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In this tutorial, you will learn how to activate Pluto TV on different devices.

Just as the video media players are getting more advanced with features, cable television networks also upgraded their game with the shared connectivity feature.

Makers of the streaming device have joined this race with the by bringing in amazing attributes and compelling features to improve your streaming experience.

Pluto TV allows you to stream tons of online channel contents and offers you the best streaming service (Pluto TV also has satellite and cable options for you to choose from). You can also watch movies or TV series or shows from top streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and others. 




Compatible devices on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is compatible with the following devices: Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV. Amazon devices such as Fire TV and Firestick, Roku player, iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), and lots more.

It is also compatible with WebTV (MAC and WINDOWS powered computers) such as Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser, and lots more. In case you don’t want to use this app on your computer browser, you can download the software version of it.

Channels on Pluto TV

It has got tons of channels for you to choose from. Categories of channels includes sports, movies, TV series, TV shows, documentaries, news, food channels, lifestyle. 

Some of the channels on Pluto are science TV, adventure TV, TLC, entertainment TV, NASA TV, CNN, BBC, ESPN, educational channels, MTV. BET, bien sports, ABC, ANC, CBS, NBA, NBL, and lots more amazing channels to choose from.


Pluto TV: App Experience

The Pluto TV channel has got an interface like that of the conventional Television guide you already know. It also has a meta-description feature that allows you to see the time and basic information of any channel. You may as well, create an account via the webpage.

When you are done with creating your account, you can personalize your user interface. It also allows you to create a playlist of your favorite channels (on the playlist, you will be able to hide a channel or add it to favorites). You can also create categories, subcategories of channels on Pluto TV.


Steps on How to Activate Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV is available on Roku. Roku is one of the major formats that support Pluto TV services. To activate Roku, click on Roku.

Navigate to the search bar and use the on-screen keyboard to enter “P-L-U-T-O. once you are done with entering that, click ok. Once you click ok, you should exit it.

Pay attention, you will see that whatever you add to Roku goes down to the screen bottom. For an easier way, scroll back to your home screen and then click on the UP arrow and select Ok to open. You will find pieces of information on how to get started. Wait as this might take some time to load. Once it is done loading, you will see a nice grid that has the information about the channels and its specific timings. The information which you saw is designed to help beginners.


Apple TV Activation

The first thing you need to do here is downloading and installing the live TV and movies app. This will enable you to activate Pluto TV on Apple TV.

When you are done with the downloading and installation, next is moving onto the activation of channels. On channel 02 of your Apple TV, Copy out the activation code you will find on the onscreen dialog box.

Once you are done with copy the code, navigate to visit On the website, you will be able to finish the channel activation with the code you have copied.

You should carefully follow the steps that will appear on the onscreen dialog box until the whole activation is completed.


Firestick Activation

To activate Pluto TV on Amazon Firestick device and start enjoying the amazing streaming experience, follow these steps.

Open your app on amazon firestick device. Once running properly, select the activate button to get the channel activation code. Within a few seconds, a dialog box will appear with a six-digit code that you will be prompted to input on the Pluto TV webpage.

On the left-hand side of you the guide or navigate to channel 02 on the guide ( note: if you have signed in already, all you have to do is just click the “MyPluto” and select the activate button.). Once you are done entering the activation code, the next step is following the onscreen instructions on how to complete the activation.


Note: When you see an error message or the screen displays an error message, all you have to do at this time is get a new code via the channel. You might as well be unpair. To unpaired go to MyPluto then activate and click on the device and click on X and this will automatically unpaired.


Chromecast Activation

To activate Pluto TV on a Chromecast device is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the below steps to activate channels on Chromecast.

Open the chrome browser and then select the more option that you will find at the top right-hand side of your screen. You will have to click on the cast option and this will bring out the list of available devices ready to connect; click on the Chromecast icon or name and then click ok to confirm your selection.


Mobile Device Activation

To do this, download and install the Pluto TV app from the play store. Once done with the installation, open the app on your mobile device and select the cast icon which you will find on the right-hand side of your mobile device screen. Click on Chromecast when the list of available devices will appear. 


Wrapping Up

Pluto TV offers its users a great streaming experience. You will have access to stream loads of amazing channels all for free. If you are looking for a good streaming platform to have the unlimited streaming experience, then Pluto TV is for you.



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