Best Torrent Sites for Movies

In this article, we will discuss the best torrent sites for movies. A torrent file contains trackers and files; the file contains the size, name, cryptographic hash values, and folder structure. Torrent files usually end with .torrent extension.

Torrent sites are the site hosting torrent file on their database. There are many torrent files these days that the majority of them are copyrighted and this poses a lot problem to torrent site users. So if you fond of downloading torrent files especially movies, ensure they are genuine and have copyright.




Below is the Lists of Top Torrent Sites for Movies

  • The Pirate Bay
  • YTS
  • Torrentz2
  • 1337x
  • Kickass
  • Torrent Galaxy
  • Zooqle
  • LimeTorrents


The Pirate Bay


This one of the major torrent sites around and has been in service for the past ten years. The founders of this torrent site have undergone lots of trial such as being arrested and sent to jail. The pirate bay torrent site houses tons of movies, software, games, ebooks, apps, and lots more.

They also have a search bar where you can search for magnet links and other downloadable torrent files.


Features of the Pirate Bay Torrent Site:

  • Free to use
  • Access to magnet lin
  • No registration required before downloading
  • A huge database of ebook, movies, music, software, and lots more.




This torrent site was launched in 2008 and still work perfectly well. One good side of this torrent site is that it has got tons of magnet links and torrent files such as movies, music, books, apps, software and so much more. 

This torrent file has a searching feature where you can easily search for a file without having to go through all the files on their database. 

It has a meta-description feature which allows you to preview the information of any torrent file you wish to download. 

In the movie category; the meta-description shows; the plot, year of production, actors, genre IMDB rating, and lots more. This site has been banned in many countries such as Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, the united kingdom, and Greece. However, people from banned countries can still access this torrent site by installing a VPN on their device.


Features of RARBG Torrent Site:

  • Give access to searching of movies and another torrent file
  • Houses tones of torrent file such as software and tv shows torrent file.
  • Free to use
  • Has top trending downloadable movie torrents.




As of writing this, the YTS is the best-known movie torrent site. The YTS houses over 15,423 torrent movies. One good side of the YTS torrent site is that the movies it has are all in high definition quality such as 3D, 2160P, 1080P, 720, and 4k. YTS has easy to use interface with each movie having a screenshot and trailers.


Features of YTS Torrent Site

  • Free to use
  • Has search bar for easier searching of torrent files
  • It gives you access to share files to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and lots more.
  • High-quality movie torrents.
  • It offers you the ability to read IMDB reviews.
  • It allows you to browse genre, rating, date, and quality of movies.




This torrent site has a huge database of torrent movies. The Torrentz2 site has a meta-description search bar for BitTorrent and it’s the reincarnation of which was closed down 2016. This torrent site has some similarities with Google (that is indexing torrent sites). 

This Toorentz2 has demerits which are its users will not be able to upload contents on their site.


Features of Torrentz2 Site

  • It allows you to download multiple torrent files at the same time.
  • Has meta-description 
  • Houses trending music torrents, movie torrents, game torrents, anime torrents, ebooks, and lots more.




This torrent site has different torrent sites such as magnet links and torrent files. This torrent site has been in operation for the past 13 years and has been. You will have access to Television, movies, games, anime and lots more. You will also be able to download the trending torrent file as well.


Features of 1337x Torrent Site

  • Free to use
  • Gives you access to magnet link and torrent file for movies
  • Allows anonymous download of the torrent file
  • It allows you to have access to different torrents such as The Pirate Bay, OxTorrent, Kickass, LimeTorrents, and lots more.




This torrent site is founded by Kickass Torrents former staff and has similarity with other torrent sites offering music, game software, app torrent, movie software, tv-series, and lots more. One downside of this torrent site is that it links to NordVPN.


Features of Kickass Torrent Site

  • Completely free
  • Has top 10 torrents for movies
  • Offers magnet link and torrent file
  • Gives you access to add bookmarks and add torrent to personal RSS.


Torrent Galaxy


This torrent is one of the top torrent sites for movies. You can also find in this torrent site tons of tv shows and tv series and all are downloadable. The Torrent Galaxy site has magnet links. One downside of this torrent site is that it has lots of ad pop-ups and lots of phishing links. It allows you to download files very fast.


Features of Torrent Galaxy Site

  • It is free to use
  • Has magnet link and torrent files
  • Provides meta description
  • It has tons of books, music torrents, movie torrents, software torrents, and lots more.
  • You can stream movies and music videos online 




This torrent site has a huge database of users numbering up to 4 million users. You will find in this torrent site tons of music torrents, software torrents, picture torrents, game torrents, ebooks torrents, anime torrents, tv-series torrents, tv shows torrent and lots more.


Features of Zooqle Torrent Site

  • Free to use
  • Give you access to download files
  • Houses over 43,000 movie torrents.
  • Has TV calendar feature
  • Has advanced support search bar
  • Allows registered users to have access to RSS feeds and Setting up a subscription.




This is a well-known torrent site. The LimeTorrents has a huge database of movie torrents. Besides movie torrents, the LimeTorrent offers other torrent files such as anime, app torrents, music torrents, and lots more.


Features of LimeTorrents

  • Has magnet link and torrent file
  • Free to use
  • Provides gateway lin to other torrent sites such as 1337x, torrent downloads, torrenz2, and lots more.


Final Words

The above list is the top torrent site for movies. Most of the sites offer free downloads and uploads. So you might as well give them a try and check out the type of movies they have got. 



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