Doomzday is a great Build Wizard that comes with a wide variety of builds and styles including:

  • Easy Rider
  • The Mythical Beast
  • The Fabulous 50s
  • USA Lite
  • Kev’s Angel
  • Endura
  • Duffman
  • VooDoo Mojo
  • Luxray
  • Arceus
  • BK Nox
  • Templarious
  • Ancient Egypt
  • House of Cards
  • Adult

That’s just a few of the 20 builds that are on offer. There is something here for every style and taste.


What is Kodi?

Kodi Logo

Kodi is one of the most popular free and legal media players online, particularly for cord-cutters. Going strong since 2002, Kodi is run by the XMBC Foundation, and its developers currently on its 18th version.

People love Kodi because it works on almost any media format, has an excellent 10-foot user interface to turn your tv into a home entertainment system, and most of all you can access thousands of builds and addons with ease, and an unlimited amount of content, all for free.




What is a Build?

Kodi Build Image

Kodi is quite a complex piece of software. Getting it to do everything you want, including installing all your addons can be time-consuming and frustrating. A Build is like Windows for your PC.

Sure, you could install each program 1 by 1 but you would much rather do it all at once. Same with a Build that will install a skin or look for Kodi, as well as all the best addons, so you are ready to go right away.


  • Over 30 addons available
  • 20 different builds of varying qualities
  • Great for low RAM devices
  • 1 click player to avoid looking for sources
  • Real Debrid and Trakt compatible
  • Pick your own skin when installing the build
  • Automated build updates and change log
  • Addons adapted to builds (So only Adult build will have Adult addons)
  • Good graphics and attention to detail in builds

Add ons included (There are 34 available just for videos):

  • Live Streams Pro
  • Loki
  • Man Cave Entertainment
  • Planet MMA
  • Release B
  • Resistance
  • Seren
  • Skin Helper Service
  • Sports 365 Live
  • Sports Devil
  • Venom
  • Deathstar
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Youtube
  • Deceit
  • USS Defiant

Categories include:

  • 1 Click Hub
  • Movie Hub
  • TV Show Hub
  • All N One
  • RD/4K Hub
  • Deathstar
  • Live Streams
  • Sports Hub
  • Music Hub
  • Kidz Hub



ReviewVPN cannot attest to the legality, security and privacy of the applications discussed on this site. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service while streaming or using Kodi.

Currently, your IP is visible to everyone and your Browser is being tracked by Advertisers & ISP Provider.

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Here are the main reasons why you must use a VPN:

  • Your activities are hidden from your ISP, the government, and from the apps you are using.
  • You can access additional movies and TV streams.
  • ISP attempts to throttle are thrwarted thus reducing buffering issues.
  • Geographically restricted content like Netflix and Hulu can be unblocked.

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Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, Doomzday comes highly recommended and is perfectly safe to download.

Always be careful when downloading builds as they are a common method used by malicious third parties to insert malware on unsuspecting users’ devices. Gaia reportedly infected millions of unsuspecting users with Malware and yet is still around and being downloaded today!

If you are unsure about the source file, you can use Malwarebytes or an addon called Indigo to scan the file for malicious software before you install it on Kodi.

Is it Legal or Grey?

Doomzday aggregates content from other providers, using the scrapers within each of its addons. Most of these addons, in turn, will not store any content themselves, but simply act as third party libraries.

Regardless of the technicalities, it’s a grey area and one that continues to attract attention from regulators, media companies, and copyright trolls who look for parties illegally streaming content to prosecute.

That’s why we always recommend that you use Kodi with a VPN

Should I Use This App With a VPN?

IPVanish VPN Promo

You should always use Kodi with a VPN for a number of reasons:

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) works actively to prevent users from accessing pirated content. In the UK it’s estimated that 50% of online content may be restricted by ISP’s. In addition, every page you look at is saved and stored by your ISP, depending on the data retention 
  • A VPN encrypts all of your data between your client and their server, meaning that it is impossible for your Internet Service Provider to know what you are doing or what content you are looking at, giving you anonymity online
  • Using a VPN, you can encrypt your data with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption meaning that your connection is unbreakable, and cannot be unencrypted by anyone apart from you
  • A VPN allows you to bypass internet throttling as well as accessing content from around the globe by using your VPN’s servers and changing your IP address to register as coming from a different country. Great for accessing live streams in other countries or even just paid services with a content in other countries like Netflix


Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

1.  Click Home on your remote and click “Find”.

Step 1 Install IPVanish


2. Click “Search”

Step 2 Install IPVanish


3. You can either say IPVanish to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

Step 3 Install IPVanish


4. Click on the IPVanish icon.

Step 4 Install IPVanish


5. Click on Download

Step 5 Install IPVanish


6. Wait to download.

Step 6 Install IPVanish


7.  Wait to install.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


8.  Click on Open.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


9.  Input your username and password to log in.


10. Click Connect.

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Is it Free?



When was it Released?

Doomzday has been going strong since early 2019 and received lots of positive reviews about its stability and usability.

Best Alternatives

Luckily, on Kodi there are always great alternatives on offer if you get tired of an addon or build.

If you are looking for a wide range of build and looks then look no further than the One Nation repository with over 30 builds, many of which make people’s top 10 lists.

Other builds you can try are:

  • Diggz
  • 1 Amazing
  • Lobo
  • The Diamond


Our Opinion

Doomzday is a great build with lots of good addons. Many of the reviews point towards a big positive, that Doomzday stays updated and keeps its addons up to date as well. Dropping ones that have stopped working and replacing them with better functioning addons.

A big part of a build’s success is its ability to stay up to date and relevant in the fast-changing world of change in Kodi.

The wide selection of skins and quality of the user interface to each skin was a joy to behold, plus you get the option to change skin quickly and easily, rather than a clunky system of reinstalling a new build with a different skin.

Doomzday is a build which will keep you entertained for a while, and you won’t lack for originality.

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