The pricing for PureVPN is as follows:

purevpn pricing

  • 1 Month – $10.95/mo
  • 1 Year – $5.81/mo
  • 2 Years – $3.33/mo

PureVPN has three different pricing options and allows you to choose a monthly, 3-monthly or a yearly subscription. As with most VPN providers, PureVPN also gives its customers an opportunity to save some money by opting for a longer subscription.

While users are not eligible for any discounts by purchasing the monthly plan, they can save 27% by choosing a 3-month plan or an amazing 70% by getting the yearly subscription.

Regardless of which one you choose, all three options give you a 31-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the service or simply want to change your subscription to a different plan, you may cancel it during that period and get a full refund on your purchase.

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Speed Test and App Overview Video

  • +  Work with Netflix
  • + 3-Day VPN Trial
  • + Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Longer Works in China
  • Blocks Torrents on Most Servers
  • Free Trial VPN Does Not Guarantee Your Online Privacy
Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $3.33 / mo
How many servers are there?
2,000+ Servers
What apps are there?
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
Are there logs?
Zero logs are kept
What protocols exist?
OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2
Is there a trial?
31-Day Money-Back Guarantee


PureVPN VPN Client

Privacy /Anonymity

According to its Privacy Policy, PureVPN doesn’t keep any record of its consumers, their browsing activities, IP’s, content, DNS queries or any other sensitive data.

The only information PureVPN collects is the name, email address and payment method once the user decides to make a purchase.

Of course, some claim otherwise.

In 2017 there was an incident involving a cyber stalker from the US in which the FBI in liaison with PureVPN managed to put a stop to his criminal behavior by accessing his logs.

This raised some concerns with other users of this VPN provider, mainly regarding the credibility of their Privacy Policy.

The company since then responded to these claims by asserting that it didn’t make a privacy breach and that they don’t keep browsing logs of their users, but they do keep network logs, which is in compliance with their Policy.

PureVPN has updated its Privacy Policy since then and you can read the full thing right here.

Torrent Policy

PureVPN offers a lot of features that make torrenting hassle-free. They allow P2P file sharing on most servers, but not all of them. According to the Global Web Policy, P2P is blocked on certain servers as this feature is forbidden in some countries by the law. These services won’t work on UK and US servers, as well as servers based in Canada, Australia etc.

Fortunately, there are 2,000+ more servers to choose from.

What makes PureVPN a great torrent VPN is its unlimited bandwidth, a 256-bit AES encryption, as well as a kill switch. It also advertises ultra-fast download speeds and split tunneling, allowing its users to use their regular connection and VPN connection at the same time.

Does It Work Well With Kodi?

Anyone who uses Kodi knows that in order to unlock its full potential, you must rely on Kodi add-ons, which basically allow you to stream movies, TV shows, news, live TV etc.

One of the biggest problems is that their add-ons are location-based, meaning there are restrictions on who can use them and from where.

Well, PureVPN allows you to bypass those limitations and stream whichever content you desire from any location.

It allows for high-speed streaming, 100% anonymity and an easy one-click installation process.

Streaming Netflix?

Whether you’re traveling, moving abroad or you simply wish to access Netflix content that’s not available in your current location, PureVPN has you covered.

Even if you’re a paying user, the US Netflix library is out of bounds if you’re not actually based in the US. So, the best way to get around these restrictions is to use a VPN and PureVPN offers full anonymity and split tunneling, giving you a seamless streaming experience on your favorite media-service provider.

The best thing is that this doesn’t refer solely to Netflix, but to other websites, streaming sites and media providers.

Tor Compatibility

The best way to maximize your security and make sure that your browsing is completely anonymous is to use Tor alongside a reliable VPN.

PureVPN is completely compatible with Tor and can be used to ensure you’re fully protected while surfing the web.


2,000+ servers

180+ locations

140+ countries

This is why PureVPN is a great choice for accessing restricted content around the globe.

Whether you’re trying to bypass UK’s adult content constraints or The Great Firewall of China, you’ll want to make sure that you can change your GeoIP whenever you desire.


While it advertises fastest VPN speeds, the actual speed of PureVPN differs from server to server.

What’s interesting is that PureVPN developed their own speed test tool, helping their users connect to the fastest available servers by simply using the Location & Purpose Tool.


PureVPN prides itself on being one of the safest VPN providers on the market. It offers multiple security protocols, enterprise-grade security such as URL filtering and antivirus, app blocking etc.

It employs an AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and protects you from DDoS attacks of up to 480 Gbps.

PureVPN also uses a NAT Firewall and offers ultimate P2P protection, in order to make sure its users get the privacy and security they need while browsing online.

Customer Support

A 24/7 live-chat session, a 100% response rate on Facebook and an option to report an issue by generating a ticket through their website, PureVPN makes for one of the best VPN providers in terms of customer support.

They also have an extensive FAQ and blog section on their website where they provide comprehensive instructions and tutorials on different VPN-related topics.


PureVPN gives you the ability to use 1 account on 5 different devices. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox and all kinds of different routers, gaming consoles, browsers and devices.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PureVPN is a solid VPN Provider which offers a plethora of valuable features to its users, as well as a secure and anonymous connection, fast speeds and great customer support.

It also has great quality-price-ratio, making it affordable without sacrificing its quality of service. It’s easy to install and use and offers a multitude of servers.

The only downside is its questionable privacy policy, which was ultimately updated to be in compliance with GDPR.

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