Windscribe VPN Review Overview

In this Windscribe VPN review, we will help you learn the best information about this VPN.

We always aim to provide the best VPN reviews to help readers know which is the best service for them.


Is Windscribe VPN the Best VPN?

Windscribe VPN is one of the VPNs that is very well-known for its reliable accessibility features. Almost all platforms and apps can be unblocked by this VPN. That is a very impressive characteristic that most people are looking for.

Many other brands in the market also provide the same service.

Although Windscribe VPN is a great deal for accessibility, it does not that impressive with other factors like privacy, speed, gaming, and support.

As we continue this Windscribe review, we will elaborate on each factor to know an in-depth understanding of this VPN.



Windscribe offers a free plan, which they call “Build a Plan” you can even signup anonymously without an email, but you will be limited to 2GB a month on your data plan.

Give an email and you get 10GB per month. Alongside this, you can access 1 server in 11 countries, which is more than most offer. You won’t be able to access Netflix unless you use Windscribe’s special premium Windflix servers. Also, speeds will be slower, but this is a nice free package all things considered.

Or you can go premium:

windscribe price

Cheaper than most but more expensive than some. Be aware though Windscribe has a different and much harsher refund policy.

You only get 3 days. Plus, if you use more than 10GB of data within those 3 days then your warranty is void.


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Windscribe VPN Speed Test

Windscribe isn’t the fastest. We saw download speeds drop below 50MBps and upload speeds as low as 5MBps. Not great. But they do have specifically modified P2P and Windflix servers which will allow for higher speeds.

Just be mindful of which server you pick.



  • + Kodi Will Work Just Fine With Windscribe
  • + Blocks Ads and Trackers That Follow You Across The Web
  • +Great Mobile Application



  • Offer a ticket function as well as chat support some of the time
  • Works With Some Servers For Netflix
  • Windscribe Isn’t The Fastest


Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $5.75 / mo
How many servers are there?
Windscribe VPN has 500+ VPN servers across 63 countries and 112 cities.
What apps are there?
Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, Linux, Fire TV, and Routers.
Are there logs?
No identifying logs.
What protocols exist?
OpenVPN, IKEv2, SOCKS5, and WireGuard.
Is there a trial?
Free plans are available.

Windscribe VPN Review – Client User Interface

windscribe client view 3


Privacy /Anonymity

No-Log Policy

Windscribe has got a solid no-logs policy. Canada does have higher than normal laws around piracy, but technically this only applies to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) rather than VPNs.

They follow the policy of many big-name providers, by simply not logging in, so they have nothing to give even when asked.


Mask Your IP Address

It is important that your VPN really works by hiding your real IP address. Windscribe is doing its job by providing a new IP address and accessing a ton of platforms.



Windscribe is jam-packed with security features. You can choose between a wide range of security protocols.

Windscribe also offers top-notch military-grade encryption which is the AES 256-bit.



Most VPNs have this protocol. When you are changing your connection from one wifi to another or to cellular data, IKEv2 works by not disrupting the VPN connection.



Windscribe VPN is on sale for over 80% off | Mashable

Windscrobe offers the two types f OpenVPN. These are UDP and TCP.

UDP works faster with connection, while TCP is a little slower but great with connectivity.



This is the most ideal protocol to use. It is a perfect combination of speed and security.

Windscribe also offers other two protocols. You can also see the WSTunnel and Stealth Option.


Does It Work Well With Popular Streaming Apps

With this Windscribe VPN review, we also manage to test it with other popular streaming platforms.



Kodi is a popular app that allows you to access content from all around the world, and its software has hundreds of repositories and add-ons, that allow Kodi users to get anything they would want to watch.

The UK is one of the countries that does not permit the use of this app. If you are living within the said country or others like it, you can use Kodi with Windscribe.

With unlimited bandwidth and great speeds, Kodi will work just fine with Windscribe, even though they don’t have their own guide on the support center.



Windscribe can access some Netflix servers like the US, the UK, and even Japan.

If you are living outside those countries and would love to check the libraries that the app offers with them, you can rely on Windscribe to do so.



Like what we said a while ago, Windscribe is really impressive in accessing different apps. One of them is Hulu.


Windscribe can also unblock BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.



Windscribe is based in Canada, one of the 5 eyes countries. Though we know that these countries are less secure for VPNs, that really comes down to the logs that the company keeps. 


GeoIP Unblocking

Using a VPN like Windscribe you can circumvent any geographic IP blocks for content. You can destroy geo-restrictions by simply logging onto a server in a different country.


Servers and Server Locations

Using the premium plan, Windscribe offers 170 servers in 69 countries. 



Windscribe offer apps for Android, Firestick, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

It also comes with various browser extensions.


Kill Switch

Windscribe VPN offers a kill switch feature for security. When the VPN runs into a problem, instead of reconnecting you back to your IP, the Windscribe’s kill switch (known as Firewall) will disconnect you from the internet.

This is better because it will prevent traffic tracking back to you.


Split Tunneling

Windscribe also offers a split tunneling feature to let apps not recognize that you are using a VPN.

Many apps can block VPNs, but split tunneling can bypass it.

Windscribe’s split tunneling is not available to all types of devices.


Leak Protection

Windscribe VPN also has leak protection to make sure that all sensitive data are safe.

It has DNS/IPv6 leak protection.

We test this VPN out and found no error for leaks.


Torrent Policy

Though Windscribe does not overtly say that Torrents are welcome, they provide a number of guides to setting up their VPN with big torrent providers like uTorrent. We’d expect this considering they are based in Canada. But we were pleased they at least provide guides to help us along the way. A good guide can save you hours of frustration.


Tor Compatibility

The Onion Router is free open-source software used to anonymize user traffic by bouncing your data stream through three nodes around the world, making it very difficult to track. Windscribe makes no specific mention of Tor, but there is no reason why you can’t connect to their VPN and then use Tor.

Just be mindful that Tor is designed for anonymous browsing, not torrenting or streaming.


SOCKS5 Proxy

Amazingly, Windscribe VPN has a SOCKS5 Proxy that makes it faster, and good for torrenting.

Socks5 Proxy prevents traitor torrent sites to share your data and information with 3rd-party advertisers.


Customer Support

One of the big letdowns for Windscribe is their customer support. They offer email and online resources, but not live chat.

The problem is the chat support is a bot. This is fine if you want to ask for an FAQ, but if you have something more technical you will need to wait a day or so to get a response back to your ticket.


Final Thoughts

Windscribe has a lot going for them. Great features and applications, a good configuration in terms of security, and also they are easy to use.

The Free VPN feature is pretty nice, with a generous data plan and more servers than you would normally expect. You can also Tweet and publicize them for more data.

All in all, Windscribe is a really solid VPN provider. A good reputation and solid usability. There are cheaper, faster, and better providers out there. But, Windscribe has a good mix of things going for them. But of shame about customer support, that’s something we’d like to see improve.

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