Lobo Kodi Build

Lobo Kodi build forms part of the One Nation repository which one of the largest numbers of Builds available on Kodi. This build is pretty chunky coming in at 400MB when some slimmer builds can come in at under 200MB. If you have a relatively basic device then you may want to consider a slimmer Build like The Diamond or Turbo Build.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and 100% legal open-source media player, which is feature-rich and history. Since it’s initial development in 2002, Kodi has been downloaded millions of times and become a firm favorite with the streaming community.

Its popularity stems from two main reasons. Firstly, Kodi is really good at what it does. It features a massive library of Codecs which means you can play almost any media file, also it has an inbuild 10-foot user interface meaning you can easily turn your TV into a home movie theatre, simply by downloading Kodi on an Android streaming device and connecting it to your TV.

Secondly, Kodi has a massive library of unofficial add ons, numbering in the thousands. Partly due to its age, it has developed a rich ecosystem of add ons, builds, wizards supported by a legion of hobbyist developers. These add ons give you access to any form of media you can think of. From the latest movie releases to your favorite anime.




What is a Build?

A build is like an all in one software package. Think of it as an Operating System for Kodi. Instead of starting with a blank slate and installing every add on, feature and changing every setting yourself. You just download one build which does that for you.

We recommend Builds if you are just using Kodi for the first time, as it saves time and cuts out a lot of aggravation of hours spent downloading individual items.

What is Lobo Kodi Build?

This build packs a lot of high quality add ons hence it’s large size. One of its key features is it will automatically find the best working link for your content and cycles through dead links.

Lobo Kodi Build Features

  • Wide range of add ons
  • Not too big ~375MB
  • Part of One Nation, a mark of quality
  • Real Debrid compatible
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Favorites
  • Kids TV
  • YouTube
  • Music
  • Add additional add ons

Add ons included in this build including:

  • Maverick TV
  • The Lab
  • Toon Town
  • Genesis Reborn
  • Flixnet
  • Rising Tides
  • Astroplane
  • Bone Crusher
  • Monster Munch
  • Yoda
  • Incursion (Defunct)
  • At the Flix

How to Install Lobo Kodi Build

Use these simple steps to get up and running with Lobo Build. We recommend you have a working VPN when running Build otherwise some add ons may not work.

  1. Start Kodi from your streaming device
  2. Click Settings, then System
  3. Turn on Unknown sources
  4. Click the back button and then File Manager
  5. Click add source then “Add None”
  6. In the pop-up URL bar type in: http://www.onenation.info/Repo/ (If the URL doesn’t work, then One Nation may be down, use Google to find a working mirror site)
  7. Name the source Lobo 
  8. Go back to the Add ons menu
  9. Click the box icon above the video add ons selection on the menu
  10. Click install from Zip file, then install from repository
  11. The installation will take a few minutes then you will get a Build Menu pop up, choose your Build
  12. Dismiss the developer note, and keep the Build’s standard settings
  13. Fresh Install the Build and then restart Kodi



ReviewVPN cannot attest to the legality, security and privacy of the applications discussed on this site. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service while streaming or using Kodi.

Currently, your IP is visible to everyone and your Browser is being tracked by Advertisers & ISP Provider.

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Here are the main reasons why you must use a VPN:

  • Your activities are hidden from your ISP, the government, and from the apps you are using.
  • You can access additional movies and TV streams.
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  • Geographically restricted content like Netflix and Hulu can be unblocked.

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Is it Safe to Use?

One Nation is one of the most respected repositories online. Many of their Build make the Top 20 list of Builds for Kodi.

They are also ideal for copycats who want to offer their build links on their websites. Always use the onenation.info repo.

If you doubt the source of your download, then scan it using a professional Virus and Malware scanner like Malwarebytes.

Is it Legal or Grey?

It’s a grey area, but without a VPN many of them add ons won’t work.

Should I Use This App with a VPN?

Though Kodi is 100% legal, many of their unofficial add ons operate in a grey area in terms of copyright law and media distribution laws.

We recommend you use a VPN for a number of reasons:

  • A VPN keeps your traffic safe and protected. Any connection between your VPN Client and server will be encrypted using military grade 256-bit AES encryption. This means that your Internet Service Provider cannot block a request which it can’t decrypt
  • Many of the add ons in any build won’t work if you don’t use a VPN, as most of the URL’s they try to connect to will be blocked by your ISP
  • You can change your IP and country of origin using a VPN, meaning that any traffic and content streaming cannot be traced back to your home device if your VPN has a solid zero logs policy


Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

1.  Click Home on your remote and click “Find”.

Step 1 Install IPVanish


2. Click “Search”

Step 2 Install IPVanish


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Step 3 Install IPVanish


4. Click on the IPVanish icon.

Step 4 Install IPVanish


5. Click on Download

Step 5 Install IPVanish


6. Wait to download.

Step 6 Install IPVanish


7.  Wait to install.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


8.  Click on Open.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


9.  Input your username and password to log in.


10. Click Connect.

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Is it Free?



When Was It Released?

2018 as part of the One Nation Repository

Best Alternatives

Some other builds we would recommend:

  • Diggz
  • Stealth
  • Turbo
  • Titanium
  • No Limits Magic

Other builds you can try as part of the One Nation repository include:

  • Wario
  • Kashyykk
  • White Out

Our Opinion

In summary, Lobo Kodi build is a decent build but there is a bit of bloat there. Some of the add ons like Incursion has become defunct. Also, as part of the One Build repo, some add ons may get more love than others. Good backup build, but there are better ones out there with less fluff.

The link function though is pure gold, as it saves you the time of having to trawl through dead links.

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