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One Nation is behind some of the most popular builds available on Kodi. They offer an all in one solution. With various themes including Star Wars and Mario. One Nation has remained popular because it’s relatively small in size for a build and keeps updated with add ons which work, so reduces the bloat many builds have with an excessive number of add ons.

What is Kodi?

Kodi started as a piece of home brew software for Xbox gamers to store and play media on their Xbox in 2002. Since then it has grown to become an enormous piece of feature rich software with millions of downloads.

Run and maintained by the XMBC Foundation, Kodi is now in it’s 18th major version and continue to grow and improve. Its main draw is the extensive library of add ons, both official and from unknown sources. These add ons give unlimited additional functionality from allowing you to watch Live TV in Romania to the latest Holly wood blockbuster.

Kodi has been the media player of choice for Android TV users because it has a 10-foot user interface which scales Android applications to be seen on a TV and can be used , using a TV remote.

What is a Build?

A build is preconfigured Kodi file which contains add ons, skins and customized settings.

They are a great place to start if you are new to Kodi, as it means you can fresh install an all in one package which has everything you could need. Rather than having to find and install each add on one by one.

What is One Nation?

One Nation was previously known as Pyramid originally. The original developer decided to move and handed over the code base to a new developer. For a brief time, it was then known as The Dogs Bollocks before becoming One Nation


  • Massive range of add ons
  • Low size suitable for low Ram devices like the Amazon Firestick
  • Updated and from a trusted source
  • High speed link fetching
  • Up to 10 sources used for scrapers
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Fully integrated with Trakt, RealDebrian, Premiumize
  • Live Sports and IPTV section

How to Install One Nation

Get up and running with One Nation using these steps

  1. Start from the Kodi Home Screen
  2. Click on Settings then System
  3. Turn on Unknown sources, so that Kodi can recognize files not from the official Kodi Add-On library
  4. Go back to the previous screen and click File Manager
  5. Click add source
  6. “Add None”
  7. In the “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations” pop up that comes up, type the following into the URL bar :  (Sometimes URL’s can go down or stop working, if that happens Google a Mirror URL for the above)
  8. Name the source 1Nation
  9. Go back to the Add ons menu
  10. Click the box icon above the video add ons selection on the menu
  11. Install from Zip file
  12. Click the file named 1 Nation then install from repository
  13. Go to Build Menu once the installation completes
  14. Choose the build which you prefer
  15. Choose Force close once the build has installed and restart Kodi
  16. Your One Nation Build will be installed and you will have a brand-new layout and a host of new add ons to play with


Is it Safe to Use?

One Nation is one of the oldest and most respected repositories on Kodi, with a long history of releasing quality files.

Your biggest danger will come from corrupted files downloaded from non-official websites and URLs.

Is it Legal or Grey?

One Nation is a grey area but not by much. The build can hardly claim to be legal as it acts like a media library between illegal torrenting websites which host copyrighted content illegally and users.

Its saving grace is that One Nation does not store and host the content itself. Having said that we don’t recommend you use Kodi with an unencrypted connected as you will find over time some and then all of the add ons will stop working as their IP addresses are denied access by your Internet Service provider.

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

Yes, always use a VPN, and by that we mean a VPN you pay for and has trusted reviews.

Without a VPN some of your Kodi add ons may not work, your ISP will log your browsing history, and third parties can track back your home location and IP address.

Is it Free?



When Was it Released ?

One Nation dates back to 2017 and offers a massive array of builds in cool and funky skins from a variety of themes from Star Trek to Nintendo

Best Alternatives

Tough to know why you would need another build, as you could just pick another one of the many available under One Nation. But here are a few of our favorites:

  • Stealth
  • Lobo
  • Turbo
  • Titanium
  • No Limits Magic

If all else fails, just use Google to find the best working builds for that month.

Our Opinion

One Nation is one of the best and most trusted build providers out there.

Importantly for us they keep the size down. Coming in at around 300MB when some builds can reach over half a GB. Size is important to keep down if you are using a low RAM device like a basic Amazon Firestick.

Bloated  builds can cause your Kodi application to freeze repeatedly or even crash all together.

Don’t worry too much about getting the wrong build, if you change your mind you can always just install a fresh version of Kodi or revert it back to factory settings.

Also, with One Nation you get over 40 different builds to choose from. Each one custom made and of varying sizes. Simply put, there is something for everyone and it’s difficult to think why you would need another repository.


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