Reset Kodi on a Firestick

What Does a Reset Mean?

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A reset means that you are wiping everything you have on Kodi and going back to factory settings. Not to be confused with reinstalling Kodi.

Why is this a Last Resort?

Kodi stores all its data on the program itself. Which means that all your offline content, builds, addons, wizards, and repos will be wiped when you reset Kodi.

You will need to start again from scratch and consider how time-consuming installing addons on Kodi can be, therefore it should be a last resort.

First, make sure that you have checked every other possible fix, including looking at carrying out maintenance on your device first. Or, does Kodi simply need to update rather than a reset?

A reset means that Kodi has ceased to work effectively regardless of what you do, whether that be trying to install an addon, or even opening applications with the device. Generally, this is caused by a corrupted file which is downloaded in Kodi which has changed critical system files on your device.

How to Reset Kodi on a Firestick

  1. Before you start you should close Kodi on your Firestick
  2. Press the Home button on your Firestick remote
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Click down and then scroll to Applications
  5. Click on “Managed Installed Applications”
  6. Scroll through to the list until you find Kodi
  7. Just in case Kodi is running in the background, click  “Force Stop”
  8. Scroll down the list and click “Clear data”

NOTE: By clearing data on Kodi, you understand you are wiping everything that you have ever installed or downloaded on your existing Kodi and will be starting from a blank version when you reinstall the application. If you are unsure, we recommend you download Indigo from TV Addons and create a backup file of your existing Kodi installation before proceeding

  1. Click “Clear data” twice to confirm you want to proceed. You’ll know the action is successful as the “Size” under “Version” on the right hand of your screen will now show 0MB for storage under data
  2. Click Home again on your remote
  3. Open Kodi
  4. If Kodi has been returned to its factory settings then it will revert to the original default blue skin and there be no content to show in the library, your home screen should say “Your library is empty…”

You should now be able to reinstall all your favorite addons and builds.

But, what happens if even after resetting Kodi, it still doesn’t work on Firestick? In that case, the problem may be with your hardware, so you can follow these steps to reset your Firestick.

  1. From the Firestick home menu go to settings
  2. Click on My Fire TV
  3. Click “Reset to factory defaults”

NOTE: By resetting your Firestick you understand that this will wipe any content and applications that you have installed on it. Not just Kodi, but you will need to fresh install all your applications again.

  1. Then press “Reset”
  2. It may take a few minutes for your Firestick to reset as it wipes all your data
  3. You will know the reset has been successful when your Firestick prompts you to sign into an Amazon account and connect to a Wi-Fi

You can also reset your Firestick by just using your remote only. This is especially useful if your Firestick has completely frozen and you don’t want to damage the disk drive by pulling the plug socket.

On your remote, you can press the right button on your circle, and the back button just below it. Hold these 2 buttons for 10 seconds and this will also reset your Firestick.


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