search for series that interest you the most. The site shows you an interactive library of anime shows as clickable links. Each of them is complete with cover art. The page also gives you a search bar for typing in anime titles. This helps greatly in finding any TV show or anime episode you like to stream.



  • Includes Multiple Sections (Home Tab, Anime List, New Season, Free Movies).
  • Allows Users to Download its Video Content straight to their device.
  • Contain Many Anime Genres.
  • Clicking on its “Free Movies” Menu Link will open the Yes Movies streaming site.
  • One-Click Play for each Anime Episode
  • Built-in search engine feature helping users find anime titles for streaming.
  • Select from any of its servers available: Vidstreaming, GOGO Server, StreamSB, XstreamCDN, Streamtape, Mixdrop, MP4Upload, and Doodstream

To learn more, you may check out our article showing you How to Watch GOGOAnime on Firestick and Android



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit its page at animedao.to

AnimeDAO is one of the most impressive anime streaming sites we have come across. This is why we like to include it on our list of the Best 9Anime Alternatives. The interface of AnimeDAO has a simple design helping users navigate the website more easily. It provides streamers with the most up-to-date, ongoing, and recent Anime series. Because of these features, it is a viable and one of the best 9Anime alternatives.

What catches our attention about this site is its “Random” tab. The Random Tab takes you to a chance selection of anime series. You can also quickly discover recommendations if you want to stream new anime TV shows. This feature is helpful for people not sure about what they want to watch next.



  • Sort Anime Videos by genre, letter, status, year, or rating.
  • Feature tabs for Latest, Ongoing, and content which are Recent Additions.
  • Several Anime Genres are available.
  • Dark mode and Light Mode are available
  • Random Tab button: A button that gives you a random video recommendation.
  • Mark your favorite Anime Titles as Bookmarks
  • Built-in Search Feature: Useful for producing Search results.
  • Allow users to access “Picture-in-Picture” streaming.
  • Change the play speed for each video from 0.5 to 4.0.
  • Flag Spoilers in the Comment Section: The site bans users who always post spoilers that can ruin the experience of its visitors.

To learn more, check out our article showing you How to Watch AnimeDAO on Firestick and Android



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit its page at chia-anime.su

Chia-Anime is one of the best 9Anime alternatives since it has thousands of HD anime series. Every anime episode available is free for streaming with any device you prefer. It features sections for the latest release, recommendations, quick filter, anime genres, ongoing series, top Anime, and all seasons. All these sections make it easier for us to find series.

Navigating the website is also an easy task. The user interface is in dark mode presenting all of its texts in high-color contrast. While browsing its rich library of anime content you find are the most popular anime titles! It also includes nostalgic titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Detective Conan, One Piece, Boruto, Pokemon, and many others.



  • Main Menu: Home, Anime List, Genres, Seasons, Schedule, Bookmark
  • Quick filter: Genre, Season, Studio, Status, Type, Order by Default
  • Built-in Search Bar for finding results easily.
  • Features a Pop-up blocker that removes pop-up ads.
  • Search for videos in alphabetical order (A-Z)
  • Natural Dark Mode background
  • All of its Anime Genres appear as a window on the right side of your screen.



Best 9Anime Alternatives

Visit its page at www.crunchyroll.com

Do you want an app where you can see your favorite manga comics as TV shows? Then we like to suggest the returning Crunchyroll streaming site. Even it has an app, Crunchyroll is still a great site to visit. It has an impressive collection of anime titles. The online library of Crunchyroll contains a collection of both classic and new anime releases.

When you first open its page, you will find it easy to navigate. It immediately displays the latest news, anime TV shows, and titles. There is also a search engine to help you find any anime title you want to watch. This is so helpful when you are trying to find one anime episode. 



  • Main Menu: Shows, Manga, News, Games
  • Anime Dropdown Menu: Popular, Simulcast, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Seasons
  • Drama Dropdown Menu: Popular, Simulcast, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Seasons
  • Latest News with Interesting Topics
  • Check out the latest updates with new Anime releases

To learn more, read our article about Crunchyroll – Review, and Installation on Firestick


Stream Safely With a VPN

We can now enjoy streaming websites directly on our TV without needing to cast our device, thanks to the Fire TV stick. However, as we often advise our readers, you should always keep your internet activity secure. It is effective in preventing hackers from stealing your information.

If you frequent streaming sites, you have no idea who is lurking on the site looking for susceptible IP addresses. They might contain threats that can collect your data for malevolent purposes.

To stop this, you will need a VPN like IPVanish. Here are some of its capabilities:

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  • Ensure that no logs are kept.
  • Get a reliable internet bandwidth for downloading and streaming online media.
  • Connect your devices at the same time.
  • Compatible with new and famous device OS.
  • Kill-Switch Feature
  • Offers live support via chat, email, and phone 24/7
  • IPVanish encrypts your connection


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Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

1.  Click Home on your remote and click “Find”.

Step 1 Install IPVanish


2. Click “Search”.

Step 2 Install IPVanish


3. You can either say “IPVanish” to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

Step 3 Install IPVanish


4. Click on the “IPVanish” icon.

Step 4 Install IPVanish


5. Click on “Download”.

Step 5 Install IPVanish


6. Wait to “Download”.

Step 6 Install IPVanish


7.  Wait to “Install”.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


8.  Click on “Open”.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


9.  Input your username and password to “Log In”.


10. Click “Connect”.

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Are all the websites safe to visit?

Yes. However, not all of them are free of ads. Some of them support ads so they can continue to serve us free anime content.


Do these sites require payment?

No. You don’t have to pay for anything to stream anime episodes with these websites.



There are numerous free streaming sites available that are comparable to or better than 9Anime, which we included in our list. However, it is still up to the consumer to decide which site best matches their needs when it comes to streaming.

But, above all, the major reason why we always present alternatives to your favorite streaming sites is to ensure that you have a backup in case these streaming services experience any complications. As a result, you’ll never run out of options for your streaming activities.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best 9anime alternatives. We hope we were able to supply you with the best so you can always have a backup site to watch your favorite Anime content.


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