Live Net TV On Google Chromecast

The Live Net TV is a live TV streaming app that provides the best streaming video links when it comes to Live television. This Live TV streaming app features media content from various places and contains a huge collection of movies, TV shows, Live TV, and many more. The LiveNet TV app has added a VOD (Video-on-demand) section. The qualities of the app’s English films are great. The LiveNetTV app contains reliable streams, thus there’s no doubt that it is an amazing Live TV application. 

The Live Net TV is one of the most popular Live TV streaming apps that is available for use on numerous Android-powered devices. This Live TV streaming app offers more than 800 live channels. The app’s TV channels are grouped into various categories: Movies, TV shows, News, Sports, Cooking, Entertainment, Kids, and many more.




Note: does not host any of these apps.


Install Live Net TV App on Google Chromecast with Screenshots

1. Turn on the Google Chromecast device and scroll to your account from the home screen.

Step 1 Google Chromecast home screen


2. On the upper right of the screen, choose > Settings.


3. Once in Settings, scroll down to System > About.



4. Scroll down to Android TV OS Build & click on it seven times until it goes into Developer options and it’s gonna say “you are now a developer”.


5. Click the Back Button, scroll down to see the Developer options.


6. Go back to Settings and select > Apps.


7. Scroll down to Security & Restriction – to turn on Unknown Sources.


8. Go back to the home screen and hover over the Search icon.


9. Type in Downloader app.



10. Select the Downloader.


11. Click Install.



12. Open the Downloader app.



13. Type in the LiveNetTV app download URL/APK –


14. Wait for a few seconds for the file download progress


15. Click Install


16. Click Done.


17. Click Delete > click Delete again


18. Go back to the Home screen. Click SEE ALL.


19. Click the Live Net TV icon.


20. Click Continue.


21. Select Allow.


22. Enjoy Watching.


Live NetTV App Features

The Live NetTV is free to download & use. Users don’t have to pay a cent to download the app nor use it. The features of the Live NetTV app are too good to be true. Below are the features that will give you an idea of what you can get with this application.

  • There are tons of categories from which you can select a TV channel to watch.
  • The app contains a collection of over 800 TV channels. The app also allows you to stream the foreign channels in different languages without any legal or technical issue.
  • The Live NetTV app allows you to watch TV channels pertaining to Music, Sports, Entertainment, Cooking, Religious, Kids, and News. Thus, you will not get bored using the Live NetTV app.
  • The LiveNetTV app has no ads whatsoever so that users can have a disturbance-free Live TV streaming experience.
  • The user interface is very straightforward and easy to use. Users can navigate from one category to the other just by pressing left and right on the Google Chromecast’s home screen
  • Users can report if any TV channel is not functioning. Users can touch on hold on the icon of the TV channel to report it.
  • You can request new TV channels that aren’t available in the Live NetTV app
  • The Live NetTV app is easy to integrate with various devices like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV Box, Smart TV, Android-based phones, and tablets.
  • You can opt to conceal some of the categories if you don’t want to use them.


What Devices Does The LiveNetTV App Work On?

The Live NetTV app works on any Android-based device, such as Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, Android-powered phones & tablets.


LiveNet TV App Channels

The Live Net TV app provides tons of live channels from various categories to choose from. The categories include 24/7 Channels, Entertainment, News, Movies, Sports, Music, Documentary, Cooking, Kids, and Religious. It also has language-specific TV channels such as French, Afghan, Bangla, Filipino, German, Portuguese, Thai, Canadian, Australian, Italian, Punjabi, South Indian, and Indonesian.


Pros & Cons


  • The Live Net TV app is completely free and you don’t need a long registration process for streaming your most-liked movie, TV show, or Live TV channel.
  • The app contains a vast collection of movies & TV shows with the content systematically arranged into various categories making it uncomplicated for users.
  • The Live Net TV app has an easy-to-use interface that makes the application convenient to utilize.
  • A simple way to tap that allows you to switch between various categories.
  • The live events feature is a huge advantage for people who are interested in streaming live sporting events.



  • It does not have the electronic program guide (EPG) which is annoying at times.
  • Frequent pop-ups could be a bit annoying but that brings earning for the developers as the app doesn’t cost a cent and the app has no in-app purchases
  • The application is not available on Google’s Play Store, rather the Live TV streaming app can only be downloaded from its official website.



What permissions do you need?

Aside from the Live NetTV app requiring Unknown Source permission to permit the installation process, it does not require any other permission to function on Android-powered devices.  


Is Live NetTV App Virus Free?

Yes, the Live NetTV is a virus-free application, it doesn’t come along with any type of malware or virus.


Is the Live NetTV app free to use?

Yes, you can use the Live NetTV app for free. You are not required to subscribe and also you don’t need to register.


Live NetTV Alternatives

  • HyFyTV Silver
  • Cyberflix
  • HD Streamz
  • AOS TV
  • Kraken TV
  • Cinema HD
  • Swift Streamz
  • Bee TV
  • Mobdro
  • Tea TV
  • Redbox TV
  • Oreo TV


Why Do You Need a VPN When Using LiveNetTV?

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network or VPN server, you hide your IP by using a new one, which prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from monitoring what you’re doing on the web. A VPN will conceal your identity on the internet, which makes you completely anonymous. However, the best VPN service to use while streaming on the internet is IPVanish.

IPVanish is the best VPN service for unblocking popular streaming platforms. It can unblock Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and many more.


IPVanish Features

  • Amazing speed
  • With owned server network
  • Anonymous Torrenting
  • Allows 10 devices at the same time
  • Unlimited P2P Traffic
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Zero Logs
  • Has additional privacy features
  • SOCKS5 Web Proxy
  • Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac
  • Geo-Locked Content Access


How to Install IPVanish on Google Chromecast

  1. Once you open your Google Chromecast, you can find Search at the top of the screen then press select.
  2. Type in IPVANISH
  3. Select IPVANISH
  4. Click Install
  5. Once it finishes installing, select Open
  6. Type in your username and password
  7. Choose Connect.
  8. There you go, you can now stream or download content.


Install IPVanish on Google Chromecast with Screenshots

  1. Click Home on your remote then select Search.


2. On the search bar, you can use the google voice assistant to find IPVanish or by typing it. Select enter.



3. Click on Install.



4. Click on Open.



5. Input your username and password to log in.



6. Click Connect.

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Wrapping It Up

The LiveNetTV is a must-have app for all Android-based device users and if you’re a lover of Live TV channels, movies, and TV series. With the LiveNetTV app, you can watch Live TV channels in high definition. There are tons of features in the app that are exceptional and absolutely handy for users. The Live NetTV is a reliable and entertaining app that is very easy to download, install, and use.

The Live NetTV app is equipped with unlimited features with regular TV channel updates and TV channel requests. The Live NetTV app is a fantasy world for Live TV enthusiasts who want to enjoy free Live TV on their Android-based devices.


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