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In this article, we are going to explore the top Kodi add-ons to help you have the richest media experience possible. Kodi puts all your home entertainment needs at the click of a remote or mouse. With over 50 million users to prove it, Kodi is the best place to find the latest TV shows, films, and sporting events as well as any other media you can think of no matter how obscure.

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But Kodi by itself won’t do much. What really makes Kodi sparkle are the thousands of add-ons that you can download to access great content.

A big problem with add-ons is that they are constantly reappearing, disappearing, breaking, changing, and being created which makes it tricky to keep tabs on the best Kodi add-ons out there.

Here we try and give you a comprehensive list of our top 10 add-ons. Some are newer add-ons for this year that you might want to try, as well as our best in category for things like live streaming, sports, kids, anime, fitness, and music.

Make sure to keep coming back and checking this list as we update it. Like we said, every month the best may be gone, and the list can change a lot week on week.




Top 10  Kodi Addons

  • Exodus Redux

This is a reboot of the popular Exodus addon that was abandoned in 2018. After a few months without updates, people are not flocking to Redux which is backed by a team.

Popular because of the wide range of content that it offers driven as it’s powered by powerful custom coded scrapers which allows Exodus Redux to find the latest titles as they are released.

Many add-ons are driven by the quality of their scrapers in terms of their ability to find the best and latest content, as well as getting rid of dead links and finding high-quality content instead of low-grade media files.

The design is sleek and intuitive with the scrapers fetching reviews and the latest cover art.

  • Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon offers a tremendous amount of content from movies and tv shows to live sports and radio channels. It has also become more widely used after another popular addon The Dog’s Bollocks has become less stable in recent months.

The scrapers are always looking for new links meaning that you have always got more links to access. It also serves as a super addon by giving you access to a wide range of content rather than a single category.

The design is easy to use, with well-laid out categories, menus, and options screens.


  • Grease Lightning

When choosing add-ons we always try to look out for top Kodi addons developed by a team with a pedigree. Grease Lightning comes from the makers of Movie Theatre Buffet which has become popular for finding the best quality content for the latest movie releases.

Grease Lightning is popular because it is multi-device compatible and is powered by cutting-edge scrapers. The main addon searches specifically for films and tv shows. The add one also has an inbuilt autoplay function, which means just like Amazon and Netflix you can set TV shows to continuously play and binge a box set to your heart’s content.

The addon is well laid out and also has easy-to-access categories as well as special sections to see what’s trending and currently hot. 

A great addon with some superadded functionality.


  • I Am Ego

I Am Ego is a relatively new addon which has become a fan favorite. Dedicated specifically for tv shows and movies. The addon is compatible with Real Debrid allowing you to access high-quality media links. You can also get movies in 1080p and HD.

The app has a simple if slightly basic outlay with easy-to-navigate categories and sections.


  • Scrubs

Scrubs was a popular addon in years gone by but wen dark. Only to return under a different development team with Scrubs v2.

Another addon dedicated solely to movies and tv shows, you can also access multiple categories for a wide range of content, as well as smart and intuitive filters to find content that you are looking for.


  • Deathstar

Deathstar is actually more like a repository, in that it is a merge of 30 different add-ons including One-Click, Leviticus, and House of Blue. This means you get an enormous library all under the guise of one add one. Their media library is one of the biggest of any addon out there.

Deathstar is also integrated with Real Debrid and Trakt as well as giving you access to a number of paid websites. Meaning you have access to high-quality streams and an endless stream of media.


  • Numbers

One drawback of many add-ons is that they don’t offer the same kind of search functionality and intelligent browsing offered by mainstream media sites like Netflix.

Numbers put all of that to rest with a really cracking design. The user interface is one of the best of any add-on around for Kodi. You can choose from a massive library of TV shows and movies.

Each category is then further broken down so that you can look by genre, see what is popular of most voted as well as finding the newest content that has been recently added. Or even follow other users to see what they are watching or favoriting. We like the social function which is unique to Numbers.

You can even access ratings in IMDB by pairing your Numbers account with your IMDB account. We love Numbers because a lot of thought has been put into the user and how they would want to watch and browse.


  • Seren

Seren is unique because it specifically only displays high-quality links and streams. It’s compatible with Real Debrid and Premiumize which allows you to access paid live streams and ultra-high-quality content.

You can access a smaller range of media you could find on other add-ons like Deathstar but there is something to be said for choosing quality over quantity.


  • Loki

Loki has demonstrated good staying power by being around well over a year now, which is decades in normal time. Add-ons have a habit of being incredibly frustrating when they disappear in a matter of months.

A great addon with a simple interface it also serves as an all-in-one for media offering everything from the latest films to cartoons.


  • Destiny

Like Seren, Destiny limits itself to offering only high-quality content as well as giving you access to an extensive number of torrent streams meaning that you can find links to the newest released content.

Destiny concentrates on movies and tv shows and also has the M3U8 option which means that you can access live television inside the addon.



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Newer Kodi Addons


Odin Image

Odin is a top trending addon that has recently started extending its selections beyond movies and tv shows. They are now rolling out services for anime and even radio stations.

The addon has a newer-looking interface after being revived by a new developer. Though older users of Kodi will remember Odin from the Hell Hound repository.



Original Image

This new addon is gaining traction because it is full of content that is otherwise hard to find. Bringing together content from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all under the same roof. Something that other add-ons have found hard to do.

Though it doesn’t have the biggest library this is expanding rapidly and is gaining a reputation for stability and always having working links.



Gaia isn’t exactly new, but it is making a comeback after spending some time being up and down in terms of connectivity.

If Gaia can stay active then it’s sure to re-grow an impressive user base as it is a force to be reckoned with. Gaia has an enormous library of media in all categories and over the past months has been rapidly upgrading and adding content and different types of media.

The UI is fast and intuitive, with a handy watched tab as well as fast performance and responsiveness.



One of the all-time favorites add-ons for Kodi is making a comeback, after being shut down earlier this year. Covenant is back fully functional through a working mirror and offers one of the biggest media libraries of any addon.

It is also integrated with Track.TV allowing you to import shows you want to watch from torrent sites. The interface is clean and easy to use, as Covenant has been around many years and its quality stands out from newer add-ons with limited development time.


Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter Image

Again, another addon that isn’t necessarily new but has had some downtime. Movie Theatre Butter is a clone of Exodus so you might be fooled into thinking it’s the same addon.

But Movie Theatre Butter has made one simple key improvement. In most add-ons when you click on a title you will be presented with a host of different links which you may have to spend 5-10 minutes wading through finding the one that works and then has the highest quality.

With Movie Theatre Butter the best link automatically plays, saving some valuable entertainment time. This is a really neat feature that is well worth checking out, alongside an extensive library of movies and tv shows.


Top Kodi Addons for Obscure Categories

Live Streaming


Mobdro Logo

Mobdro is the go-to addon for anyone who wants to access the live stream and pay-per-view TV. They also have an extensive back catalog of media in terms of tv shows, films, and documentaries.

Finding working links for live streams can be frustrating but Mobdro is an add on that has consistently delivered over the years. Just be aware that it is also a prime target for ISP blocking, and often goes down to be quickly replaced by a mirror site.

It also gives you ad-free viewing through the addon as opposed to the Android version.




Sports365 Image

One of the main reasons for using Kodi is finding live sports streams. In 2019 this has become increasingly difficult as big cable providers have quickly cracked down on add-ons.

Sports365 is dedicated solely to live sports where you can watch any of the live games being streamed today. Stable and with working links this is a great addon for sports nuts.

For those more into live fights consider PlanetMMA.



Little Kingdom

Little Kingdom Image

With the Summer holidays fast approaching if you are a parent using Kodi you will want to consider getting the Little Kingdom.

This Add on is solely dedicated to Kid’s TV and gives you access to a wide range of programs across a broad range of providers and ages. 

Keep the kids quiet all Summer as they churn through endless cartoons and puppet shows.



Anime Go

Anime Go Image

If your tastes lean more towards anime, then be sure to check out Anime Go. This addon is dedicated solely to anime with a wide range of content. 

Just be aware there are numerous dead links. You can also look into Cypher9 Anime which is a good alternative.




Aerobic Image

There was a time when all you needed to watch the latest fitness videos was YouTube. But with an increasing number of providers monetizing their best content, you can find all the latest crazes on Aerobic.

This addon is solely dedicated to fitness covering broad categories from dance fitness to martial arts and even meditation.

Come here to refresh your mind, body, and spirit.




Muzic Image

Download Muzic for the latest music videos all in one place.

Their custom scrapers stream directly from YouTube.  You get a well-laid-out menu and categories to many different genres.

What makes Muzic different is the intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout. As well as their recommendation engine.

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