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Streamline Build is a little pocket rocket of a build, it comes in at a tiny 218 MB and really packs a punch. It’s become one of the most popular builds for the Amazon Firestick because it’s so small and responsive.

Streamline looks very similar to Titanium and the interface and background is actually pretty slick. There’s a great range of add ons and a highly simplified menu.

A great build for low RAM devices and one of our favorite builds.

What is Kodi?

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Kodi is the most popular free and legal open source media player on the internet. Started in 2002, Kodi has had over 50 million downloads and is much loved by the community.

Kodi is currently on its 18th major version and is run by the XMBC Foundation and a team of core developers. We love Kodi because of its being able to play almost any codec, its 10-foot user interface and the thousands of add ons it has. More than any other open-source media player out there.

What is a Build?

A build is a custom installation of Kodi. Instead of having to get up Kodi yourself and download each add on individually. Just install one Build and have it all done for you.

What Streamline?

Streamline is a small build that puts together some great add ons with a basic UI and serves them up in a build of less than 220MB. Through the add ons you can access a massive array of content from movies, tv shows, and sports. Streamline does not host the content and has not designed any of the add ons within its build.


  • Light and quick
  • Great selection of add ons for the size
  • Highly responsive
  • 1 Click Movies
  • TV
  • RD/4K: Special settings just for Real Debrid.
  • Compatible with
  • Sports
  • Live TV
  • Favorites
  • Wizard

Add ons included:

  • Exodus Redux
  • At the Flix
  • Rising Tides
  • Planet MMA
  • Sports Devil
  • The Magic Dragon
  • YouTube
  • Deceit
  • Supremacy
  • Supremacy Sports
  • Mancave
  • Seren
  • Nole Cinema

How to Install Streamline

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Use these simple steps to get Streamline up and running in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Begin from the home screen on Kodi
  2. Go to the gear icon (Settings) and then click System
  3. To allow Streamline to be installed you need to turn on “Unknown Sources”
  4. Go back to the previous screen and click File Manager
  5. Click add source and then “Add None”
  6. A new screen will pop up with a URL bar, enter in the following: (If this link is not working, check Google for a mirror site, or look on Reddit
  7. Name the file “Streamline”
  8. Return to the Add ons menu
  9. Click on the box icon above the add ons selection menu for video
  10. Then “Install from Zip File”
  11. Click on your Streamline file which will unzip the file, and then you can install Streamline from its repository
  12. We always recommend you fresh install a build, just be mindful this will remove any add ons currently stored on your device


Is it Safe to Use?

Streamline Build has been around since 2017 with a number of updates and great reviews by well known Kodi sites. The biggest hazard is trying to download Streamline through an unofficial link.

Make sure it comes from the Whikid repository, as a lot of sites will provide links to the build which may contain corrupted files

Is it Legal or Grey?

The new and upgraded Streamline gives you access to everything including Live TV. Which is great but bear in mind that this is all a grey area. By grey area we mean that your Internet Service Provider will actively be trying to block many of the links from the add ons in Streamline, so we recommend you use a VPN in combination with Streamline to get the best out of it.

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

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We recommend you use a VPN for the following reasons:

  • Many of the add ons you will access in Streamline will direct you to links for illegally distributed content. Without a VPN you may find many of these links do not work because your ISP is blocking you access
  • If you try to access Live TV Channels in other countries through Streamline your access may also be blocked. This is because these channels can detect your IP is not in that country and will block you from accessing their channels.
  • Using a VPN, you can encrypt your requests, change your IP and also the location where your IP originates from. Thus, allowing you to circumvent any blocks or firewalls place to do your accessing most restricted content
  • A VPN also helps you maintain anonymity, safety, and privacy online from unwanted third parties

Is it Free?



When Was it Released?

Streamline has been out since 2017

Best Alternatives

There are lots of great builds out there, some will be much bigger in size and feature as many as 100+ add ons, just bear in mind that if you are using an Amazon Firestick the best builds should be less than 400MB, or you may experience some lag or crashing:

  • No Limits Magic
  • Slamious
  • Blue Magic
  • Titanium
  • Misfit Mod Lite
  • Maze
  • Xontech

There are always new builds coming out all the time, just Google best builds for the month to be kept up to date with the hottest new build.

Our Opinion

Streamline is a great small build, small in size, as well as being fast and responsive. We couldn’t think of a better build for a low RAM device like the Amazon Firestick.

On top of that, the update has brought a great new look to the build, and the addition of Live TV means it isn’t much you would want outside of the add ons, on Streamline.


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