Yeezio on IOS Review

In this article, we will review how Yeezio works on IOS.

There are a few free music streaming apps available in the Apple Appstore which eventually added movies and TV shows to their content, and one of these is YEEZIO.

This may be to attract more IOS users to download or use their application but for IOS users like me who have limited sources for free movies and TV shows, this is actually good news. 

So in this article, we will review if YEEZIO is a good free movie streaming app that is available for download on IOS.




How to Install Yeezio on IOS

1. On the Apple App Store, go to Search


2. Type in “YEEZIO” then enter.

3. Tap on the installation icon and wait for the app to download.

4. Depending on your preference, click on Don’t Allow or Allow on the notification pop-up

5. There you have it, Yeezio is already installed on your IOS device


Features of Yeezio


Since Yeezio started up as a music-streaming app, the Homescreen highlights top music tracks. But there’s a Movies tab on the bottom of the screen that you could tap to access their free movie and TV show contents.  

Video Quality

Yeezio is a one-click play app so you don’t have an option to choose the quality of video that you would like to stream. Nonetheless, their one-click play button provides fast-loading HD quality movies and TV shows.

On a personal note, one-click play apps are more convenient since you don’t need to take the time to find a link that would work. You just need to have a stable internet connection to avoid buffering while streaming your chosen movie or TV show.



Yeezio has a wide variety of genres available for all ages. It has movie and TV show contents for Disney, Comedy, Action, Romance, Horror, Thriller, as well as 18+. The app also categorized its contents well that they even have categories for Oscar and Cannes Films.



It has a Library Tab for your downloaded music & videos, your favorites list, and playlists. If you want  to create an account on Yeezio via iCloud for your downloads, just follow the guide below:


1. Tap on LOG IN.

2. You’ll then be given an option to sign up free or just log in. If you’re a first time user, tap on SIGN UP FOR FREE.

3. Type on your email and password then click Next.


4.A notification will prompt if you would want to Save Password on your iCloud Keychain or Not Now. You have the option to choose which one due to security purposes.

5. Type in your date of birth and gender.

6. Then, type in your name.

7. Click on the edit button on the avatar.

8. Choose between Taking photos and Choose from photos. Take/Choose your photo then tap save.

9. There you have it, your iCloud is synced.



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Pros and Cons of Yeezio on IOS


  • Wide range of movie genres available for streaming.
  • The app provides HD quality movies and TV shows.
  • They have sorted their categories well so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for movies that would soothe your movie or TV show preference.
  • It’s like a one-stop-shop for your online activities since it has access to music, movie, and TV show streaming.
  • The app is iCloud integrated.



  • It has ads. And an ad always plays before a movie/TV show plays.
  • No built-in subtitles. You’ll be needing to download another app for subtitles.


Is there a need for VPN?

No, you don’t need to have a VPN to download Yeezio on your IOS device. But considering that this app offers conservative content as well as 18+ ones, you might want to consider having a VPN like IPVanish to conceal your online activities most especially if you’re streaming sensitive content. 


To know more about IPVanish, click here.



Is it Safe?

Yes, Yeezio is safe to download.


Is it Legal?

Yes, it is legal since it can be downloaded directly through the Apple Appstore. 


Are there Ads?

Yes, there are Ads. And an ad plays before you play a video.


Is it Free?

Yes, it is free. But if you want to remove the ads, you’ll be needing to invite friends to click on their download link.


Is it available on other devices?

Yes, aside from IOS you can also download it on Android devices.



  • HDO Box
  • Plex
  • Vozee
  • BlackBox
  • Dramatics



Yeezio is generally okay since it has a lot of content available for streaming. Plus, their movies and TV shows are streamed in HD. It’s also convenient that you wouldn’t need to find through a lot of source links for your video streaming and just simply tap on the play button since it’s a one-click play app. But, there are better free streaming apps that you could use which offers better in-app support. 


Final Thoughts

Thank you for reaching the end of this article. We hope our review helped with how Yeezio works on IOS. Though this might not be one of the best apps for streaming on IOS, you might still consider it as an alternative given that it has free movies and TV shows for streaming.

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