Super VPN works only on mobile devices and our Spidey senses started tingling when we couldn’t find an official website for the application. Even terrible VPN services like Turbo VPN have a basic 1-page website.

The application is free for the first 20 days but prepare for a lot of ads.

Also, you will be disconnected every 60 minutes and then need to re-connect. For a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth you can’t criticize it but compare to any premium VPN it just seems odd.

They do also offer a premium service for monthly and annual subscriptions:

Monthly: $5

Annual: $2.86 per month

The upgrade will only cover 1 device and extends the locations you can access for free (France, Germany, Canada and the US) to a further 4 locations of UK, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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Speed Test and App Overview Video

  • + No Registration Required
  • + No Settings Required
  • + No Speed Limitation, No Bandwidth Limitation
  • Ranked At The Near the Bottom Of The Pile
  • Didn’t Work with Netflix US
  • No Customer Support At All

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $5 / mo
How many servers are there?
8 servers across 8 different countries
What apps are there?
Are there logs?
Ranked at the near the bottom of the pile
What protocols exist?
OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP
Is there a trial?
20 days trial


SuperVPN VPN CLient SuperVPN VPN CLient SuperVPN VPN CLient

Privacy /Anonymity

In terms of privacy, Super VPN is firmly ranked near the bottom of the pile.

Firstly, the application is designed by Super Soft Tech, a company that leads nowhere and has no website. Upon investigation, we find that it’s actually a sole developer called Jinrong Zheng, based in Beijing, China who has developed a number of other VPN applications including LinkVPN.

Their privacy policy is almost impossible to find and is absolutely full of holes.

At first, they say they do not monitor traffic and only look for blacklisted IP addresses. Fair enough. However, they then go onto say that all data is stored in a secure server in the UK and the US.

That just doesn’t make any sense. It sounds more like a marketing ploy to give green users some assurance that their data isn’t being passed around to anyone and everyone.

Next, we have a problem with the ads being served. They are coming straight from Google and Facebook which means there must be some access to the websites you are browsing and your interests. So straight away you know your data is being served to third parties.

Finally, comes the litany of breaches in numerous reports dating back to 2016. CSIRO, an Australian researcher found Super VPN was flagged numerous times as Malware. Vulners revealed numerous vulnerabilities and problems, which we have no idea whether they have been resolved.

Plus, the application will ask to access:

  • Phone log data
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Media
  • Photos
  • Storage
  • Wi Fi Connection
  • Call Information

Basically, almost everything on your phone. With no explanation of why that’s needed. Tier 1 VPN providers like IPVanish and ExpressVPN would not ask for any of those permissions. It’s not required at all to run the application.

You’d have more privacy if you just gave them your phone to flick through.

Don’t touch Super VPN with a barge pole if you want any semblance of privacy.

Torrent Policy

Super VPN does not mention torrents but does not advocate against them, it’s questionable what type of bandwidth you’d get if you torrented heavily on a free account, plus with the 60-minute timeout, you wouldn’t be able to leave your phone downloading and head out.

Does It Work Well With Kodi?

Super VPN is just for the phone, but with the timeout, we wouldn’t recommend it. There’s nothing to stop you from using it but imagine reconnecting every hour while you are watching a film. It would drive you mad.

Streaming Netflix?

Super VPN didn’t work with Netflix US and was repeatedly blocked on multiple attempts.

Tor Compatibility

Tor is not mentioned, but there’s nothing stopping you.


You get 8 locations and it should act as a smart proxy for most region-restricted content, it didn’t, however, work with BBC I Player, so that’s another strike.


Unlike Super VPN, Turbo VPN actually returned some pretty good speeds apart from a real write down in speed from the Hong Kong server. Apart from that, it seemed to perform surprisingly well considering free VPN’s tend to be on the low side when it comes to speed.


Super VPN uses a 256-bit AES encryption. The same type of military-grade encryption used by the US Army. We also registered no IP leaks, so the connection and cryptography itself are secure.

Customer Support

There is no customer support at all. None of the reviews on Google Apps had been answered and we feel a bit skeptical about the 4.3/5 rating. We are sure a lot of these will be fake as it seemed to alternate between 1- and 5-star ratings. The 1-star rating seemed genuinely written and never received a response from the developer.


A sole Chinese developer based in Beijing, China who has developed multiple applications under the same false software company name. We aren’t conspiracy theorists but there is a strong suspicion it could just be a front for the Chinese government or an organization harvesting advertising and user data.

We have no confidence whatsoever, as it’s clear there is nothing to trust about the makers of the app.


Super VPN only has an Android Application not to be confused with the iOS application under the same name on the Apple App Store developed by another Chinese developer.


Super VPN has 8 servers across 8 different countries.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a relatively fast free VPN and don’t care what happens to your data then Super VPN is not a bad choice.

But there is far too much shadiness involved for anybody who cares at all about what happens to their data and everything on their phone.

We wouldn’t download and install Super VPN even if you paid us to.

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