Watching movies and TV shows with subtitles is amazing because subtitles make viewers understand better, particularly when people are streaming foreign films. However, what if a movie has no subtitles? Do you know where to download subtitles for movies or TV shows? Fortunately, this article provides the 10 Best Sites to Download Subtitles.


Fortunately, there are many websites available on the internet where it allows you to download subtitles for popular and obscure movies. This allows you to experience films in a completely different language. While for movie or TV show enthusiasts, obtaining the subtitles for the latest update of their favorite movies and TV shows should be their survival skills.

In this article, we will showcase the best websites to download subtitles for the latest movies & TV shows in various languages.




What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are the texts that show the dialogues’ transcript as the video progresses forward. It helps you understand what is being stated in a scene from a film or TV show. The dialogues are typically displayed at the screen’s bottom center while providing the choice to show them in different places on the screen in various sizes, colors, and fonts.


Why Use Subtitles?

  • It can be handy in several ways, from helping viewers to understand the scripts that are provided in a foreign language.
  • Deaf or individuals with hearing problems can use subtitles to understand the videos.
  • If you don’t wish to hear the conversation, which depends upon reasons – from loud background audios, or accents that are hard to understand, you can mute the volume and take advantage of subtitles
  • Individuals prefer to listen to the original dialogues and sound even if it’s a language that they don’t understand rather than the dubbed version. This is because of the dialogue’s tone & pitch help them understand the actors’ feelings & emotions.
  • Subtitles help people to learn foreign languages or to enhance their grip on them if they begin to learn a language.

Best Websites to Download Subtitles

  • Opensubtitles

Opensubtitles is among the most popular websites to get English subtitles for films, TV shows, documentaries, and more. The website is available in more than 60 languages. Its interface has become out of date and its new look is still in beta mode, which the developers will launch soon.

Nonetheless, this platform doesn’t just come along with movie subtitles. It also allows you to download subtitles for television series, and lets you participate in the community forum, where other users provide support and tips for obtaining the best subtitles.


  • Look for subtitles in more than 55 languages, including Asian languages such as Telugu, Mandarin, Hindi, and many more.
  • Forum in various languages apart from English
  • It has an advanced search option that allows you to search on parameters such as IMDB ratings, genre, size, Frames Per Second (FPS), the subtitle format, movie year, and a lot more
  • It has a subtitle request section that allows you to request subtitles for any film or TV episode.
  • Free Media player – it downloads the accurate and synced subtitles as the movie or TV show is played 
  • Ratings for subtitles help other users choose the correct version to download

However, it has excessive ads and it is not very easy to download subtitles in a single click as various advertisements keep on popping. Opensubtitles is not mobile-friendly and could irk tons of users.


  • Subscene

Subscene is among the most visited platforms to download subtitles. This platform contains a search function that bears variants in search terms while displaying results for the keyword. 

It is among the few subtitles websites that offer subtitles for the deaf or individuals with hearing issues. Subtitles with deaf-friendly text can be found by checking the search filters’ Hearing Impaired option.


  • The website’s search bar contains a filter to eliminate subtitles in a certain language from the search results.
  • It has a dark theme with blue text that is easy on the eyes of people who spend hours looking at a screen.
  • The search results deal with spelling errors & display relevant results 
  • Forums committed to requesting movie subtitles
  • You have the option to flag erroneous subtitles.


  • Podnapisi

Podnapisi has more than 2 million subtitles for movies and TV shows in more than 100 languages. Also, the subtitle runs a community-operated translation project utilizing Weblate, a web-based translation tool.

With more than 60000 movies and over 7000 TV series available on Podnapisi, there is barely any subtitle that you cannot find on the website. 

On the website’s easy-to-use interface are sections committed to various categories. The website’s main page displays a list of uploaded subtitles based on date, while the sections display other categories like the most comments on an upload, most downloaded, best rated, and many more.


  • It is mobile-friendly, which is not the case with other subtitle sites.
  • Moderators virtually audited all subtitles for validity & quality
  • You can search the subtitles in two modes, through the movie database & typical keyword search. Searching the movie database pops up an option to choose the episode, year of release, and season number to lessen the search.
  • It allows you to categorize subtitles by Frames Per Second (FPS)


  • Yifysubtitles

Yify Subtitles is an awesome website where you can download subtitles for movies. It is free to use and doesn’t require user registration. However, it does not allow regular users to upload subtitles – it handles its subtitles on its own.

When you select a movie subtitle link, you will be taken to a page that mentions IMDb rating, movie length, release year, and at the top mentions Rotten Tomatoes score. Upon scrolling down, all various versions of that video subtitle are listed with data on full subtitle name, language, download link, and uploader name. However, it has no sorting or filter options, which can be one of the downsides of the subtitle website.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • It has a movie synopsis along with a subtitle list in various languages.
  • Search with options such as rating, release date, and genre.



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  • DIVX Subtitles

While the DIVX Subtitles website appears like something from the early 2000s, it is still a useful resource for downloading subtitles for movies, particularly for older releases. The DIVX Subtitles website has been around since 2002.

Nonetheless, updates for the subtitle website continue to flow, particularly for major releases & non-English films. It allows you to search by language, rating, keyword, or format, it also allows you to take a glimpse at the latest uploads through the category page.

The DIVX Subtitles are handy especially if you cannot find the subtitles for a classic or foreign language film. Numerous subtitles available on the DIVX Subtitles are in other languages other than English.

This makes the website a handy resource if you are having difficulties watching English-language movies or you would like to enhance your skills in foreign languages.


  • Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker works on the approach embraced by torrent search engines such as the Finland-based metasearch engine for BitTorrent – Torrentz. This platform acquires subtitles from other sites like Subscene and more. It has a search button you can utilize to search for English subtitles for films and TV shows in SubRip Subtitle file (SRT) format.

This platform has a unique approach to subtitle downloads. Instead of having a collection of contributed subtitles, it pulls in and integrates results from more than 20 subtitle download websites. Subtitle Seeker is very comprehensive, which makes it the best spot to go if you want to find your desired movie subtitles.

One of the good things about this subtitle download website is it has a straightforward, user-friendly interface that has been praised enthusiastically by many users. On its main page, it has a search bar and sections for recent subtitles for films and television shows.

However, this site is full of pop-up advertisements that you might find irritating. Also, it scores poorly on the user-friendly front.


  • My-subs.co

My-subs is among the most organized websites for downloading movie or TV show subtitles. You can download each subtitle in the direct SubRip Subtitle files (SRT) format and not in zip files just like other subtitle download websites.


  • Subtitles are divided into various sections for different languages.
  • Search results are separated for movies and television shows on the same web page
  • The site functions well on mobile as well as other portable devices
  • You can contribute to translating subtitles of your most-liked movie, or TV show into your local language by choosing Join Translation which is provided in the subtitle box of the title

However, the subtitles have no advanced search or filter in foreign languages. Also, it has no option to ask for subtitles for movies or television shows.


  • Addic7ed

As you can see from its name, Addic7ed (which means addicted), it aims to be the all-in-one spot for providing subtitles to film buffs. It’s one of the subtitles websites that offer downloads for movies & television shows.

Addic7ed requires you to sign up to be able to download movie subtitles. Once you have signed up, it will allow you to search for movies utilizing a search bar, or scroll via a drop-down menu. The recent releases are displayed in the RSS feed – which can be found at the top of the page.

Also, it offers a schedule, displaying the next releases of TV shows you like to stay organized (with related links to subtitles given). The website provides frequently asked questions (FAQ), support forums for queries, and tutorials on how to use subtitles with usual programs.

Like OpenSubtitles, Addic7ed is available in numerous languages, from Swedish to Arabic.


  • Megasubtitles 

If you love subtitle websites, you would have heard of the Megasubtitles website. It has an amazing amount of popularity because of its effectiveness. The Megasubtitles website is loved due to its straightforward interface as well as easy navigation.

Megasubtitles’ search bar is appropriately positioned at the top, where you can head over to it right away after you load up the page.

It shows search results really fast and is typically well-tailored based on the keywords you used. The downloading subtitles format is also abundant, you have the option to download them in SRT  format. 

Below are some of  Megasubtitles’ Pros and Cons that gained the website a spot in the list of the best sites to download subtitles.


  • Megasubtitles will give users a good idea of the movie subtitle they are downloading.
  • Users can check the synopsis below the movie poster and next to the subtitle file
  • It doesn’t redirect you to any ad pages. Wherein, in one click, you can download the subtitle, which will save you time & stress


  • The main page contains tons of annoying ads that can be difficult to navigate 
  • Unlike other subtitle sites, you can’t directly ask for subtitles for TV movies or shows that are unavailable on the website.


  • Isubtitles

Isubtitles is a developing site where you can download subtitles for films and TV shows in various languages. It contains a huge subtitle collection for indie films.


  • This platform has suggestion-based search results as you type further
  • You can preview the subtitles on the download page before you download them.
  • Isubtitles is mobile friendly 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t cater to spelling errors. It does not filter subtitles.


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Wrap Up

There are tons of websites with numerous subtitles files available on the internet – free of charge. Watching movies or TV shows with subtitles may be handy in several situations, for instance, it can help people learn foreign languages. This article has given you the best websites to download subtitles for your favorite movie or TV show. Check them all out and choose the site that works best for you. However, if you don’t want to waste your time searching for the ideal subtitles – try utilizing the subtitle downloader.

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