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Deja Vu Kodi addon is a brand spanking new addon that is rising in the ranks for most downloaded Kodi addon quickly.

Offering a wide range of streams and sections which are different from the norm, including 24/7 streams of US Cable Shows and random movies. Déjà vu is a pretty cute add on and unique at that.


Fair warning, many of the streams have been specifically developed and structured around you have a Real Debrid account. For a subscription as little as 2.50 euros a month (if you buy a 180-day pass for 16 euros) you can get access to 50+ high speed paid servers and unlimited traffic for 4 devices.

You might think, why would I need unlimited access to servers. Because you don’t have to find a working link. If you synchronize Real Debrid with your add on (Real Debrid works with pretty much all major add ons) then your first links will come from Real Debrid. Also giving you access to 4K and HD links, with high quality. You also get high-speed downloads up to 1Gbps.

If you really want to unleash the power of this add on, do yourself a favor and pay for Real Debrid. You’ll never want to go back.





Common Errors

Here are the most common errors you might come across with Déjà vu:

  • Could not connect to URL/Download: You will get this error when you are trying to install Déjà vu. First, check that you have typed in the URL exactly. For example, don’t type “http” when it should be “https”. If the URL is right, then click to install again. Sometimes the server may receive multiple requests and bounce one back. If you still don’t get any joy, then read our in-depth guide to go through further steps to fix this error. 
  • Source not working/slow/frozen: Déjà vu has made a name for itself by curating great content and high-quality links. But as we all know links change, break and sometimes are dog slow. When you first connect to a link, give it enough time to work. Often people use Kodi thinking it will just be like switching on a TV. Add ons take time to connect to the source and let them start buffering. You might need to wait up to 15 seconds before you write off a link. Also, try to refresh the link to see if it’s a server error. If the problem, persist then read our guide linked above for more fixes.


Déjà vu is a great add on, and we are sure it’s going to become one of the community tops add ons soon. It covers a big range of content, but the specific tailoring around Real Debrid is a nice touch and something not too many other add ons do.

Déjà vu concentrate on curated lists of content that have high-quality links. So, you don’t get as big a range of content as you would with other add ons. But you do get quality links and ones that work.

One to download and watch for the future.

Déjà Vu film categories include:

  • New releases or hot content (Currently Stranger Things 3)
  • 4K UHD Movies
  • Latest Movies One Click
  • Debrid Latest Movies, Classic Movies, Classic Movie Torrents
  • 24/7 Continuous Play Movies, TV Shows and US Cable
  • Klassic Kids TV
  • Kids
  • Documentaries
  • YouTube videos
  • Jukebox collection
  • Online Radio
  • The Comedians (18+)
  • Worldwide CCTV
  • Live in Concert
  • Footy Fan zone
  • Authorize Debrid



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How to Install Deja Vu Addon on Kodi with Screenshots

1. From the home screen, select the cogwheel at the upper left.

Step 1 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi

2. Select System in the bottom right corner.

Step 2 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


3. Select Add-ons on the left side of the screen.

Step 3 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


4. Select Unknown sources.

Step 4 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


5. Click Yes to allow unknown sources.

Step 5 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


6. Select File manager.

Step 6 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


7. Click Add source.

Step 7 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


8. Click on <None>.

Step 8 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


9. Type exactly:

Step 9 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


10. Click on OK.

Step 10 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi

11. Select enter a name for this media source.

Step 11 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


12. Name is Deja Vu (this part isn’t critical as long as you remember the name).

Step 12 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


13. Click on OK.

Step 13 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


14. Click on OK.

Step 14 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


15. Take one step back and click on Add-ons.

Step 15 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


16. Select install from zip file.

Step 16 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


17. Click on Deja Vu (or whatever you named the source).

Step 17 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


18. Click on

Step 18 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


19. Select on Install from repository.

Step 19 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


20. Click on Dejavu Repo

Step 20 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


21. Pick Video add-ons.

Step 21 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


22. Select Deja Vu again.

Step 22 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


23. Click on Install. 

Step 23 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


24. Select OK after reviewing the add-ons that will be installed.

Step 24 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


25. You should see a popup in the upper right corner saying Deja Vu has installed. There will actually be multiple popups for the various components.

Step 25 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi


26. Click on Open to start the Deja Vu add-on.

Step 26 Installing Deja Vu addon on Kodi

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