How to Fix Web Request Failed Kodi Error With These 2 Easy Ways

You’re in the middle of watching a live stream of your favourite sport, and suddenly you get a web request failed error, and you’re howling wondering if your team scored that crucial goal.

In this guide we cover what a web request error is, why they happen and outline 2 easy fixes as well as one that a lot of people forget to cover.

What is a Web Request Failed Error?

A web request error also known as a 400 Bad Request Error, is a status code from a HTTP. Basically, it means that the server was unable to process your connection request.

The request error though could come from either client side or server side. As there may be nothing wrong with your request, the server just isn’t able to handle it at the time.

Why Does it Happen?

There are a couple of reasons why you get a web request error. Firstly, they are almost always associated with viewing IPTV, or Live TV streamed through a device. So, your device is constantly requesting an updated data stream from a server which is streaming a live show. So, this would be common with live sports.

The 2 main reasons for getting a web request error are:

  • High Volume of Traffic:

    This is common if you are trying to watch a popular sporting event for free. Like a big boxing fight, or an NFL match. Lots of other people are requesting data from the server at the same time. Other people, as well as bots and scripts. A server can become overloaded with the number of requests. If the requests reach a critical level, the server will start rejecting requests, by throwing out web request failed errors. Though many providers get around this by forcing users to verify their details through Captcha

  • Region Restricted Content:

    Online content is often restricted by the region your IP address is registered too. Netflix is the best example of this. If you are in the US you can only access US Netflix, not France or Japan. If you are in the US and trying to watch a stream from the UK of a Premier League Football match then you may keep getting web request failed errors, because your IP shows that you are based in a different country. Like the first reason, allowing request processing by region is another way for servers to protect themselves against a high number of requests.

Common Fixes

There are some easy fixes, which should remedy any web request errors you get, so you don’t have to miss out on that crucial point in your next live sports event.

Enable RTMP Input

By far the most common fix is going into your settings and enabling RTMP, before we cover how, let’s just clear up a bit of jargon and explain what it is.

What is RTMP?

RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol. Without RTMP your device will download and cache a file based upon a standard bit rate, set by the device. Problem is if your internet has a bad connection, or for some other reason there is a mismatch between client and server, then you’ll either get endless amounts of the streaming circle of death, or just get a web request error.

RTMP allows your device to adjust your streaming quality to the quality of your internet. So, if you have great speed broadband, you get full quality, but poorer connections mean a lower quality but a consistent picture.

This is great for reducing bandwidth and increasing connectivity.

How to I Enable RTMP?

To enable RTMP we need to download a specific Add On:

  1. Navigate to the Kodi main menu
  2. Click Add ons
  3. Go to Video Player Input Stream
  4. Enable RTMP Input
  5. Enable Input Stream Adaptive
  6. Restart Kodi

With RTMP installed, this should fix most of your web request errors, by adjusting your bit rate speed.

Reinstall the Add On

Sometimes an add one you have downloaded and installed may be corrupted. Whenever you download add ons make sure that it comes from an official source which you can find in one of our guides or just looking around Google.

Downloading add ons from unofficial sources could also lead to your device being infected with Malware.

You add on could also just need to be reinstalled with the most up to date version.

Simply go to Kodi add ons, uninstall the add on that’s giving you trouble and reinstall it using an official source URL.

Are You Using a VPN?

This is a less common fix but one worth thinking about.

First, you shouldn’t be using Kodi without a VPN. VPN’s allow you to browse and stream potentially illegal content in a way that keep you protected and anonymous.

A trusted VPN client will keep you anonymous by encrypting your connection between your device and their DNS server, meaning that your Internet Service provider will not be able to tell what you are doing, or what target URL’s you are visiting.

This also means that your data can’t be logged, or your activities tracked by either your ISP or other third parties.

Plus, another major benefit of using a VPN is that you can circumvent region restricted content. 

VPN’s like IPVanish will give you access to thousand of serves based across 60+ countries, which means you can connect to a server which based in the country that you want to stream content from.

So, if you are on holiday in France and want to watch the NBA game, you simply connect to a US based server through your VPN, and then stream the game through your Kodi add on.

Find a New Source

If you continue to get persistent web request errors, then the source may simply be over run with requests and you might be better off searching for a better source, or even paying for an IPTV provider like Streams for Us which starts at $7 per month and gives you access to 8,000+ channels, or Sports TV which starts at $14.95 per month, and also gives you access to over 8,000 channels.

Like a lot of things with Kodi. Free is good. But paying even a little bit extra can make a massive difference, if quality and speed is important to you. As well as stability.

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