How to Clear Cache on Kodi?

In this quick guide, we cover a fundamental item of maintenance with Kodi. We talk briefly about what a cache is and why it’s important to clear it, and 3 great tools to clear cache on Kodi whatever device you use.

What is a Cache?

Cache Image

When you think of a cache, you think of a web browser. Just like the web, Kodi caches or saves snippets of media so that the second time you load a page, piece of content of cover art you don’t have to wait.

Caching is crucial to allow you have a smooth and seamless experience on all your addons.

Why is Clearing Cache Important?

These media snippets will build up over time, and each piece takes up memory. Some caches are bigger than others, as they take up storage space on your device. Your cache is going to be much bigger on a Nvidia Shield than an Amazon Firestick.

Clearing cache is important as less images stored means faster content, loading and speed for your device. Also left too long your Kodi device will start throwing off error messages, and in the worst case your addons may be slow, freeze or even stop working once your cache is full.

Often the most space in your cache will be taken up by images, old thumbnails and addons you no longer use.

Good maintenance every month will ensure Kodi works the best it can, all the time.

3 Tools to Clear Cache on Kodi

Unlike your web browser Kodi, doesn’t have an inbuilt function to clear cache, so here are three great addons you can install to get your Kodi back up to speed.

Indigo Addon

Indigo Addon Logo

Indigo is the most popular maintenance addon on Kodi, so should be your first port of call.

    1. Install Indigo from this URL: , if you don’t know how to install addons you can read our in-depth guide here <LINK>
    2. Once installed run Indigo
    3. Click on Maintenance Tools


  • You are looking for “Clear Cache” which will list the size of the file within your cache and easily allow you to clear and permanently delete the files


  1. If you need to free up space you can also delete thumbnails which tends to take up a huge amount of space, and even run “Auto Maintenance” to get the best out of your Kodi

Supreme Builds Wizard

Supreme Builds Wizard Image

Supreme is a great wizard which has several good builds as well as an in-depth maintenance section we love, because you also get the option to “Fresh Start” reinstall Kodi if nothing else is working.

  1. Install Supreme Builds Wizard from: 
  2. When running through the Install ignore the Builds Menu
  3. Click on Supreme Builds through the addons menu and navigate to the Maintenance section
  4. There’s a tonne of great section here, we want cleaning tools, but you also have lots of miscellaneous fixes, and the ability to show all areas that need maintenance and turn on Auto Clean which will run whenever you start Kodi
  5. In the Cleaning Tools section click “Clear Cache”, as well as “Clear Thumbnails”

Merlin Wizard

Merlin Wizard Logo

Merlin Auto Cleaner has been around a few years, and like Supreme Builds also offers an automatic cleaning function whenever you launch Kodi.

    1. Install Merlin Auto Cleaner from:


  • Run the addon and select from all the great sections, you also get a free data back up tool with Merlin, we find it to be the best highly specialised Kodi cleaning addon around. For people who like to tinker.



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