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In this article, we want to provide you a guide in watching PPV (Pay-per-View) shows on your Firestick.

Ever since mankind has walked the earth, we have grown accustomed to social events watching fighting sports and close-quarter, hand-to-hand combat. It is derived from our original primal need to fight for territory and protect our loved ones. One good example is the Roman gladiators, where they duel with a variety of opponents in a colosseum.

Today, most of these concepts have changed with the evolution of our species as a civilized race. The 21st century equivalent of gladiators is represented by a variety of contact sports and cage fights. Bounded by rules and guidelines, we can all enjoy these shows within the comforts of our home.

Thanks for the invention of the television, global internet connection, and advanced communication methods.PPV known as Pay-per-View has generated vast amounts of revenue for many sports streaming services. It caters to a massive number of home-based audiences with swift connections and private subscriptions. 

Several Pay-per-View streaming events center around competitive contact sports and phenomenal fights between rival sports celebrities. Suppose you are a fan of contact sports wanting to watch PPV shows on your Firestick, you can gain valuable knowledge by reading this article.




What is PPV?

PPV is the acronym for Pay-per-View. PPV is a common television service requiring its viewers to pay a fee to gain access to a chosen program. It is a widely endorsed streaming function offered by several online and television show providers. 

In the practice of Pay-per-View, enthusiasts and avid viewers of a particular sport pay well-known services for quality and exclusive coverage. This limited edition shows mostly cover a certain sports event or a popularized duel. PPV streaming events are quite similar to the actual purchase of tickets of people wanting to watch a live arena match.

The only difference is that viewers can now watch these shows at the comfort of their homes, with any quality home entertainment platform they own. Pay-per-View viewing sessions are mostly reserved for dedicated live video feeds of combative sports. In the past few decades, PPV has become an efficient revenue source for several cable TV providers. 

The transition of many viewers towards a cyberspace-based subscribed streaming empowered several companies to include PPV programs within their online libraries. PPV shows are only accessible during the live duration of a sports event. Aside from competitive sports, PPV shows are also available for events hosted by NBA, NFL, UFC, Wrestlemania, and Superbowl.


Watch PPV on Firestick

Modernized online streaming has paved the way for the development of applications compatible with Pay-per-View watching purposes. Specially collected for you, we have listed popular and the most recommended streaming applications that can provide quality Pay-per-View content.

These applications are available with your Firestick and cancel out the need for sideloading. 



The ESPN app is a US-based television app that enables users to stream and chooses from thousands of sports videos and events. Once the ESPN app is installed on your Firestick, it gives you access to the highlights of a particular game, provides you updates, and helps you keep track of your favorite teams and players.

The ESPN application is compatible with Firestick and is capable of showing Pay-per-View (PPV) programs.


PPV Content on ESPN+

  • UFC
  • PFL
  • ESPN College Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • MLB
  • College Basketball
  • EFL
  • NBA League
  • NHL
  • US Open
  • MLS
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • English FA Cup
  • US Major League Soccer
  • PGA Golf
  • Grand Slam Tennis

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FITE App is one of the premier applications built for competitive sports fans. It features wrestling, MMA, boxing, and knuckle mania. FITE app lets its users stream live sporting events and several on-demand programs. The application has in-app purchases that include PPV events of your favorite combat sports.


FITE App PPV Content

  • ONE Championship
  • UFC
  • Shamrock FC
  • Fury FC
  • RITC
  • AFL
  • UAE Warriors
  • MGZ
  • Combate Americas
  • Cage Wars
  • Havoc
  • Impact Wrestling
  • Glory
  • BKFC Knucklemania
  • PBC
  • AEW
  • NWA

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Sling TV

Sling TV is the online equivalent of cable TV shows. It is one of the most popular live TV streaming services available for download and uses with your Firestick device. It gives its users access to several TV Channels and also lets them choose with a wide selection of television shows. This app can also be utilized to show PPV events.


Sling TV App PPV Content

  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • MMA
  • Special Events featuring Fighting Sports

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DAZN is a subscription-based application compatible for use with your Amazon Firestick. DAZNs streaming platform focuses on delivering quality coverage on boxing and mixed martial arts events. The application of DAZN originated from Austria, Germany, and has a following in European and Asian countries such as Switzerland and Japan. DAZN also provides PPV shows with its streaming service.


DAZN App PPV Content

  • Boxing Matches
  • World Championship Fights
  • Mixed Martial Arts Duels

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Showtime is a well-known Firestick application that features exclusive content about fighting sports. In partnership with HBO, Showtime concentrates on competitive matches with boxing and NFL sports events. Aside from combative sports footage, users can also access various shows and media content provided by the Showtime app.


Showtime App PPV Content

  • SHOWTIME Championship Boxing
  • Bellator MMA
  • Special Competitive Sports Events 

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Benefits of Pay-per-View Streaming

Live streaming has become a popular option for both show broadcasters and their avid viewers. Ever since Pay-per-view was introduced by numerous cable TV services, online companies have followed their format while many people convert to modern online content streaming. Here are the benefits that Pay-per-view can provide:


Live Video Coverage

Pay-per-View programs have historically covered exclusive sports events in the past few years. It has given way for people to watch many of these famous sports matches with simultaneous streaming of quality and high-resolution images. Imagine watching your favorite athlete dish it out with a rival opponent with live and exclusive footage fresh from the actual venue. 



As a sports enthusiast, you can only sometimes watch your idolized practitioner from a distance. Pay-per-View has provided millions of people the capability to follow the ongoing development and successes that their favorite sports celebrities and teams have earned. All these prized moments visible through your private home entertainment set, and inside the safety confines of your home. 


Saving Resources

Pay-per-View has become an international phenomenon after triumphantly covering significant sports milestones in the past decade. It is the most cost-effective and viable solution for people wanting to watch a sports event hosted by another country. PPV can be the optimum method for certain individuals having traveling conflicts, work engagements, or priorities to accomplish.


PPV as a Business Model

Digital entrepreneurs wanting to launch their online business footprint may come across the positive aspects of PPV services. The only trade-off is their capability to afford on-site seating positions that properly cover the central venue. Several PPV events showcase popular celebrity matches, and an entrepreneurial spirit may also benefit monetarily from live PPV coverage.


Simple Revenue Model

An online businessman can gain extensive revenue gains by fielding the natural income generation prevalent in the PPV business model. The costs that a business owner spends to cover an entire sports event can be justified with the numerous subscribers if approached with the proper proportion of expenditure and fees. The challenge with the online PPV model is the consistent influx of customers wanting to gain access to your Live PPV sports event coverage.


Inspires the Next-Generation

Some of the well-known athletes we watch today have grown up being inspired by past victories of their favorite sports practitioners. The global connectivity and compatibility of PPV programs with various applications, devices, and operating systems help with the widespread propagation of live sports streaming. The PPV method is crucial for the developmental stages of young athletes worldwide. 


Watch PPV Events with a VPN

Streaming high-quality footage of Pay-per-View (PPV) sports events can be monitored by your internet service provider (ISP). Streaming high-resolution videos can strain internet bandwidth.

It causes your IP to request additional loads from the server which may result in lags, stuttering and buffering. These factors often result in an inconvenient streaming experience while watching intense close-quarter combat rounds. 

As the best solution, we recommend having a powerful VPN like IPVanish.IPVanish is designed to protect you while streaming dedicated PPV shows. IPVanish is the best VPN and your ally while watching one-off PPV programs. 

Here is a list of advantage that IPVanish may offer you:

  • Adds a virtual shield that prevents your ISP from monitoring your online activities.
  • Bridges you to digital tunnels in cyberspace that nullify the limits placed by geo-blocks stopping you from accessing exclusive online content.
  • Hides your identity from several online threats like hackers that want to steal your credentials, personal data, and valuable information.
  • Secures your information and crucial documents from malware and ransomware.
  • Keeps you anonymous while using the internet.
  • Boosts your connectivity rate.
  • Torrent downloads are faster and easily accessible.
  • Aids your device while preventing Firestick buffering and Kodi buffering.


Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

1. Click Home on your remote and scroll once to your left. It will be the search icon.

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2. You can either say IPVanish to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

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3. Click on the IPVanish icon.

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4, Click on Download

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5. Wait to download.

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6. Wait to install.

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7. Click on Open.

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8. Input your username and password to log in.

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9. Click Connect.

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Learn more about IPVanish. Get an IPVANISH now.



What is pay-per-view Live streaming?

Pay-per-View, most commonly known as the acronym of PPV is a subscription-based limited offer from popular streaming services. It requires a viewer to pay a fee to be granted access to a certain sports event or celebrity fighting match. First introduced to cover boxing championships, PPV has earned millions of audiences worldwide. PPV with online streaming services often provides exclusive live footage covering competitive fighting sports.


Is Pay-per-View available in multiple languages?

From the time that PPV was premiered, some cable TV providers employed on-site translators explaining various moments occurring within Live Sports events. Transitioning to an online capability, the tradition of language translation has been kept so viewers from other countries can understand the actual situation happening within a live video feed.


What sports does PPV usually cover?

Originally launched by cable TV services to provide live boxing videos into the comfort of our homes, modern PPV programs cater to multiple sports events. PPVs have distributed live footage primarily from boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, and have become a mainstay in fighting sports. Some applications available on the internet also provide PPV services for other sports events like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.


Can you watch a PPV show again?

Typical Pay-per-View live streams only last until the completion of the entire sports event. It is the reason why Pay-per-View shows are considered a one-off and a limited streaming session. In some cases, various applications that have dedicated PPV services provide their subscribers access to the sports video footage days after its initial debut.


Can you watch a PPV event on another device?

Yes. As long as you utilize the same account for registering with the PPV service provider, you can use it to log into another device and watch the live sports event coverage. You can also do this by installing the similar application you have downloaded and installed where you paid a fee to watch a limited live sports feed.



PPV capability has been launched by cable TV services to provide home viewers fresh and live video feeds covering boxing championships. The Pay-per-View model is considered a one-off live streaming session where viewers are required to pay a fee to gain access to live video footage of a popularized sports event or competitive fighting sports duel. Several online streaming services have included PPV applications which can be downloaded to a variety of modern streaming devices.

We hope that this article has provided you additional knowledge on how to watch PPV on Firestick.

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