Fix Failed to Install a Dependency Kodi Error

Dependency errors are not that common, but when they happen it can be frustrating trying to get to the bottom of them.

In this guide, we look at what dependencies, are, why we get these types of errors, and a multitude of different ways to fix them.


What is a Dependency?

A dependency is a system file that your add-on needs to be fun.

If you treat Kodi like an Operating System, then all the add ons built for that system, rely on certain files being present to function properly. From how the screen is laid out to how you navigate files and the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Without the necessary dependencies, your add-on or build just won’t run.




Why Am I Getting a Dependency Kodi Error?

Getting a dependency error doesn’t tell you what dependency is missing, or whether it’s 1 or 10 that needs to be installed.

The addon or build installation wizard will scan your Kodi installation and have a checklist of files that it needs to run.

If the checklist shows any of these files to be missing, then you get the dependency Kodi error.


How to Fix It?

Luckily for once, the problem won’t be with the addon in question, unless it’s bleeding-edge brand new and the developer has made a mistake asking for a dependency that doesn’t exist. The problem will be with your installation of Kodi.

We cover the 2 most common fixes which tend to be clearing cache (the Kodi equivalent of switching your computer off and on) or installing an addon to make up for any missing dependencies.

All the way through to just saying “**** it” and fresh installing Kodi so that you can start again.

With so many files from unknown sources being installed on Kodi, the chances of your system getting corrupted are high.

Clear Cache

We’ve covered in-depth how to clear cache in other articles. A cache is the short-term memory store within Kodi. This could be anything from your system saving the first few seconds of a video to the images for the art for each media title.

Kodi saves processing time by caching these items so they can be loaded quickly.

However, over time your cache fills up, becomes bloated, and starts to slow down the rest of your system.

Kodi by itself does not have a maintenance function to clear cache, you’ll need to install an addon like Looking Glass.

Alternatively, you can use Indigo, Ares Wizard, or Raw Maintenance.

Follow these steps for Looking Glass:

  1. Starting from your Kodi home screen go to settings
  2. Then File Manager, Add Source, and select Add None
  3. In the URL pop up window enter the following URL:
  4. Name the file and then go to Add ons, and install from zip file
  5. The file will unzip and then you can go back to Add ons and install Looking Glass
  6. Then open the add on from the home screen, click settings, and then “clear cache”
  7. Once the cache is cleared restart Kodi and see if the problem persists with your install

Clear cache will fix most errors, but if not keep working through the list.


Update Kodi

Potentially your addon may be optimized for a newer version of Kodi. Kodi tends to update every 2-3 months and has a major new version released once a year.

If you haven’t used Kodi for a while you may just need to go to:

Download the latest version for your device.


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Install TV Add Ons Repository

Add ons can use over 100 dependencies, you can go through Kodi settings and manually update each dependency. But surely there must be an add on to that for you.

Luckily there is with the awesome TV Add Ons repository, not only do you get access to some great add ons which help with all kinds of Kodi problems, you also get a nice big file of dependencies which many common Kodi add ons need and may be omitted in a regular Kodi install.

Get the add on using the following steps:

  1. From home screen go to settings, file manager, add source and add none
  2. Type in:
  3. Name the source Fusion
  4. Go back a screen to Add ons
  5. Open the little box at the top left of the menu, install Fusion from zip file
  6. Choose Kodi-Repos from the install screen
  7. English
  8. Then
  9. Your dependencies have now been unzipped and installed


Restore Add Ons File

If your problem persists, then your base add ons file may be corrupted and need to be deleted.

This file is called Addons27.db. The good news is you don’t have to reinstall anything, as it opens a fresh file when you restart Kodi.

Get rid of the file by:

  1. From the Kodi home screen go to Setting
  2. Then go File Manage, profile Directory, Database
  3. Scroll through until you find a file called Addons27.db and delete it
  4. Relaunch Kodi

Try to reinstall your add on or build


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Fresh Install of Kodi

Finally, if all else fails, then you may just need to bite the bullet and do a fresh install.

We’re operating on the idea that this addon is commonly used which you are trying to install, and you have tried all other methods. Potentially it could be a pain if you already have a tonne of other add ons installed.

But ultimately your inability to install this addon means that somewhere along the way, some of the system files for Kodi have been corrupted. Instead, of tearing your hair out for hours trying to fix it, just fresh install Kodi and start over again.

If even after doing this the addon is still getting a dependency error then trust us, the problem is not Kodi it’s your addon!


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Step 2 Install IPVanish


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Step 5 Install IPVanish


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Step 6 Install IPVanish


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Step 8 Install IPVanish


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Step 8 Install IPVanish


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