If you’re looking for a Megatron Repository alternative, then this article is perfect for you! This article will provide you the Best Kodi repositories. With the help of these repositories, you’ll have access to numerous amazing Add-ons.

This article is about the best functioning Kodi Repositories. We know Kodi is a popular media player that functions with numerous streaming devices and portals. Kodi provides an extensive library of add-ons that you can access from its official repository. However, there are 3rd-party repos that are very handy and entertaining. Thus, with the 3rd-party repos, Kodi users are able to install tons of add-ons that provide them infinite content.


What is Kodi Repository?

Repository means a spot where information is placed in the PC – just like the Addons and builds are placed in these repositories which you download utilizing Kodi. A repository functions like a cloud PC where the Kodi acts as a downloader so when you type the source path of that repository it gives you the information saved in it.

Every repository has its own data saved in it. Nonetheless, some repositories contain the same Build or Add-on that is available in other repos. Wherein, having one repository is not enough for the reason that the more repo you have the more you’ll be able to acquire new Kodi Add-ons & builds.





Best Megatron Repository Alternatives

Official Kodi Addon Repository

On top of the list, this article presents the Official Kodi Addon Repository. This repo provides a thousand addons that have the approval of Team Kodi and are discussed at the Kodi forum. These addons let you get to enjoy quality content that is legal & free – you don’t need to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This way of streaming online is a lot safer. The Official Kodi Addon Repository allows you to download & install numerous great add-ons such as Catchup TV, Pluto TV, BBC iPlayer, TMDb Helper, and many more.


Diamond Wizard Repo

Diamond Wizard Repo is one of the best newly developed repositories. Currently, this repository is maintained by team Diamond. This Kodi repo is the place for the popular 7 Of 9 Kodi Addon, The Magic Dragon, Greased Lightning Movie Cinema as well as many other great addons for streaming movies, TV shows, and music. Also, Diamond Wizard Repo presents four quadrants: Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant, Delta Quadrant, & Gamma Quadrant that provide IPTV, sports, news movies, and TV shows.


The Crew Repository

The Crew Repository is getting some fame from across the globe because of providing multiple sorts of addons. This Kodi repo provides some wizards as well and provides the build that is available in the Program Add-on section.

With The Crew Repository, you’ll acquire video addons such as DC Universe, The Crew, BumbleBee TV, Marvel Universe, LiveStreamPro Ghosts, and lots more. In the Program Addon section, the Crew Repository offers BreezWizard, Djay Themes, Chains Build Wizard, Elekta Pairing, and The Crew Wizard tools.

Nonetheless, despite offering such amazing stuff it also provides some sort of repo that you can easily download. You’ll get not much but a few repositories that can be downloaded & installed through the Add-on Repository.


EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

EzzerMacs Wizard Repository is another Kodi repository that offers a variety of free Addons in nearly all categories. This Kodi repository is useful for those who want an Addon to stream free movies, TV shows, and much more.

With EzzerMacs Wizard Repository, you’ll get some popular video add-ons, such as The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, Luxray Video, SportsDevil, Kratos Reborn, and many more. Also, this Kodi repo lets you watch some live TV channels.

EzzerMacs Wizard Repository offers the wizards that come along with some builds, upon opening the Program Add-on section, you’ll obtain SG Wizard & EzzerMacs Wizzard. This repo also provides some maintenance tools to easily delete caches or restore the settings of Kodi to default.


Kodi Bae

Kodi Bae is the most popular repository among Kodi users. Thus, if you’ve used Kodi for quite some time, then you surely heard about the Kodi Bae repo. It is the best Kodi repo because the focus of its developers is on quality rather than quantity. Wherein, Kodi Bae repo doesn’t provide addons like other repos.

Nonetheless, Kodi Bae repo only offers famous add-ons and are having great value – including cCloud, Exodus Redux, Seren, Ultimate IPTV, and more. Kodi Bae could be the best repository for people who want to stream free movies, TV shows, Documentaries, and Cartoons. Also, the Kodi Bae repository provides some other categories such as Look & Feel, Music, Subtitles, Program, and many more.


Cy4Root Repository

Many Kodi users might not hear about the Cy4Root repository before as it was released recently. However, many individuals are aware of the repo. Even after Cy4Root being a new repository, it provides some awesome video add-ons. This means Kodi users have the opportunity to stream more free videos with it.

The famous addons that Cy4root repo offers are Covenant and Uranus. The Cy4root repo also offers some other selections such as SportsDevil, Sportowa, Adult Swim, and many more. The Cy4Root repo provides you with Live TV addons, Music, Programs, Subtitles, and more. 



If you are interested in adding some fantastic Kodi sports add-ons, then the Supremacy Repo is a perfect option for you! Apart from the fact that the Supremacy Repo is filled with numerous sports options, it also provides IPTV & Live TV choices.

Some of the very best Supremacy Repo add-ons are Supremacy Sports, Adult Swim, Electra Vault, Planet MMA,  SportsDevil, Supremacy, Sublime, Yoda, The Magic Dragon, YouTube, and many more.

Once you install the Supremacy Repo, you’ll discover that the add-on provides beyond more than just sport. Aside from the amazing listed add-ons, the Supremacy Repo also gives you access to Subtitles, Music, and many more. Thus, the Supremacy Repo is an awesome, all-around option for your streaming pleasure.



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Kodil repo

With numerous add-ons available in the Kodil Repo, it is an amazing option for Kodi users who are interested in a vast genre of entertainment choices. The Kodil repository allows you to access add-ons of various genres – such as movies, TV shows, sports, news, and many more. With the help of Kodil Repo’s carefully selected add-ons, you can access games and Live TV. 

All of Kodil Repo’s add-ons are arranged in alphabetical order so it will be easy for you to find your favorite Kodi add-on. This repository is a popular choice for the United Kingdom, Canadian, and United States users. Some of Kodil Repo’s add-ons include Nemesis, Fox sports, Peaky Blinders, Stream Hub, and lots more.


All Eyez On Me

The All Eyez On Me Repository is a new Kodi Repo with marvelous add-ons. This amazing add-on lets you access add-ons that are associated with Live TV, Music,  Kids content, and a lot more. The All Eyez On Me Repo will also provide access to some of the best add-ons for Kodi, such as Indigo, Genesis Reborn, FilmOn, Disney Junior, YouTube, and many more. Many Kodi users have tested and found the All Eyez On Me repository to be flawless without broken add-ons.


TVAddons Repository

TVAddons is a Kodi repo that is popular for having numerous Live TV Addons. Apart from that, the TVAddons repository also contains several other add-ons such as Subtitles, Program Add-on, Pictures, Services, Music, and lots more. Every add-on in the TVAddons repository is working completely fine and all of them are updated so Kodi users don’t have to update the addons by themselves.

The TVAddons repo provides various popular add-ons which include Tubi, Big Buck Bunny, YouMusic, Indigo, Netflix, CatTV, Free Live TV, and many more. Also, you’ll find several new add-ons in the TVAddons repo which you might not hear before such as MMA, DiasporaTV, SubLoader, Telly Ads, and more.


MetalChris Repository

If you’re looking for high-quality addons that you didn’t even realize you needed, download & install the MetalChrisRepository on your Kodi. This repository contains more than 30 distinctive addons. All of MetalChris Repository’s content is free of charge. Nonetheless, some of which have geographical restrictions, meaning you will need a Virtual Private Network or VPN to stream it abroad.



The LazyKodi repository hosts add-ons like 13 Clowns, Rising Tides, and Exodus Redux, which are among the most famous unlicensed video streaming addons. However, the developers of the LazyKodi repo don’t have social media accounts, which means there’s no way of finding out whether the repository has been unlawfully seized in the future. 


Ares Project

The Ares Project repository has several handy add-ons like the Plexus, YouTube, and Ares Wizard. Nonetheless, it also hosts a number of addons that utilize unofficial sources such as Planet MMA & SportsDevil. You can use the Ares Wizard if you like tweaking your Kodi installation.


Stream Anonymously With Kodi?

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Wrapping Up

Kodi is among the best media player portals, nonetheless, it becomes more useful when you have the best Kodi repositories to acquire add-ons from. After installing an add-on on Kodi, you can easily. stream your best-loved movies, TV shows, as well as other types of entertainment.

Since Kodi is a huge platform, you may obtain tons of repositories. That’s why this article listed some of the best repos that you can use. All of the repositories are completely safe & secure and you’ll never ever deal with any problem along with it.

Nonetheless, if you’re streaming online with these addons then make sure to use Virtual Private Network – because some of the add-ons might be providing pirated content that can lead to legal issues.


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