How to Add Photos to Kodi

As an all in one entertainment centre, Kodi would not be complete without a versatile image library and browsing section.

Kodi can be used as a great way to show the family your holiday photos, create great presentations and even add some cool background music.

Kodi is a popular media library because it allows you to add such a diverse range of image files, including Standard, RAW (Support for RAW formats was reinstated and improved in Kodi 18 “Leia”) and Stereoscopic file formats, the file types currently supported include:

  • .anpg
  • .bmp
  • .cbr
  • .cbz
  • .gif.ico
  • .jp2
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .pcx
  • .png
  • .rss
  • .tga
  • .tif
  • .tiff
  • .webp
  • .zip
  • .arw
  • .cr2
  • .dng
  • .nef
  • .mpo

The Only Way to Add Photos to Kodi

Adding to photos couldn’t be easier, there’s nothing complicated and there is only one way to add photos to Kodi.

1. Start from the Kodi Home Screen

Step 1 Adding Pictures to Kodi

2. From the left-hand side menu click “Pictures”

Step 2 Adding Pictures to Kodi

3. Then on the new popup select “Add Pictures…”

Step 3 Adding Pictures to Kodi

4. From there a new pop up appears where you can browse, add and remove media images

Step 4 Adding Pictures to Kodi

In order to add images to Kodi they must already be installed and copied onto your Kodi device, this is what Kodi will search when it looks for media images.

Kodi’s Functions With Images

Kodi is way more than just a simple image library, they have quite a few features which can really help to bring your images to life.

When you click into Pictures and have your newly populated library you can choose several viewing options

  • View Slideshow: Images will display in order of being uploaded
  • Recursive Slideshow: You can sort images by category, this can be a bit fiddly initially using a tagging system, but means that you can show custom slideshows, for example if you want to show your latest holiday photos, or what you did with the kids last weekend
  • Randomise: Images will be displayed at random

You also adjust the time of the image shown during the slideshow, as a default its set to 5 seconds, and you can enable or disable pan and zoom effects.

You can also have your slideshow to the soothing sounds of some of your favourite music, and set background music to play while showing your slide show:

  1. From the home screen, go to Music, select the music file that you want to play
  2. Go back to the home screen and then Pictures and start your slideshow. Music will continue to play over your photos

You can also use Kodi to read comics. Kodi supports CBZ and CBR file formats, which means you can read glorious full-size comics in high quality, current Kodi addons which support comics include:

  • Break Pictures
  • Cyanide and Happiness
  • Daily Dilbert
  • Dilbert
  • Dumpert
  • Flickr
  • Garfield

You can also use screensaver addons to change your favourite images into a screensaver for your TV, there are tonnes of cool addons you can access from the official Kodi library including:

  • Anime Fan Art Saver
  • Bing Photos of the Week
  • Multi Slide Show Screen Saver
  • Star Trek LCARS Screen Saver

You can rip your favourite photos from online and have them as static screen savers or have slideshows.

Kodi really is incredibly versatile when it comes to adding and displaying images, which is only complemented by a huge range of available addons.


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