In this article, I’ll be listing down the best VPNs for Mac.


Choosing a VPN for your Mac can be challenging due to the large number of options available. There are hundreds of VPN providers to choose from, and one must consider several factors. These factors include security protocols used, available VPN server locations, cost of the service, customer support, and so much more.

The good news is that VPNs are becoming more and more accessible on Mac. As more and more people use their Macs for work and play, the need for a VPN provider is growing. And even though the Mac platform has many security measures built-in, there is still no Silver Bullet for protection against hackers and data snoopers. Using VPN services provides better online anonymity and privacy to unblock websites and other geo-restricted content from different locations.

So here, we will give you the information you need to have a well-informed decision when choosing your VPN provider.




What Makes a VPN Good for Mac

If you’re looking for the best VPN for Mac, you can check out the following criteria, which will allow you to access the internet with ease:

  • Privacy & Security
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Protocols and Encryptions
  • Server Locations
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Number of simultaneous connections
  • Unblocking of geo-restricted content and services


List of Best VPN for Mac


1. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for Mac users. It helps you to access unsafe or censored content with its anonymous protocols. Its Military-Grade Encryption provides traffic protection from cybercriminals and ISPs. The VPN can also be used on an unlimited number of devices for maximum convenience, so even if you have more than one Mac, your device will always have IPVanish protection. It is one of the most secure VPNs available, whether you are using it on your Mac or other Apple products.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.11 or later

Speed: 84Mbps

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Safety and Security: DNS Leak Blocking, First-party DNS, IPV6 Leak Blocking, and supports TCP Port 443, and VPN Kill Switch

Log Policy: Strict zero log policy

Country of Origin: US

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix (US & Japan), Youtube, and Disney+

Protocols and Encryption: IKEV2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec protocols, and AES-256 encryption

Number of Servers: 40,000+ IP addresses in 1,600+ Servers from over 75 locations

Kill Switch: Yes

P2P: Yes

Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

Price: $3.49/month (Monthly Subscription) and $2.62/month (Yearly Subscription)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Customer Support: 24/7 customer support is available via live chat, email, and phone


Pros and Cons of IPVanish


  • Its API Load Balancing will automatically suggest the fastest VPN server for your connection
  • Excellent customer support
  • Unlimited devices can be connected to IPVanish simultaneously
  • Great for torrenting and downloading


  • It doesn’t unblock some of the major streaming apps


2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the top choices for a VPN for Mac based on its lightning-speed connection speeds and thousands of servers to choose from. It has a sleek UI with ad-free, secure, and simple-to-use open-source apps. In addition, the service protects your online privacy by not storing any of your personal information or browsing history.

macOS Requirement: macOS 10.10 or later

Speed: 135Mbps

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Safety and Security: 256-bit AES encryption, multiple security protocols, kill switch, split tunneling, TrustedServer Technology, leak protection

Log Policy: No activity and connection logs

Country of Origin: British Virgin Islands

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu

Protocols and Encryption: Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP protocols, 256-bit AES encryption with RSA-4096 and SHA-512 HMAC authentication

Number of Servers: 3,000 servers from 160 VPN locations in 94 countries

Kill Switch: Yes

P2P: Yes

Simultaneous connections: 5 devices

Price: $12.95 (1 Month),  $9.99/month (6 Months), $6.67/month (15 Months *with free 3 months)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN


  • Its multilingual interface lets you choose from 16 languages 
  • Features an advanced leak protection
  • Lets you create shortcuts for your most used and favorite apps and services


  • More expensive than other VPN providers
  • Few simultaneous connections



ReviewVPN cannot attest to the legality, security and privacy of the applications discussed on this site. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service while streaming or using Kodi.

Currently, your IP is visible to everyone and your Browser is being tracked by Advertisers & ISP Provider.

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Here are the main reasons why you must use a VPN:

  • Your activities are hidden from your ISP, the government, and from the apps you are using.
  • You can access additional movies and TV streams.
  • ISP attempts to throttle are thrwarted thus reducing buffering issues.
  • Geographically restricted content like Netflix and Hulu can be unblocked.

A VPN works be replacing your ISP-assigned IP address and creating an encrypted tunnel. We recommend the no log service offered by IPVanish. It works well on a Firestick and offers the fastest possible speeds.

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3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is trusted by more than 38 million users, and that’s not for no good reason. It is a very affordable solution for implementing a VPN on your Mac. The secure encryption and perfect privacy features will make your online presence anonymous and protected at all times. You can use CyberGhost VPN to enjoy access to restricted websites, safe downloading, gaming, streaming TV, music, and much more.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.12 or later

Speed: 58Mbps

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Safety and Security: Prevents all DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks

Log Policy: Strictly adheres to no logs policy

Country of Origin: Romania

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll

Protocols and Encryption: OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard protocols, AES-256 encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys, and SHA256 authentication

Number of Servers: 7,600 VPN servers from 91 countries

Kill Switch: Yes, it has an automatic Kill Switch feature

P2P: Yes

Simultaneous connections: 7 devices

Price: $12.99 (1 Month), $3.99/month (1 Year), $3.49/month (2 Years), and $2.25/month (3 Years *Plus free 3 Months)

Money-Back Guarantee: 45-day money-back guarantee

Customer Support: 24/7 live Customer Support


Pros and Cons of CyberGhost


  • You can try it for free for 24 hours
  • Strong encryption
  • The company is dedicated to transparency
  • It offers the longest money-back guarantee


  • Has a slow speed compared to other VPN providers


4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a well-known VPN provider for Mac users. It lets you connect up to ten devices at once and provides unlimited bandwidth, downloads, and browsing. PIA allows you to use your Mac the way it was intended without worrying about someone monitoring your every move. It also lets you bypass censorship and communicate freely with the rest of the world.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.13 or later

Speed: 98Mbps

Bandwidth: Unlimited 

Safety and Security: DNS Leak Blocking, First-part DNS, IPV6 Leak Blocking, Supports TCP Port 443, Kill Switch, WebRTC Leak Blocking, and Ad-blocker

Log Policy: Strict no-logs policy

Country of Origin: USA

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, and Hulu

Protocols and Encryption: Wireguard, PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP protocols,  AES-128 and AES-256 encryption

Number of Servers: 30,462+ VPN servers in 78 countries

Kill Switch: Yes

P2P: Yes

Simultaneous connections: 10 devices

Price: $9.95 (1 Month), $3.33/month (1 Year), and $2.69/month (2 years)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Customer Support: 24/7 real-time customer support


Pros and Cons of Private Internet Access


  • Offers SOCKS5 encrypted proxy
  • Has a built-in ad-blockers
  • Includes a private browser


  • Doesn’t offer split tunneling
  • Not all locations of Netflix can be unblocked


5. SurfShark

Surfshark VPN for Mac comes with everything you need to keep your online traffic safe and private. Its security protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN tend to use 2048-bit encryption keys, and AES 256-bit makes decrypting encrypted data more difficult for hackers and service providers. Surfshark VPN can also be set to automatically disable specific programs through a kill switch if you accidentally disconnect from the VPN service, ensuring that unencrypted traffic does not reach your device.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.12 or later

Speed: 126Mbps

Bandwidth: No bandwidth limitations

Safety and Security: CleanWeb, Camouflage Mode, MultiHop, KillSwitch, Private DNS, Leak Protection, and Two-Facto Authentication 

Log Policy: Strict no-logs policy

Country of Origin: British Virgin Islands

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Hulu, Dazn, and Hotstar

Protocols and Encryption: IKEv2, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, and Wireguard Protocols as well as AES-256 encryption

Number of Servers: 3,200 servers in 65 countries

Kill Switch: Yes 

P2P: Yes 

Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

Price: $12.95 (1 Month), $6.49/month (6 Months) , and $2.49/month (24 Months) 

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee 

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat and e-mail support


Pros and Cons of SurfShark


  • An unlimited number of devices can be connected simultaneously
  • Offers MultiHop and Cleanweb
  • Can unblock most streaming apps 


  • High-priced VPN plan
  • Limited P2P services


6. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the top VPN services available, ensuring your online privacy and security across all of your devices. It will allow you to browse the Internet while connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots with high-speed connection protection. With NordVPN, you can unblock geo-restricted content, keep your network traffic secure and private without losing your internet speed, and securely share P2P files.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.12 or later

Speed: 115 Mbps

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Safety and Security: AES-256 encryption, DNS protection, kill switch, Double VPN, Onion over VPN, and Advanced CyberSec Technology

Log Policy: No logs policy

Country of Origin: Panama

Unblocked Streaming App/s: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon Prime

Protocols and Encryption: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and NordLynx (WireGuard)

Number of Servers: 5,400 VPN servers in 59 countries

Kill Switch: Yes

P2P: Yes

Simultaneous connections: 6 devices

Price: $11.95 (1 Month), – $4.92/month (1 Year), $4.13/month (2 Years)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Customer Support: 24/7 customer support via live chat and e-mail


Pros and Cons of NordVPN


  • Offers Onion over VPN
  • Features Advanced CyberSec Technology
  • Fast download and upload speed


  • Doesn’t have split tunneling
  • Limited servers for torrenting


Free VPN for Mac That You Might Want To Consider

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a good VPN for Mac users that don’t need a lot of extra functionalities. While TunnelBear doesn’t have as many features as some of the other VPNs on this list, it does provide a fairly basic VPN experience for Mac users who wish to protect their connection. It allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and without being tracked by your ISP. Built from the trust, security, and privacy, TunnelBear is an easy VPN solution for macOS that keeps your browsing fast, simple, and safe.


macOS Requirement: macOS 10.12 or later

Speed: 29.73 Mbps

Bandwidth: 500MB

Safety and Security: Strong IP and DNS leak protection

Log Policy: Does not log any activity of the customer

Country of Origin: Canada

Unblocked Streaming App/s: HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Kodi player

Protocols and Encryption: uses military-grade AES-256 encryption along with SHA-256 for authentication and implements OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols

Number of Servers: 3,000 servers from 38 countries

Kill Switch: Yes, it is called VigilantBear

P2P: None

Simultaneous connections: Up to 5 devices for the paid plan

Price: Starts at $3.33/month

Money-Back Guarantee: None for the paid subscription

Customer Support: Only offers e-mail support and chat with a help bot


Pros and Cons of TunnelBear


  • Has an efficient built-in ad blocker
  • Can bypass China’s Great Firewall


  • Not fast enough for long-distance gaming
  • Paid VPNs tend to give more features 


Do’s and Dont’s With A Mac VPN

To Do

  • Connect all your devices to your VPN provider
  • Set up maximum security protocols for your device
  • Update your software regularly 


Not To Do

  • Give out personal information to third parties even while connected to a server
  • Forget to connect to a VPN before surfing the web
  • Use weak passwords 


Install IPVanish on Firestick with Screenshots

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

1.  Click Home on your remote and click “Find”.

Step 1 Install IPVanish


2. Click “Search”

Step 2 Install IPVanish


3. You can either say IPVanish to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

Step 3 Install IPVanish


4. Click on the IPVanish icon.

Step 4 Install IPVanish


5. Click on Download

Step 5 Install IPVanish


6. Wait to download.

Step 6 Install IPVanish


7.  Wait to install.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


8.  Click on Open.

Step 8 Install IPVanish


9.  Input your username and password to log in.


10. Click Connect.

Learn more about IPVanish. Get an IPVANISH now.



What does a VPN for Mac do?

A VPN service provides privacy and security for Mac users. It not only hides your online activity from prying eyes, but it also bypasses firewalls set up by ISPs and national governments to give you an unrestricted Internet experience. You can use the Internet freely with a Mac and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.


Why do I need a VPN for my Mac?

There’s no reason to not use a VPN on your Mac, as Macs are just as vulnerable to various kinds of cyberattacks. Whether you’re using a public Wi-Fi hot spot, checking your bank account on a public computer, or just want to browse the internet securely and privately, having a VPN is part of the solution.


Is using a VPN for my Mac safe?

Yes, because the primary goal of a VPN is to provide users with safety and security across all devices especially for Mac. 


Is VPN legal?

Yes, using a VPN is 100% legal. 



Macs are known for being hassle-free, secure, and safe from viruses. But, there are Cyber threats out there for everyone, and there have even been past alerts that Mac and iOS users could be infected by malware through some of the most popular apps. Although there aren’t many Mac viruses, it’s still a good idea to use a VPN for Mac to secure important data stored on your device from cyber-attacks. Aside from that, numerous VPN providers are compatible with both Mac and iOS devices, allowing Apple users to take advantage of the benefits of having a VPN.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best VPNs for Mac. We hope that by providing you with a list of the best VPNs, we were able to help you in finding the VPN for your Mac device that best suits your needs.

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