How to Add Music to Kodi

Kodi Leia, the 18th version of the globally popular home entertainment software has brought a whole host od music files which can now be supported. Opening the door for an even better experience, in this short but in-depth guides, we are covering everything you need to know to learn how to add music to Kodi.

Adding a Music Section to the Kodi Home Menu

First, if you love music, and want to use Kodi as your main library to listen to music at home or on the go, then you want to make sure you can quickly access your music from the home menu.

This instruction guide is for Kodi 18’s default skin Estuary, each skin should have a simple way to add a music section on your home screen.

  1. Make sure “Estuary” is your active skin, you can do this be going to: Settings > Interface Settings > Skin > Skin (right-hand side – click) > Choose Estuary
  2. Now to turn on the Music icon, return to the Kodi Home screen, or just back to the Skin Menu, now you want to click “Configure Skin”
  3. Click “Pick Main Menu Items”
  4. You’ll see several categories including Music, slide the toggle bar so the Music section appears white
  5. Music will now appear on the home screen next to Movies and TV

First Time Adding Music to Kodi

Now you have the music section button on your home screen, your ready to start adding all your favourite tunes.

Prior to doing this, you will need to copy across any music you want uploaded onto Kodi, on your Kodi device. 

  1. Click on your Music icon on the Home screen
  2. Click “Add Music”
  3. Click “Browse for music”, Kodi will now scan your device for any applicable audio files which can then be uploaded
  4. Once Kodi has finished scanning and uploading your library, you can return to the Home screen and click Music
  5. Kodi will fetch all relevant cover art and you can easily navigate your titles by Genres, Artists, Albums, Singles and much more

Adding New Music Sources to Kodi

After you’ve started your initial library, when it comes to adding more sources you need to follow some slightly different steps to add more sources.

  1. Go to the Kodi home menu, then Music, and scroll the top categories icons which is displayed above your music collection, you are looking for a category called “Files” between Roles and Music addons
  2. After clicking files, you will see a familiar pop up where you can add and remove music sources as well as browse for more music to upload
  3. Once uploaded your music will be categorized and added to your existing library

Manage Your Music Library

Music Library Mange Image

Once your library is set up its easy, to re-scan files using the method above or highlight songs and albums that you want to remove.

We also recommend you install some additional music addons, so you never have to pay for music again, and can easily find complementary music to add to your collection.

Here are a few recommended music addons for Kodi:

Best Music Add on Image

All Kinds of Music: As the title suggests this has a huge range of music and genres, as well as the latest tunes from the Billboard Top 100.

MP3 Streams: A massive back catalogue of music, be aware that some songs may only be 30 second snippets, so check the length before downloading.

Thunderstruck: Primarily concentrates on classic rock and country music, but has a massive back catalogue of tunes, and makes it easy to search by artist.


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