This article will provide you with a list of the best IPTV players available today.

IPTV has been a popular way of watching live TV, movies, television series, and VOD in recent years. This is due to the numerous benefits it offers its users, such as lower membership fees and more channels. However, to get the most out of your subscription, your streaming experience must be complemented by a high-quality IPTV player.

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Furthermore, in consideration of this, we’ve created a list of the best IPTV players currently available in the market. Following extensive study and testing such as validations and comparisons to IPTV and streaming patterns, we believe we’ve identified the industry’s best IPTV players at the present.

Moreover, these five IPTV players have everything you need to easily access, stream, and view your favorite content. Without further ado, here is a list of the best IPTV players for your Firestick or other devices.




Best IPTV Players

The best IPTV players and guides are listed here, along with their features and simple instruction on how to install them on Firestick. 

But let us remind you that you’ll need to jailbreak your Firestick and install the Downloader App on your device first to install these APKs for free.


IPTV Smarters Pro

If we’re talking about the best IPTV players, IPTV Smarters Pro would be a very popular IPTV player that many cord-cutters use. It enables you to load a playlist through an M3U URL, import data from a device, log in using the Xtream Codes API, or play a single stream. Moreover, this IPTV player is popular because it can be used on both Fire TV and Android and iOS devices. Apart from that, it features an attractive UI that sets it apart from the competition.



  • IPTV Smarters is available on both television and mobile device.
  • Supports the M3U URL format and the Xtream Codes API.
  • You can access the URL via internal storage or using an M3U URL.
  • Allows you to incorporate your VPN service straight into the application.
  • Supports Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Allows for the viewing of a single stream
  • Parental Control is available.


How to Install IPTV Smarters on Firestick

  1. On the Downloader App, type in “https://reviewvpn.com/iptvs”  then select “Go
  2. Simply wait for the IPTV Smarters Pro APK to download
  3. Then, click “Install.
  4. Once installation is complete, click “Open.
  5. That’s all; IPTV Smarters has now been installed on your device and you can begin configuring it.

You can read this post to learn more about IPTV Smarters and how to install it on other devices.

Perfect Player

Perfect Player logo

Perfect Player is one of the best and easiest IPTV players because of its user-friendly interface. On the upper section of the screen, you can immediately notice the options for playing and pausing channels, selecting a source (IPTV or files), video options, channel updates, and also its settings. Moreover, it provides for language selection, ensuring that people from all around the world may easily use this IPTV service through their Firestick. Apart from that, it supports M3U and XSPF files, which are not supported by some internal players.



  • EPG support through URL or file path
  • You can customize the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to your preferences.
  • There is an option to use Auto language or to select from a variety of other languages such as Arabic, Cestina, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Suomi, Francais, Hebrew, and a lot more.
  • The theme can be customized in a variety of layouts.
  • You can add a PIN to safeguard your IPTV service’s usage.
  • There are several playback options available.
  • Additional advanced features include EPG assign mode, Logos sources, Logos assign mode, Groups management mode, and Channels management mode.
  • This is a lightweight application that you can quickly install on your Firestick.


How to Install Perfect Player on Firestick

  1. On the Downloader App, type in “https://reviewvpn.com/ppl”  then select “Go
  2. Simply wait for the Perfect Player APK to download
  3. Then, click “Install.
  4. Then click “Open.”
  5. Simply read over their Terms of Use and click “Accept.”
  6. That’s it; Perfect Player has now been installed on your device, and you can begin using it to watch IPTV.

To learn more about Perfect Player, you may read here.


Install Surfshark on Firestick

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Legal Disclaimer: ReviewVPN.com does not encourage or endorse any illegal activity involved in the usage of services and applications referenced on this site. We do not verify the licensing agreements of services. The end-user is wholly responsible for ensuring that any media accessed through these services does not violate copyright and/or licensing laws. ReviewVPN does not promote, link to, or receive compensation from any Apps and IPTV services.



ReviewVPN cannot attest to the legality, security and privacy of the applications discussed on this site. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service while streaming or using Kodi.

Currently, your IP is visible to everyone and your Browser is being tracked by Advertisers & ISP Provider.

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Here are the main reasons why you must use a VPN:

  • Your activities are hidden from your ISP, the government, and from the apps you are using.
  • You can access additional movies and TV streams.
  • ISP attempts to throttle are thrwarted thus reducing buffering issues.
  • Geographically restricted content like Netflix and Hulu can be unblocked.

A VPN works be replacing your ISP-assigned IP address and creating an encrypted tunnel. We recommend the no log service offered by IPVanish. It works well on a Firestick and offers the fastest possible speeds.

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In addition to the list, the Tivimate IPTV player is also one of the most popular and the best IPTV players available today. You can add your IPTV service to your playlist using an M3U URL, Xtream codes, or Stalker Portal. Moreover, it offers both a premium and a free version, so you can choose the one that best suits your streaming needs. If you want extra features such as support for multiple playlists, favorites management, catch-up, and customized EPG update intervals, you can upgrade to the premium version. However, if you simply require the standard functionality of an IPTV player, you may always choose the free version to avoid having to pay.



  • Integration is possible via M3U URL, Xtream Codes, or the Stalker Portal.
  • You can integrate M3U by entering a URL, pasting it from the clipboard, or selecting a local playlist.
  • When using Xtream codes, it has the option of including VOD.
  • Allows you to create and recover backups of your data
  • It incorporates an EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • The premium version includes a five-day free trial.
  • Its premium version supports up to five devices.


How to Install Tivimate on Firestick

  1. On the Downloader App, type “http://reviewvpn.com/tiv” and click “Go.
  2. Then wait for the file to download.
  3. Select “Install.”
  4. Then, click “Open.”
  5. Select “Skip
  6. That’s it; you can now begin watching your favorite IPTV channels with Tivimate.

For more information about Tivimate and how to integrate it with your IPTV provider, click here.



The next inclusion on our list of the best IPTV Players is GSE Smart IPTV. GSE Smart IPTV is a powerful IPTV player that supports M3U and JSON playlists. The defining advantage of GSE Smart IPTV is that it supports an unlimited number of playlists, providing the user with virtually limitless options. Moreover, you can import playlists and data through an FTP server that supports M3U, JSON Playlists, and XMLTV EPG formats. Finally, GSE Smart IPTV has a Local Playlists section that gives samples of how to use the app and explore its features even if you haven’t yet linked your IPTV service



  • You can download and save playlists to a local playlist to enjoy faster streaming
  • Allows you to make use of hardware decoding/acceleration
  • You can configure Parental Controls.
  • Supports an electronic program guide with a one-click timeline option
  • Allows for one-click play
  • You can create a favorites list for your favorite media.
  • Sample playlists and channels are offered.
  • GSE IPTV, MX Player, or Silk Browser can all be used to view media.
  • It includes a search bar for easily locating channels.
  • Supports an unlimited number of playlists


How to Install GSE Smart IPTV on Firestick

  1. On the Downloader App, type in “https://gsesmartiptv.com” then click “Go
  2. Then scroll down and click on the “Download for Amazon devices” icon.
  3. The file will begin downloading.
  4. Click “Install.”
  5. After that, click “Open.”
  6. A pop-up window requesting permission to access the SD card will appear; simply click “Okay.”
  7. That’s all there is to it; GSE Smart IPTV has now been installed on your device.

For more information on GSE Smart IPTV, click here.



Lastly, XCIPTV Player makes our list of the best IPTV players. It lets you choose a panel type from the Xtream Codes API, the EZHomeTech API, or the M3U URL. Moreover, it includes an integrated VPN that can assist and sustain your connection while using your IPTV subscription. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that XCIPTV’s user interface is sleek and straightforward. Finally, XCIPTV was developed by OttRun, a popular IPTV player for Android and Fire TV.



  • Supports the Xtream Codes API, the EZHomeTech API, and the M3U URL for viewing IPTV.
  • It has a favorites section where you can keep track of your favorite media from your IPTV subscription.
  • Includes VOD with IMDb details
  • Provides a DVR (digital video recorder) for the recording of media
  • You may create backups of your settings, restore them, and sync them across various devices.
  • Access to Electronic Program Support (EPG)
  • Includes a built-in VPN


How to Install XCIPTV Player on Firestick

  1. On the Downloader App, type in “https://reviewvpn.com/xci” then click “Go”
  2. Simply wait for the XCIPTV Player APK to download.
  3. Click “Install.”
  4. Then click “Open.”
  5. That’s it; XCIPTV Player is now installed on your device, and you can begin entering the URL, username, and password.

To learn more about XCIPTV, you may read this review.


Stream Safely With the Best VPN for IPTV

surfshark logo

Fortunately, IPTV offers many benefits to its consumers, including the ability to watch premium live TV at a lower cost than cable subscriptions. However, while streaming live content online, protecting your connection is important. That is why VPNs are frequently used in conjunction with IPTV providers and IPTV players. However, not all VPNs function the same, and you need to ensure that you are only using the best VPN for IPTV. Moreover, because you’ll be using the best IPTV player, you should pair it with the best VPN service to protect your data.

Surfshark has long been a reputable VPN service due to its high-quality features such as AES-256 military-grade encryption and a variety of security protocols such as NordLynx, IKEv2/IPSec, and OpenVPN. Furthermore, it includes a kill switch, which acts as a third tier of protection in addition to Surfshark encryption and protocols. Apart from that, below are a few of its other significant features:

  • You can bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, allowing you to access even geo-restricted IPTV services.
  • It has a large number of connections available, with 3200+ servers in 65 countries
  • It’s ideal for everyday streaming because it includes unlimited bandwidth for watching any content from your IPTV subscription.
  • It supports unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can be guaranteed to secure all of your devices at the same time if you use your IPTV player across multiple devices.

Note: For more information about Surfshark, please read our Surfshark Review.


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How to Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

If your Firestick still has the older interface, read this article to learn how to update it: Update Firestick Interface.

Follow our screenshots below to install the SurfShark VPN app on your Fire TV stick.

1. Go to the Home screen of your Firestick.

step 1 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


2. Navigate towards the Find tab. Press the Search button from the resulting dropdown.

step 2 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


3. Type in the keyword of SurfShark and select from the suggestions that will appear.

step 3 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


4. Click the official SurfShark icon from your search results.

step 4 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


5. Press the Download (You own it) button.

step 5 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


6. The SurfShark VPN installer will download on your device.

step 6 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


7. SurfShark VPN’s app will automatically install itself on your Fire TV stick.

step 7 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


8. Press the Open button after completing SurfShark VPN’s installation process.

step 8 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


9. Please wait for the SurfShark VPN to load its user interface.

step 9 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick


10. You can now log in with your SurfShark VPN account credentials.

step 10 Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

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Install Surfshark on Firestick

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Other VPNs to Consider

NordVPN (Best for Streaming)

Best Features

  • 5000+ Server in 50+ Countries 
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Fast Connection Speed
  • Suitable to a lot of devices
  • No-Log Policy

  • Complete $5.89 per month (64% Discount)
  • Plus $4.59 per month (56% Discount)
  • Standard $3.69 per month (55% Discount)

Best Features

  • 750+ High-speed VPN Servers in 43 Locations
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Fastest HD Streaming and Gaming
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Data & Devices
  • No-Log Policy

  • 3 Years $1.99 per month (82% Discount)
  • 1 Years $3.29 per month (70% Discount)
  • 1 Month $10.99 per month

IPVanish VPN (Most Secure)

Best Features

  • 1200+ Servers in 60+ Countries around the world
  • Unlimited Connections
  • No-Log Policy
  • Top Notch Military-Grade VPN Protocols and Encryptions
  • 100% Safe and Secured
  • Most Trusted VPN
  • Best VPN for Firestick
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Yearly $3.99 per month (63% Discount) – 30 days risk free + Ransomware & Malware Protection
  • Quarterly $5.32 per month (51% Discount)
  • Monthly $10.99 per month


For more VPN discounts, go to ReviewVPN Deals and purchase the best VPN for you.

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Which IPTV Player is the best?

The best IPTV player is determined by the user’s demands, which means that anyone can have their own best IPTV player. That is why we gathered a list of the top ones now available, including IPTV Smarters Pro, Perfect Player, Tivimate, GSE Smart IPTV, and XCIPTV Player. All of them are 100% free to install and use on your Firestick, so you can test them out and determine which of the five is the best fit for you.


Are IPTV Players safe?

All of the IPTV Players mentioned in this article have been tested and found to be safe to use and install on your Firestick. However, we always recommend that our readers use a VPN such as Surfshark to ensure a more secure and safe streaming experience.


Are IPTV Players legal?

IPTV Players are, in fact, legal. They cannot, however, guarantee that your IPTV service provider possesses the necessary licensing and copyright, therefore it is always advisable to ensure that you are accessing only authorized content and services. Again, it’s advisable to use a VPN to avoid any legal complications.


Are IPTV Players free?

Yes, all of the IPTV players listed here are entirely free to use on your Firestick or other devices. However, certain IPTV players provide a premium version with additional features.



There are several IPTV Players available, but if you test them one by one, you will notice that they all perform differently. These IPTV Players also have varying user interfaces, with some allowing for extensive customization and others offering limited customization. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 IPTV players available today to ensure that you have access to just the best IPTV players. With that, we hope we were able to give you the best options and that you were able to locate the IPTV Player of your choice.

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