Western Classic Movies App on Firesticks

This article is about the Western Classic Movies app and how to install it on Firesticks. 

If you love classic western films, then this app is for you. The Western Classic Movies app is a streaming service that contains a lot of your favorite classic westerns TV shows and movies. Even though this app is free, some features are not.  There is a  monthly subscription of $5.99 for you to enjoy all exclusive content. The app is giving you the power to stop your subscription any time you like. You can watch directly on the big screen of your TV because this app is available on Firestick. Continue reading, and you will be guided on how to install it on a firestick.





How to Install Western Classic Movies App on Firestick

Follow these simple steps below.

  1. On your Firestick home screen, look for the Search button (Magnifying glass icon).
  2. On the search bar, Type in Western Classic Movies.
  3. Select the suggestion.
  4. Click the icon of the Western Classic Movies.
  5. Select the Get or Download button to install the app.
  6. Wait a few minutes for the app to be installed.
  7. Click Open to launch the app.
  8. Choose on Free Preview or an Exclusive Content.


Install Western Classic Movies App on Firestick with a Screenshot

1. Look for the Search button at the top left corner of your Firestick Homescreen. 

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2. In the search bar, type in Western Classic Movies, and click on the suggestions below.

3. Now, Click on the app icon. 


4. Click on Get or Download.


5. Wait for a few minutes for the app to be Installed.


6. Tap on the Open button to launch the app.


7. Choose on the Free Preview or Exclusive Content.  

Features of Western Classic Movies App

  • Enjoy classic films starring John Wayne, Robert Shaw, George O’Brien, Roy Rogers, Lee Van Cleef, Douglas Fairbanks, and other popular western artists. 
  • This app does not require users to log in or sign up.
  • This app offers Free Preview, where you can watch their contents for free. 
  • Each content contains a brief synopsis about the film and the time duration. 


Do I need to have a VPN?

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How to Install IPVanish on a Firestick

  1.   Open your Firestick and reach for the search button (magnifying glass icon)
  2.   Type in IPVANISH
  3.   Select IPVANISH
  4.   Tap Get or Download
  5.   Wait for a few minutes to finish the download.
  6.   After the download finished, click on the Install
  7.   After installing select Open
  8.   Type in your username and password
  9.   Choose Connect.
  10.   That’s it! You can now stream safely. 


Step by Step Instruction to Install IPVanish on a Firestick

1.  Click Home on your remote and scroll once to your left. It will be the search icon.

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2. You can either say IPVanish to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

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3. Click on the IPVanish icon.

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4. Click on Download

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5. Wait to download.

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6. Wait to install.

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7. Click on Open.

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8. Input your username and password to log in.

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9. Click Connect.

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Alternatives for Wester Classic Movies App

These are the applications that are available on Firestick which offers the same contents. 

  • Western Mania – It is one of the good-looking apps, where you can watch classic Westerns & TV Shows. Enjoy the adventure of the old west, ranchers, rustlers, lawmen, and iron men. This application offers unlimited access and streaming without any ads or interruption for only a $1.99 monthly subscription with a 14-day free trial. This app also updates its list of classic movies and TV shows weekly.
  • FilmRise Western – If you don’t want to spend any single cents on streaming classic films, this app is a good option for you. FilmRise offers you HD videos of Western movies and TV, including documentaries, Hollywood classics, modern westerns, and western-themed comedy, all for free. 
  • TV & Movie Classics – This app has notable classic TV series and movies. They also have an organized list of contents categorized by genres and made searching easy for you.
  • Amazing Classics – This app has a collection of classic movies and TV shows from the golden age of Hollywood. You can find here classic films like The Beverly Hillbillies, Dragnet, One Step Beyond, The Lucy Show, and more. It also features all-time great artists like Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, and James Stewart.

Compatible Devices

Western Classic Movies app works well on Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Windows via Android emulator, and Android smartphones.


Pros and Cons


  • It provides a free preview.
  • There’s no interruption because this app is ad-free.
  • No sign-up process.


  • Low Quality of videos.
  • Limited Contents to view.
  • There is no search button.



Who owns the Wester Classic Movies?

This app is developed by R Mac Millan and released in 2020.

Is this app safe to use?

Yes, this app is safe to use but to ensure your security, you need to use IPVanish.

 Is this app Free?

Yes, this app is Free. 

Can I download videos?

Unfortunately no, this app does not allow users to download their contents. 

Where can I get this app?

This app is available on the Amazon App Store and Google Play store. 



If you are looking for a streaming service where you can watch all-time great classic movies, this app is a good option for you. However, this app lacks features because it only shows its contents on the homepage and does not provide any categories or displayed search buttons. That is why it is hard for users to find their favorite movies. We hope that this article gives you information about the Western Classic Movies app and helps you on how to install it on Firestick.


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